It's been a while since I have written well... much of anything really, I guess life has gotten away from me. I've been so busy racking up the lost kilos, getting work under control, and meeting as many wrestlers as I could within the time I could give to wrestling... I've had so many experiences that I haven't written about - and I hope that the guys I haven't written about - don't feel that their matches have someone been any less inspiring or exhilarating because that would be far from the truth. So I took a couple of weeks off from wrestling over Christmas and it was in Amsterdam that the first fight of the year was to take place.

It was originally going to be three fights in one night, but as I sit here writing a new entry I realise that maybe that would have been far too much to chew off anyway. I had a chance to wrestle once more with my gelato - a guy with whom the connection both mentally and physically seems to work quite well. I like matches where we can begin having a nice intellectual discussion but at the same time still give ourselves fully to the act of physical exertion - and even better if we can play games that only adults should be allowed to play.

This was our third match-up, and so far my progression in skill had meant that I'd been progressively able to exert my dominance through much of the match - to be fair my adversary likes the sensual aspect of the sport and so he is far less competitive than I can get... and I had been in the previous match-ups. But we changed things up this time around, deciding to limit the space where we could wrestle both to prevent us having to rearrange the whole room and also to see what would happen.

We picked each other's gear - I had brought some of my new singlets and he had a new pink underwear to show off so he picked for me to wear my new all-white N2N singlet, with see-through mesh on the side of my legs, whilst I picked for him his new pink underwear for sure as it showed of nicely his complexion and brought out his eyes. With that picked, we head up to the mezzanine where the bed was located and where we had decided to place the match.

The dynamic of the match changed in a very interesting way actually...Because the space was more limited it prevented certain escape moves from becoming possible and as a result it required a lot more constrained moving around to get out of holds and to apply holds. Whereas I like to lay perpendicular to a guy (a trick I was taught in one of the inspiring matches I probably should have written about but didn't), here it wasn't as possible to achieve because the space just wasn't there. Being able to move a body around to get it in a position to get scissored also was far less possible... And in this game of tight spaces, my adversary was certainly able to level things far more.

We exchanged roles being on top, and as the match progressively got hotter - both in terms of body heat as well as erotic heat, the proximity played its part. Hands remained squeezing family jewels, resting on the others' ass in efforts to distract and leverage a more commanding position. Slaps were not far behind, as well as squeezing of nipples. But I could feel I wasn't in top form, fatigued by the return to work perhaps, or something else, I just wasn't landing my scissors the way I wanted them and my pace was too slow giving him plenty of time to anticipate my coming moves and to frustratingly block them.

Perhaps I should have been lucky that this wasn't a competitive match because I am not certain that this one would been a win... How did it conclude, you might ask? Let's just say that once I did get him in an elusive schoolboy pin, the need to climax took over from the need to conclude the match and my tool in his mouth led him to climax very generously as well. As I got off from him, I couldn't help but admire my drained adversary - at least had it been a first to cum match - I would have won handsomely. Sometimes though, it's just better to leave things as a friendly showcase rather than make it too competitive.

Onto the next matches, I hope this year brings me a lot more fun, challenges, and wrestling action for topping rights! Are you ready? I sure am...

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calwrestler (71 gold) 1/12/2018 12:35 AM

Could be expanded into the first short story of a series focusing on gay wrestling !


kimmetje (47 bronze) 1/12/2018 6:54 PM

(In reply to this)

Ahhh thanks!! But I think the short story I wrote some months back has got to be better than this lol!


briansp (28 platinum) 1/13/2018 10:09 AM

Love it! Hot pic! Want to see your package in that singlet!