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New Interests and Invitations


The site has now grown past 200 users. I can no longer remember every single person who has registered! Thanks for everyone who has helped spread the word. I appreciate your help.

Also thanks to those who have been using the Bugs and Suggestions page! Based on your input, I have been making some changes, closing two entries:

  • Tracker/2009-01-07 2: It is now possible to send multiple invitations with the same message. After you send an invite, you get to send another invite with the same text. Just enter a different e-mail address.
  • Tracker/2009-01-01: I have added the following to the list of interests:
    • Brazilian ju-jitsu
    • Wrestling with body punches
    • Outdoors fights
    • Tag team / group fights
    • Trampling

If you fancy any of these, visit your profile and check them!

Admin out.

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New "Preferences" Page Added

Greetings to All Fighters!

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who has used the Suggestion box and thus helped improving the site! Today, I have granted two entries from the wishlist:

  • Tracker/2008-12-13 2: There is now a unified preferences page, where you can do all your tasks from changing your profile to editing your blog. In addition, there's now two options:
    • You can choose to see profiles in a new window.
    • You can disable the message notifications.
  • Tracker/2008-12-21 and Tracker/2008-12-25: There's been a long discussion regarding the Friends Feature. Basically, some people have complained about being marked as "friends" by people whom they have never even heard of. Based on an online discussion, I have changed the term "friends" to "favorites". People who mark you as "favorite" are now your "fans".

PLEASE participate in our ongoing discussions and suggest new features if you have ideas or find bugs. I would like to request your input on Tracker/2008-12-27, I would love to hear about your first impression!

Admin out.

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"New profiles" feature

Following a suggestion by gutpuncher33 and gmuscles, I rolled out a new feature, called "New profiles".

Basically, it is an enhancement to the Recent changes feature; accessible from the "Main menu" on the left part of the screen. What the new feature does is that it lists the new profiles (those that were created in the past 7 days), profiles that have changed recently, and new blog entries (perhaps you will spot this one there). I may end up tweaking the look of the profile list a little, it's not perfect the way it is now.

Enjoy using it, and thank you guys for suggesting it! :)

Oh, and just a heads up: tonight our site has passed 100 members! Wow! Thanks for everyone who has invited his friends. This wouldn't have happened without your help.

Admin out.

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Improvements to the "Invite" feature

Although there are a number of interesting entries in the suggestion box, I think the most important and least regarded feature in our site today is "Invite a friend".

Problem is that we have this site that works so well, but it's just no use if no-one knows about it. This is where the invitations come in: if every member (we have 89 as of today) invited just 5 more, and those invitees in turn invited 5 more each, we would have 2759 members! (In the best, but unlikely, case that every invitee joins the site AND there are no duplicates...)

So today I added a small enhancement to the "invite" feature: you can include a short personal message to the person you're inviting. Perhaps this will make the feature friendlier for you and your invitee as well.

Thanks for your time.

Admin out

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New "Invite a Friend" Feature

Hi everyone,

I created a new feature for invite a friend. Given that there's no point in having a great site unless it is actually put to use, I hope this feature (with your help, of course) will help spread the word.

– Admin out.

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