Hello Fighters,

I hope everyone has survived New Year's, and made resolutions to meet a new member every week!

Work on the new Chat page is ongoing. Thanks to everyone for the feedback, except for that one guy who started to complain about blocking. (Sigh...)

So what's new there? Photo sharing is now embedded into the chat. When you are in a private chat, there's a photo icon near the top right of the page. Clicking it will allow you to send one of your photos to the other person, or upload a new one to share with them. I think this is pretty cool and bound to make the chat experience more streamlined.


I am also working on experimental support for webcams. Unfortunately support for this very new web technology is still spotty. I have added a "Webcam" button to profile pages that lets you test drive it, but don't expect it to work very spectacularly. Browsers like Internet Explorer and Safari do not support the necessary technology and there seems to be a bug affecting Firefox, so for now, Opera and Chrome are the only working alternatives. I'm working on improving that.

I am also investigating the possibility of toggling a more compact view for the message list – some do not seem to like the pictures there. Maybe a darker theme too, as some mentioned that the white is too white.

– Admin

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edscissors (22 platinum) 10 days ago

Bigger ... better ... more ... You are very generous with your time and energies, Admin. Thank you for all you do: it is much appreciated.


Kevin42 (16 gold) 9 days ago

Thank you for all that you do.


LuckyLarryLoser (20 bronze) 9 days ago

Thank you for all you do. You invest so much time improving the site. Appreciate your work Admin...whoever you are!