Wrestlers over age 50

Ring Available Claymont Delaware (2)

mikey3458 (20 gold) 12/27/2017 1:31 PM

16x16 ring and a 14x14 wrestling mat, located in a private warehouse. The space includes a bathroom and a shower that is very clean and tidy much better than renting a hotel room. If interested contact me about renting our space. Please log in to view gallery photos.


Spruceman (62 platinum) 2/09/2018 2:35 PM

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Got to find a local guy to drive up there, take me along, and have a go at it with me (and, of course, record it). Always wanted to do wrestling in a ring, whether it is competitive or merely playful. (full clothing, or leathers, or gi would be hot as hell) Great pic or a great facility there. Let's hope it catches on Nationwide and give this kind of action a higher standing to bring more men into the scene. There is nothing like this in the Wash DC area – you are the closest; and warrants a pilgrimage up to Claymont DE.