A lot's going on, and I just need to blog about this whole relocation as much as possible, so forgive me if I repeat myself.
With only 3 1/2 months left in 2018 there's still time for matches here in Milwaukee. However, due to the medical restrictions, I can not travel down to Chicago, so if any guys want to come meet up with me, it's Milwaukee or bust!
A lot will be going on next year to prepare for the move, even though the actual move won't be happening until April of 2020. As of now, I have only 4 trips planned for next year, 2 to Florida (but I won't be able to wrestle anybody while I'm down there unfortunately) and at least 2 to Omaha (Thanksgiving and Christmas). For any of you Nebraska jobbers out there, just hang tight and I should have more information for you by the middle of next year.

So in short, if you live in Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, or Ohio (or even Minnesota) or any other state and would like to visit me in Milwaukee, make your plans ASAP! And if you live in Nebraska or Iowa, WATCH OUT, because Midwestheel is coming home to Nebraska soon!

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