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oilwrestlingzrh: Oilwrestling in Zurich


Switzerland, near Zurich

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission


Friday 16. November 20h - ca. 23h, Zurich-Oerlikon near train station

Do you like fun fights and body contact? Do you want to feel the muscles of your opponent? Do you feel good with nudity and have no problem with close contact to other men? Then you should come and enjoy our oil wrestling event!

You don’t need any wrestling skills, since the oil makes most techniques useless. You fight as much as you can or you make a break and watch whenever you need to. No competition, it’s all about fun!
We usually start with a guided warm-up and a little safety briefing.
Afterwards we get naked and oil each other with olive oil – like the ancient greeks. The first round we follow freestyle wrestling rules, but we only fight on the ground. One fight takes about 2-3 minutes, depending on the amount of participants, and we try to have each person to fight all the others.

The second round is more open to other wrestling styles like submission wrestling. We only want that both fighters agree on the same rules before they start the fight. There is no guarantee that there are participants that share your style.
Usually there is kind of group fight or “open mats” towards the end to use the last energy.
At the end we will do a guided cool down and stretching before having a warm shower. We will finish around 11pm., but you can shower and leave anytime if you have to.

The fight area is 5x5m and we use a disposable plastic foil, so no cleaning is required. Shower and toilet is available at the venue.
Participation fee is 40 CHF and it includes oil, drinking water and soap to get rid of the oil. We don't provide insurance, so make sure your insurance covers sports accidents.

It is required to register by e-mail to because there is a limit of 12 participants. Registration here is just to show other meetfighters, but it won't reflect the real list of participants.

This is the only public oil wrestling in Europe that happens regularily!