Every sport and competition has that special moment. That one play. That one move. That one second where the momentum shifts. One sees victory getting one step closer, while the other one faces an inevitable defeat. Though all sports have that moment; no sport can rival that feeling more than wrestling. In every competitive match that is always that one. Precise. Moment.
Nothing is hotter than being in a tough competitive match where both competitors are giving their all to take the other man down. And then it happens. That move. The one move that makes a statement. One man senses the win is close. And the other man frantically knows in his head, he’s not coming out on top. For me, that’s the reason I’m attracted to wrestling. There’s a primal aspect that takes over in match. The need to win. The desire to outwrestle. Or sometimes out think. Out strategize. The mental side of wrestling sometimes over powers the physical aspects of the sport. And that is moment that intrigues me the most.
I’ve been in many a match where two even opponents are mixing it up and giving each other the challenge they hoped for. But at some point, there’s a shift that comes from one hold that showed a sign of dominance so strong that it gets in the other man’s head. I love that feel of slapping on a tough hold and looking in to my opponent’s eyes to see that look of self-doubt. Regardless of what had happened before in the match, that hold and the look tells the story. He knows I’ve got the goods to finish him off. And he senses that his body isn’t capable of stopping the inevitable. It’s a powerful moment in the match that I crave. It drives me to make more aggressive moves that give me the upper hand. Other moves somehow feel better once I get “that look”. That simple look, in that precise moment tells me I’ve gotten in my opponent’s head. The win is mine.
I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’ve been on the receiving end where an opponent makes a pivotal move that has him seeing a victory coming soon in his hear future. That look of confidence matches the security that he now puts into every move that charts his course to make me tap. That moment when he realizes that he’s got this. Being Italian, I’m cursed with an overly expressive face and body. I can’t hide my thoughts. My eyes tell the story, along with my hands. I know that part of his confidence stems from the look of surprise etched across my face. As much as try to not let my eyes show defeat – I know they do.
As much as I want the more powerful, skilled (and better built) guy to win, occasionally the special moment in the match comes more from a place of frustration. That despite tossing out all your best holds, you’ve somehow not been able to get the control you feel you deserve in that. Your opponent’s untraditional style or quickness has you perplexed. Nothing is working. Your mind races for a solution, but he’s busy keeping you on your toes and off your game. Will frustration lead to a mistake? Or will it cause you dig deeper to crack the code? How do you get to that. Precise. Moment. In a match like this?
I sense another blog topic coming out of that question. But in the meantime, thing about your own matches. Have you experienced the rush of finding that move that gets inside your opponent’s head? Have you been the guy that was on the receiving end of being out-smarted? Don’t be shy…add your thoughts.

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synxiec (32) 3/09/2018 12:31 AM

I’ve Been The Giver And Receiver Of A Few Of Those Moments. It’s Normally A Feeling That Comes Through Their Skin.

Or Mine.

You Feel Their Panic - Or In Some Cases Their Submission - Before You Ever Hear It And Know That Whatever You Command Will Be Done.

Or That You Will Submit To Their Will.

Exhilarating Either Way.


bcgrapple (5 gold) 3/09/2018 5:22 AM

Have totally had that feeling both in giving it up and in dominating my opponent and wearing him down. Have sensed that exhilaration of knowing you own this guy..... mmmmm you got me hungry to wrestle


eric010 (0) 3/10/2018 5:03 AM

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bcgrapple I've been trying to convince you to wrestle, lets do this!


ladron fr (44 translator) 3/11/2018 4:15 PM

I also felt this moment but as a jobber it is exactly the feeling I appreciate the most, the moment when you understand the match is over, you do your best to survive longer, but you know the end is very close, and the end will happen.
My favorite jobber moment.


pinningmuscle (0) 3/11/2018 5:19 PM

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Yep the feeling comes to both men. Glad you agree Ladron