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Member Verification Is Here


Hello Fighters!

I wish you all a great 2017 filled with all the fights that your hearts desire!
As you all know, with 13,000 members MeetFighters is the biggest (by our not entirely arbitrary metric) fighting personals site. We are dedicated to continue bringing you the best fighting site this year, and we start off with a new feature called Member Verification.

Member Verification helps you search and find only the best genuine guys and easily weed out fakes. It takes only a few minutes to get verified and the process is designed to be as simple, discreet and hassle-free as we can make it. All you need to get verified is a recent profile photo that shows your face and a photo of you showing a special code that proves that this profile photo is indeed you.

Verified members get a small shield icon on their profiles to show their status. You can also use the Advanced search page to search exclusively for verified members.

Big thanks to sleepermuscle for originally suggesting this feature and to MuscleBond for becoming our first verified member!

How Can You Verify Your Profile?

Go to the Administration page, and from there choose Verify profile button under "My Profile".

Who is It For?

Verification is voluntary.

Established members with lots of recommendations and past opponents have little to prove. They too should get verified, though, to put a bit of peer pressure on the rest of us to get verified. We all stand to benefit from verification. Except the fakes. It's super bad for them.

Update: "Faceless" Verification

I've been listening and doing some thinking and I think I have come up with a solution for performing verification without posting a public photo with your face. It is a bit more complex than the simple face validation, but it should still be relatively straightforward. It goes like this:

  • You post a private photo that shows both your body and your face. Private photos are not shown to anybody, although they can be sent as attachments to your messages. So far your privacy is safe.
  • You post a public photo that is the exact same photo as the private one, with the face blurred or cropped. Still preserves your privacy, this is what most people do who don't want their faces on this site shown.
  • Validation will accept a public and the private photo as a pair. You must select both and take a photo with the code with your face so we can perform validation. The private, uncropped version of your photo will be used by our supporters to check that the public, cropped version is indeed you. After, the public, cropped version will become your validation photo, marked with the green shield icon and the private, uncropped photo can be removed from your profile.

What happened here?

  • At the expense of some complexity (three photos required instead of just two), you preserve your privacy: your face photo is not shown to the general public.
  • The supporters handling your verification request will naturally need to see your face, but that is minimal exposure.

How do you guys like this version now?

What Comes Next?

We have great plans for this year for improving our site with new features and enhancing existing features. Next on the menu is a search function for your messages.

What happens next is up to you! Please browse the Idea Box and vote for features that you would like to use yourself. You can also submit your own ideas.

– Admin

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13,000 Members!

Hello everyone,

MeetFighters, the world's (by our not entirely arbitrary metric) largest wrestling personals site, has passed 13,000 members]! And we have just turned 8 years old!

For those who care, the "active membership", that is, members who have logged in in the past 30 days, is 11693. This means that in terms of active membership, MeetFighters is now bigger than the second and third biggest wrestling sites combined! (And this is on a site that actively discourages practices that would artificially inflate our membership numbers, e.g. prohibiting one person from operating multiple profiles.) We are still a site for the community and run by the community, without a corporate owner or commercial interest. We are sustained by the generosity of our members, and continue growing and giving you new stuff.

Some more numbers because I just love them so much:

In other news, we have a brand spanking new SSD, partly because it is faster than the old one, and partly because the old one crashed, causing a few hours of downtime a few Fridays back. Thankfully our backups worked well and we only lost a small amount of data and half a percent of monthly uptime.

Behind the scenes, we have been busy in the past few months bringing many stability and performance improvements to the site code. Perhaps the most visible change of late was the rearranging of the profile pages. Let me offer some background on the underlying thought process.

The mission of this site, as codified in the name itself, is to facilitate meets. Therefore the most important metric with which I measure the site's success is the number of past opponents each member accumulates over time. The quality of meets is also of concern, hence the importance of recommendations. These two key metrics are measured over the time a person has been using the site. So, days, opponents, recommendations. By picking and focusing these three metrics, I am hoping to nudge some members who are reluctant to meet to do it more frequently.

To counteract the "wasted" screen space that these boxes use up, other parts of the profile have been broken into two columns, giving quicker access to the introduction and interests of a member. (Granted, "waste" is not the right term for something that is in ultimately infinite supply.) I ask everyone to give the new design some time to grow on you. I am still making revisions to it and your input is valuable, but please understand that it is not possible to come up with a design that appeals to all 13000+ active members.

As always, your input is valuable.

And for those who ask each time and then ignore the answer: yes it is possible to see join/part notifications in the browser chat. Just click on the gears icon on the top right of the screen.

– Admin out

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Update on Match Requests and Other Polls

In the previous news post, I asked you questions about the direction of some MeetFighters features. I thank everyone who replied or voted! The summary of votes are below:

Do you think a Workout Journal feature would be useful? Votes % of votes Weighted %
Yes, I like it and would use it 410 39% 35%
No, I wouldn't use it 558 53% 59%
No, because I don't exercise 75 7% 5%
Do you think the "Meetings" feature can be removed? Votes % of votes Weighted %
Remove the Meetings. I don't use them. 318 73% 76%
Keep the Meetings, I like them as they are. 108 24% 21%
Keep the Meetings, I have ideas of how to make them better (comment below). 8 1% 1%
Do you think the "Match Requests" feature can be removed? Votes % of votes Weighted %
Remove the Match Requests. I don't use them. 252 53% 45%
Keep the Match Requests, I like them as they are. 202 43% 50%
Keep the Match Requests, I have ideas of how to make them better (comment below). 15 3% 4%

I especially want to thank Vanman81 for his blog post and those who commented there. Let me summarize my takeaway from the results.

Match Requests Updated

The Match Requests are here to stay. I have updated the page and gave it a bit of a facelift. Observe the "before" and "after":


The most important changes:

  • A visually cleaner aesthetic to the page itself.
  • No need to open separate pages to view the details and send a message to the poster.
  • The left side bar only shows the number of local match requests. (Match requests in remote countries are not so interesting, after all.)
  • When posting a match request, messages are sent automatically to users in that country. (This can be turned off on the Administration page.)


The Meetings feature will be retired in a few months, unless I can come up with some way to make it more compelling. Ideas are welcome.


There were a number of votes both for and against the feature. I think there is synergy between this site's core goals and exercise. Martial arts and wrestling are sports after all. For now, implementation of the feature is postponed until a later date.

– Admin out.

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Poll: FitFighters (Workout Journal Feature)?

I am thinking about adding a new feature to the site: an online workout journal. What is a workout journal, you might ask? Check out this page for a quick introduction with pictures:

The idea is to let you record and share your workout journal with your friends on MeetFighters, keep track of your progress, etc. I am calling this feature "FitFighters", but that might change the moment I come up with something less corny. Basically the idea would be to let you quickly collect and save a summary of your workout either while you are doing it, or after, in a web and mobile friendly feature.

My question to you is simple:

Do you think a Workout Journal feature would be useful?

This poll is closed.

On a related note, I am thinking about killing two existing site features simply because they are not quite as useful as they should be to warrant having them around. Removing useless features will help keep the site interface clean and less confusing for new members. Please don't forget to press the Vote button for each poll individually!

Do you think the "Meetings" feature can be removed?

The "Meetings" feature is not getting much love. Originally it was intended for the organization of meets that involved more than one person, but it turns out that such meetings are either not happening very frequently or are organized with regular messages.

This poll is closed.

Do you think the "Match Requests" feature can be removed?

Similar to Meetings, the "Match request" feature is not getting much use. Perhaps it is time to retire it.

This poll is closed.

Thank you for your participation in the polls!

Update 21th Aug: I hacked up a quick mock-up of what the "FitFighters" feature might end up looking like:


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Chat Update

Hi Everyone,

In an ongoing effort to improve the site, I have made some changes to the Browser and Flash chat.

  • The last 10 messages are shown when you join a channel.
  • Join, leave and quit messages are no longer shown
  • There's no automated greetings.

This is largely an experiment at making the Chat less "noisy" and better for conversations. As always, your feedback is appreciated!

There's some other minor fixes and enhancements on the rest of the Site. See if you can spot them all :)

– Admin

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