Pro Wrestling Cyber match

hot marcus meets beachmont (2)

rarebitrare (11) 7/29/2017 9:56 PM

Love reading the fight


Beachmont1 (0) 7/25/2017 7:25 AM

22:13 Beachmont1 entering the ring for this Meetfighters ring match up .. crowd of around 25 guys watching as i enter at 5' 6 155lbs red speedo and white boots
22:13 Beachmont1 bouncing in my corner.. crowd chatting as i wait for my opponent
22:15 MarcusRay Without hesitation, I run into the ring, diving under the ropes. 5'11 170 wearing blue speedo and boots. I stretch in my corner, ready to take down this old man.
22:16 Beachmont1 noticing your height and muscle when you come in the ring.. bell rings .. i bounce up and down then circle out.. rush into you lock up collar and elbow lock up with you
22:17 MarcusRay I think to myself, what a small opponent, before pulling you into a side headlock and tighten my arm around your neck.
22:18 Beachmont1 somewhat boned as i lock up with my opponent .. meetfighters crowd watching.. suprised as i get pull into a side headlock arm squeezing my neck
22:19 Beachmont1 i grab your waist with on hand and dig my leg into the ring and push your weight.. trying to use force to break the lock
22:20 MarcusRay Realizing what you are doing, I swing us around to slam you on the canvas back first, my arm still locked around your neck.
22:22 Beachmont1 pushing into you.. then im getting swung around .. and slam down..back hitting the canvas hard.. neck still locked in.. face turning red
22:24 MarcusRay I smirk at your obvious reding and decide to kick it up a notch. I swing my body around, keeping the lock but now my armpit is over your face. I slowly lift you up to your feet, bent over backwards, and squeeze the headlock harder.
22:26 Beachmont1 ughhh damn.. lifted up backward.. armpit covering my face .. slowing my air intake.. suprised by the size and skill of my opponent
22:28 MarcusRay Using whatever momentum I have, I lift your bent over body up to where your knees are over my shoulders and parade you around the ring before kneeling forward and slamming your back upon the hard knee cap.
22:30 Beachmont1 damn caught in this armpit to face lock lifted up ..walked around the ring.. then back crushed against your knee.. impact digs in .. shock
22:32 MarcusRay I stand you back up and put you against the corner. The crowd cheering me on, I take a second to look over my work. I then slam knee into your crotch.
22:34 Beachmont1 pulled up against the corner.. watch you eyeing me then.. knee to crotch.. i bend over in shock.. but not before sending a hard right uppercut fist to your balls!
22:35 MarcusRay I back off in immediate pain, but don't remain there. I throw your head in between my thighs, lift you up, and pile drive you into the corner.
22:36 Beachmont1 pulled upside down.. getting dropped .. i grab at the ropes to catch myself.. stopping head impact.. then send my boot hard into your balls.. WHAM!
22:37 MarcusRay I fall to my back in pain of two hard hits to my balls, hands covering the area.
MarcusRay I fall to my back in pain of two hard hits to my balls, hands covering the area.
22:39 Beachmont1 i use ropes to pull myself around and up.. then step out ..jump up .. LAND MY THIGH DIRECTLY ON YOUR THROAT!
22:39 MarcusRay My body flies all over the place in reaction. I roll to the ropes and get to my feet to fend off the next attack.
22:40 Beachmont1 see you standing by the ropes.. i move in closer.. chest heaving up and down.. checking out your tall smooth body
22:41 MarcusRay As you come closer, I shoot my leg up and kick you straight in the face. I then bend the ropes and fly myself at you for a clothsline.
22:42 Beachmont1 ughhh stagger back stunned from the kick
22:43 MarcusRay I easily clothsline you down to the canvas and then jump to land my leg across your neck.
22:44 Beachmont1 neck pounded hard.. back flattened to the ring.. huge leg crushes my neck.. my legs buck up from the impact
22:45 MarcusRay Swinging around to stretch my arms over your chest and use my free hand to rub your bulge. 1.....
22:45 MarcusRay
22:46 Beachmont1 ahhh damn.. my bulge getting hard fast .. still reeling from the clothesline and leg drop
22:47 MarcusRay I start to jerk your bulge instead, going faster and faster. 2.....
22:48 Beachmont1 auughhh damn.. start leaking pre.. i buck up .. turn my shouder.. send a hard elbow in to your throat ..Whack!
22:49 MarcusRay Just as I am about to win, my throat gets clocked and I roll over to the corner and stand to my feet.
22:49 Beachmont1 i roll up and see you standing again. i move in closer.. then twist my body and send a kick into your gut
22:50 MarcusRay I fall back into the corner, clutching my gut in pain. I'm totallh defenseless. .
22:51 Beachmont1 move in grabbing both ropes.. send knee after knee up hard to your pecs.. BAMMM BAMMM BAMMM
22:54 MarcusRay I am weakened severly, sinking into the corner. Totally at your mercy.
22:54 Beachmont1 grab you around your neck .. hard choke lock while i reach down and start jerking your cock
22:55 MarcusRay My bulge becomes hard in your hand as I glare you down, struggling against you as you choke me
22:56 Beachmont1 i reverse my position .. then rush forward.. BULLDOG YOUR HEAD TO THE RING!
22:58 MarcusRay Face slammed into the canvas, I try to crawl to the ropes.
22:59 Beachmont1 jump on your back .. lock you up tight in a choke lock.. SQUEZZEEE BABY
23:00 MarcusRay My legs kick back and forth as I try to buck you off.
23:00 Beachmont1 body bucking but i keep the hold.. squeezing tighter
23:01 MarcusRay I start to lose consciousness, body becoming limp.
23:02 Beachmont1 SQUEEZE TIGHT .. feel you dropping to the ring..knod my head up and down to the crowd , whisper to you "night night jobber boy"
23:03 MarcusRay I fall to sleep, body is out. My arms relax to the canvas. .
23:04 Beachmont1 keep the hold on tight.. ref comes in .. lifts your arm.. it drops like a thud.. he calls for the bell.. DING...DING...DING
23:04 Beachmont1 i release and turn you over on your back.. pull off your speedo and mine.. put your legs on my shoulders
23:05 MarcusRay I remain unconscious even as you are fucking my hole.
23:06 Beachmont1 i start pouncing your ass hard.. precum shooting in you.. cock expanding as i rub it on your prostrate
23:06 Beachmont1 about to shoot
23:07 MarcusRay I start to wake up, cock becomes fully erected as I moan uncontrollably
23:07 MarcusRay
23:07 Beachmont1 PILING MY COCK INTO YOU
23:07 Beachmont1 ahhhh hhhhh shoot my load deep up your asshole
23:08 MarcusRay My legs relax as I shoot my load all over my chest and stomach
23:08 Beachmont1 i pull out.. let your legs drop
23:08 Beachmont1 roll over to you .. deep kiss you then stand up
23:09 Beachmont1 exit the ring , muscled bubble butt getting slapped as i head to the showers
23:09 Beachmont1
23:09 MarcusRay I lay in the ring completely defeated, unable to leave on my own as security has to help me to the locker room.
23:09 MarcusRay End