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That. Precise. Moment.

Every sport and competition has that special moment. That one play. That one move. That one second where the momentum shifts. One sees victory getting one step closer, while the other one faces an inevitable defeat. Though all sports have that moment; no sport can rival that feeling more than wrestling. In every competitive match that is always that one. Precise. Moment.
Nothing is hotter than being in a tough competitive match where both competitors are giving their all to take the other man down. And then it happens. That move. The one move that makes a statement. One man senses the win is close. And the other man frantically knows in his head, he’s not coming out on top. For me, that’s the reason I’m attracted to wrestling. There’s a primal aspect that takes over in match. The need to win. The desire to outwrestle. Or sometimes out think. Out strategize. The mental side of wrestling sometimes over powers the physical aspects of the sport. And that is moment that intrigues me the most.
I’ve been in many a match where two even opponents are mixing it up and giving each other the challenge they hoped for. But at some point, there’s a shift that comes from one hold that showed a sign of dominance so strong that it gets in the other man’s head. I love that feel of slapping on a tough hold and looking in to my opponent’s eyes to see that look of self-doubt. Regardless of what had happened before in the match, that hold and the look tells the story. He knows I’ve got the goods to finish him off. And he senses that his body isn’t capable of stopping the inevitable. It’s a powerful moment in the match that I crave. It drives me to make more aggressive moves that give me the upper hand. Other moves somehow feel better once I get “that look”. That simple look, in that precise moment tells me I’ve gotten in my opponent’s head. The win is mine.
I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’ve been on the receiving end where an opponent makes a pivotal move that has him seeing a victory coming soon in his hear future. That look of confidence matches the security that he now puts into every move that charts his course to make me tap. That moment when he realizes that he’s got this. Being Italian, I’m cursed with an overly expressive face and body. I can’t hide my thoughts. My eyes tell the story, along with my hands. I know that part of his confidence stems from the look of surprise etched across my face. As much as try to not let my eyes show defeat – I know they do.
As much as I want the more powerful, skilled (and better built) guy to win, occasionally the special moment in the match comes more from a place of frustration. That despite tossing out all your best holds, you’ve somehow not been able to get the control you feel you deserve in that. Your opponent’s untraditional style or quickness has you perplexed. Nothing is working. Your mind races for a solution, but he’s busy keeping you on your toes and off your game. Will frustration lead to a mistake? Or will it cause you dig deeper to crack the code? How do you get to that. Precise. Moment. In a match like this?
I sense another blog topic coming out of that question. But in the meantime, thing about your own matches. Have you experienced the rush of finding that move that gets inside your opponent’s head? Have you been the guy that was on the receiving end of being out-smarted? Don’t be shy…add your thoughts.

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Making a Real Case for Cyber Fights.

As a guy who has been wrestling for well over half my life, I’m not one to snub my nose any form of wrestling. While I prefer freestyle or submission, since I find them more competitive, I no longer turn down opportunities for pro style like I did for years. In recent years, I’ve also seen the value of cyber wrestling. I’m the first to admit that it doesn’t replace the actual wrestling experience but I’ve also learned that there’s a place for it.
Yes I know. A decade ago, I would have stopped reading and would have jumped in with a dozen reasons why cyber fighting isn’t even close to the thrill you feel squaring off against another man on the mats. But, I’ve learned that even though it doesn’t fully replace the feeling of a real match, there’s a place for cyber that all of us should be open to…
Here’s my thoughts on why cyber wrestling actually can be fun.
A good match requires reading and thinking.
Wrestling has also been a sport that is equally as cerebral as it is physical. As I’ve stated in other blog posts, wrestling has an element of chess and strategy involved in it. You have to anticipate your opponents moves and know how you are going to build on your own moves. How do you best get that takedown…what is your best move to get a pin? There’s a thought process. A cyber match forces you to explain your moves, plan your strategy and reaction to the situation. (Keep in mind that you do have READ though to make this work.)

It evens the playing field.
Face it, we’ve all had real matches that never lived up the hype. You either find a guy who doesn’t the the skills or knowledge of the sport OR you find someone who greatly surpasses your abilities. (Cocky me will say that I’ve never found that. But there’s a few guys smiling over that now.) But in cyber, you basically can have the same skills of explaining your moves in order to make the match feel competitive.

It allows you to explore new territory. Safely.
At the core, cyber wrestling is fake. It’s built on the fantasy of wrestling. Many of the members of this group fantasize about wrestling in many ways. You see a guy on the street and you wonder how you’d do against him. You’re at the gym and this one guy keeps catching your eye and you can’t help but wonder what would happen when you step onto a mat with him. Well cyber enables you to live out the fantasy. Plus, when you open yourself up to the possibilities, you can allow yourself to explore all types of scenarios. Maybe you’re like me and in real life you are more comfortable in the “heel” role. You can go deep into the scenario in cyber or flip the script and see what it’s like to be a jobber. In cyber, there’s a lot less shame in losing when the battle isn’t really real. But you can experience a real sense of emotions that come with being handed a defeat or a hard won victory.

So don’t rule cyber wrestling out. There’s place for it and it can augment your wrestling experience in truly unique and interesting ways.

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Is Winning Really Everything?

If winning is everything, why is that that in any wrestling match there is only one winner? Basic math tells us that when it comes to wrestling, winning is only half the story. Two men start the match, both (assumingly) out to win; yet only one man prevails. 50% of combatants win; while the other half will lose. It's just a basic fact about our sport.

Take me...I've been a jock for most of my life. And though I'm into my 50's now, I still consider (and define) myself to be an athlete at heart. Winning is something that I was programmed to be focused on. I worked hard on my high school football team to be the best linebacker possible. With determination I fought to take my team to the state championship. I used this same determination as a short stop in baseball; never stopping short to play with all I had. Yet wrestling, as you know, (if you follow my blogs) was the sport that truly caught my passion and drove me to accept the fact that winning is everything. But, sadly, winning is only half the story.

In any sport there's a winner and there's a loser. Someone will always come out on top. One person has to accept the concept of the "agony of defeat". Despite all of my skills and drive to succeed, a loss for me was actually a learning experience. With a loss, I learned that somewhere in the match, I made a mistake. Perhaps I missed an opportunity. Maybe I left myself open for a move. My defenses were down. My offense fell short. In my analytical mind, I needed to find out WHY I lost. In a way, I accepted defeat as a natural option – yet I hated the thought of it. When I won a tough match, I never replayed it over and over thinking about what I did right. Yet, with a loss, it stayed fresh in my mind. I'd recall each move, each defense and replay the match over and over and over again until I could pinpoint that ONE moment where I let winning, slip through my hands. I'd dissect the match until I learned from my mistakes. (I'd obviously have to assume that I made a mistake since my ego didn't want to think that the other wrestler was actually better than me.) What this taught me was the while winning was everything; losing provided a much better way to learn the sport. It was through losing that I could make an honest assessment of skills and performance. I'd learn from my mistakes and come up with a game plan to correct it; and include it in my arsenal of moves and defenses. I learned to train harder and smarter to avoid the loss. With each win, I added another notch to my win column; but with each loss I added three and four times the skills I needed to win.

Fast forward to a now where I'm still the guy who has the passion and drive; but may be a bit slower (I'm giving myself some credit here). While I'm still the same competitive, driven guy I've always been, there are times when I get outsmarted and out-wrestled. I accept that loss; but then continue to make improvements. I'd like to think that I don't get beaten by the same man twice; but that depends on my ability to learn. One loss shouldn't define you. But on the flip side, don't wrestle solely for the purpose of winning. If you're winning all your matches, maybe you aren't taking on the tougher opponents. Challenge yourself. Maybe you're trying to over-compensate for another area of your life and your ego needs the win. Lighten up. No one likes a sore winner. Remember, winning is only half the story. See what losing can do for you.

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May the Best (Built) Man Win.

Wrestling has always been the one sport that defines the will of a man to me. Though I’ve competed in several team sports, wrestling is the only sport that pits one man against another in struggle for dominance. It’s simple and it’s primal. But very decisive.

Another thing about wrestling for me – whether I’m watching it on TV, attending an event, engaged in it myself, or checking out the latest video – is that I find myself rooting for the guy who has the better body. I know, I know, before you call me shallow; I’ll admit it’s not the best way to determine a winner. But face it, a guy who is fit, has defined muscle and looks like he’s got more stamina and power should come out on top. Skill, however is the most important part…and I’ll get to that. But for now I want to focus on why I tend to always pull for the guy who has the edge in the physique category.

To me, nothing says fitness quite like a tight muscled body. And when I see guys hit the mats, I naturally will find myself accessing their physiques and based upon my shallow observations, I’ll pick a favorite. I love the idea of a muscled guy going to town on a less proportioned opponent. There’s nothing hotter than muscle flexing and moving and locking in holds on a hapless victim. Even in my educated mind, I can’t help but allow muscle to equate with skill and power. I can’t help but give the muscled guy the edge. It’s just natural in sport such as ours to give extra points to the man who looks the part. If 17 inch biceps are the standard, then they guy possessing them will certainly be able to win a wrestling match against an opponent with 15 inch guns.

I’ve seen it happen countless times – and I’ve done it many times myself. I’ve seen matches where the more muscled guy gets the advantage and manages to control the action and score a win. It’s hot. It’s primal. And it feels totally natural.

But, wrestling is rarely about just muscle and perceived strength. Good wrestlers naturally will have good bodies, due in part to their training and nutrition. Great wrestlers rely more on skill and strategy. So while I, like many of you, will automatically side with Mr. Pecs, that lean and lanky guy may just be able to kick the shit out of any muscle stud who dares square off with him on the mats. And here’s the thing – as much I love to see the muscle guy prevail, watching “a lesser man” owning a muscled guy out there on the mats can be exhilarating. I’m not talking about the staged muscled jobber stuff we see in pro wrestling; but the built collegiate wrestler or MMA fight who looks like he has the goods to get the job done quick and convincingly…then falls way short. Sure, muscle looks incredible as it flexes in victory. But when it meets up with a skilled opponent with less admirable physical traits it can results in thrills of a totally different type. While I want my muscle man to win; an occasional upset can be an incredible sight to behold.

So guys, what end of the spectrum do you fall? Do you root for the guy with the better body, or do you enjoy the site of that muscle taking a solid beating?

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Man on the Street...

I read a post on Facebook the other day that put an evil grin on my face. The post would put that same grin on many of the faces of the members of MeetFighters. The post was from another guy into wrestling and it read: “It is wrong that I want to wrestle one of my co-workers?”
See…I’m sure all of you reading this have that evil grin and are nodding your heads like I did. I wanted to respond, ‘that’s not only 100% right, but that’s a daily occurrence for anyone who gets into wrestling, fighting or any type of power-based sport”. Face it, not a day goes by when you don’t see a guy that you’d love to wrestle. Maybe it’s his face that grabs you as you wonder what that handsome face would look like trapped in your biceps as you lock on a headlock. Or maybe it’s his body that propels you to launch into a fantasy world where you have a need to determine if you could beat him in a match.
It happens in the office. It happens on the street. In the train on the way to work. At the beach. In the gym. In a restaurant. Any place where able-bodied men are allowed to roam freely. It’s natural for guys into wrestling to fighting to experience a heightened curiosity about a well-built guy they encountered in everyday life. I’ve found myself obsessing over guys I’ve seen on the beach or in the gym. Something about seeing more of their bodies or their muscles engaged in an activity tend to get my mind racing about squaring off against them. And groups like this only intensify our curiosity since we see that wrestling attracts a much larger cross section of men than we may have thought possible. Maybe that stud you are checking out on the pec deck is just as into the primal needs to beating the crap out of another man as you are. Perhaps that hot young Republican looking dude filing away at the office has the same needs that you have that only can be squelched by an hour on the wrestling mats.
I’ve found these day dreams to be quite normal. Any guy drawn to wrestling and fighting will naturally size up an opponent and wonder about the skills and power of another man. It beckons up those primal needs that draw us to wrestling in the first place. We need to see what another man can do, how his muscle and mind will respond to our moves and holds. Do we have the skills to take this studly stranger down? Is he hiding a secret talent under that suit? So the next time you see a guy that makes you wonder, give an evil grin, bounce your pecs…and maybe just maybe, you’ll find an opponent.

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