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fights update 20/21/2015

I am still willing to bareknuckle fight other big older men out on the west coast of the USA. I am a standing bareknuckle man only. I fight for cash and I fight to whip the other man if I can do it before he does it to me.
Only serious big men over 40 and bigger than 220 and under 270 need ask about a match. I am willing to do matches for causes but expect to make something if I win the match. I fight Straight guys more than bi or gay guys.
Real man fighting other real men. closed fists to the face so this is the real deal.

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bare knuckle fights

UPDATE GUYS i AM NOW AT 244LBS AND FALLING DOWN TO ABOUT 225 TO 235 FOR A COUPLE OF FIST FIGHTS I GOT COMING UP IN MAY AND AUGUST OF 2013/ I am a big man out USA west coast looking for cash bare knuckle fist fights. One round with rules and with face shots until one man is out cold. Takes two big men to fight come and get it. Or who you wanting to put up. Opponent must be over 35 and must be between 215 and 275lbs. A shirt off pic of opponent is requirered and a phone meeting prior to booking the fight is a must as well.

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