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Death In the Family- The details

Sorry it took me so long to write this, I'm still trying to process it myself.
Two days before Christmas during my annual Christmas trip to Omaha, Nebraska, word reached us that my mom's second cousin (named Frank) had suffered a heart attack in Germany. He was rushed to the hospital, and put on life support and a medically induced Coma. Now Frank was like a brother to mom, and also like an uncle to me. Even though we only saw each other once a year (at Thanksgiving) that time was so well spent. At around 6pm Central time (1:00am German time) on Christmas Eve, my parents' dog let out a bark and a sad whimper. A few minutes later, we got a text message from Frank's wife saying he had passed away. This put a somber note on Christmas, but we managed to power through it. We have no word yet on the funeral arrangements, but all I can say is that any matches in January will not be happening.
Thank you all for your support.

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nightstranger (42 platinum) 1/06/2019 3:59 PM

condolences for your loss.


BamaJDon41 (1 gold) 1/06/2019 5:46 PM

The nature of a blog post is the sharing of information that someone wants to share, NOT universal amusement. How can anyone respond to that negatively with a thumbs down. All posts aren't for everyone. Read the ones you want to read, skip those you don't.


WolfinLondon (13) 1/06/2019 11:49 PM

@BamaJDon41: I think this is a misunderstanding. I assume 'thumb down' in this case means: I am very sorry for this bad news, I feel for you. Thumbs up would come over as: what a happy message, evidently, it is not a happy one.


BamaJDon41 (1 gold) 1/07/2019 4:28 AM

(In reply to this)

I can see in a case like this the thumbs down could be used to express sympathy. People would be unhappy with the event and not the posting of the event. At least I hope that's the case. Of course normally the thumbs up/down are used as a reaction to the posting.