out of the blue hate messages. LOL (8)

BareKnuxUK (2 silver) 6 days ago

Have the same issues over and over. Guys WAY too small and some WAY too big challenge me and when I say no, based on size, experience whatever, they rant on and on and on ad infinitum about how I am ugly, its called fighting not beauty tips, or how I MUST be fake as why would I not fight ANYONE who asks, or if they want to just lace on the gloves and then have sex (which I have NEVER DONE as boxing to me is a sport not a fucking sex game) and I decline then "Oh you are a homophobe!"......No I am fucking gay but unlike the majority it seems I have a standard that I stick to and I dont do anything with everyone.
It is unfortunatly the way the world is shaping up to be, where if someone doesnt want what you do, then they are inherently wrong etc.


ChiFight (6) 5 days ago

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Agreed on all counts.


wrestlerspig (13 gold) 6 days ago

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First of all you are not ugly but rugged. No means no. I respect the opponents wishes. I am honest up front and if he does not want a match I understand. Just because someone is gay does not mean they are not masculine and can be rough.


ChiFight (6) 6 days ago

Yeah I've received some crazy messages like that before too. Usually comes from some guy who is nowhere near my size or location and doesn't even like the same styles, but they read my preferences, see they don't match them (usually because they are way too small) and they just freak out about how I'm way too picky and start listing everything that's supposedly wrong with me.

The other crazy group are the ones who look at my profile at least 3 dozen times, should be able to see we aren't a match, then when they message me and I say "no thanks" they go on a rant about how ugly I am. Yeah, obviously...that's why they've been eye f-ing my profile for months on end.

The entitlement with some of these guys is amazing, but I just laugh it off. If I am not interested in meeting someone I couldn't care less about their feelings or opinion of me.

It's not like bitching someone out has ever made them change their mind and forced them to meet you. Just forget about him.


LBFighter (22) 7 days ago

The fact that he was NEW to the site, Has no past opponents, tells me all I need to know. LOL
He doesn't even know who I am. No validation given. Just annoying that he blocked me before I could question his arrogance.


fightguy (25 gold) 8 days ago

Exactly what Chifight said!


ChiFight (6) 8 days ago

Yeah plenty of people online are completely nuts and this site is no exception. They build up these crazy scenarios in their head... including events, relationships or narratives that never actually happened except inside their heads... then expect the rest of the world to accommodate their fantasy or delusion.

I wouldn't pay it any mind. It likely doesn't change or effect anything. Just don't validate it by even considering it legitimate.


LBFighter (22) 9 days ago

your punching bag in Alabama, out of the blue sends me a message

"You old piece of SHIT!! You suck big time, people like you give this website a bad name. Go AWAY!! "

Then blocks me before I even read the message.

I don't even know who he is or why he hates me so much. LOL
If I have given any one else grief or a bad impression, My apologies.