Mid-Atlantic Fighters

For members from Central NJ to approaching the NC border and west to include all or parts of NJ, PA, DE, DC, MD WV, VA

This is intended to fill in the previous gap between the geographic coverage of the group for New York City/North New Jersey and the range of the SE USA Grapplers. Residents and those who spend significant time in the coverage areas AS ACTIVE FIGHTERS are encouraged to join. To enable two people or small groups to get together without a need to make an overnight trip and require lodging. Hopefully in cases where it's more than 5 hours drive, some members will provide sleeping accommodations, even if it is only on the mats, a couch, or sharing a bed.

Ideal for folks who wish to host small private gatherings from 3 to 50 in the backyard, in the woods, or their own mat rooms

Action can include anything in the purview of Meetfighters – wrestling (any style), gut, body, or full boxing, judo, all martial arts – you name it.

Let's make this a hot group–Let's try to be as inclusive as possible to enable all of us to have a goodly repertoire of fighters in our opponents' lists. If you take on a guy, please be respectful enough to write up a recommendation on his behalf (assuming he is genuine, clean, safe, sober, and reasonably friendly) Let's strive to help new members to Meetfighters to be part of the action. We all were once new.

Have fun guys. Spruceman (almost always for action in my Arlington, VA matroom) Built Tough; Staying Tough; Getting Tougher. If you doubt it, try me.

Feel free to invite area guys you feel would fit in as ACTIVE wrestlers/grapplers/etc. If any difficulty doing an invite, please send me their names for me to send the invite to.

I'm new to this and don't know whether guys can spontaneously join, or require an invite, or if not invited need to contact me. Guess I'll findout soon enough. Also don't know how the rules are for posts, pictures, etc. Whatever, keep things clean and civil, and comply with MeetFighters rules. I will do what I can to keep things inclusive by being willing to take on anyone in the group (with adjustments for size, skill, other limitations.)

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