Schoolboy Facesitting

This group is for guys who love to take and of course those who like to dish it out.

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UK Seat looking for sitters212/12/2018 2:33 PMEnglishOak
Face Seat à Paris , France611/27/2018 9:06 PMsmotherme
UK Facesitter looking for seats1511/27/2018 2:37 PMBenfromBritain
Face sitter in Alicante (Spain) looking for seats411/25/2018 1:03 PMMortadelo
UK sitters wanted411/25/2018 11:15 AMcodo
Facesitters in NYC?410/15/2018 2:22 PMwrestlerspig
Dutch seat looking for sitters210/13/2018 1:49 PMFightfunGER
Domination? Learn from the ladies,,,29/29/2018 1:36 PMbearrassler
Michigan Facesitting19/20/2018 10:29 PMkrosis
New seat69/19/2018 8:21 AMMyster
Socal seat!18/31/2018 10:15 AMbelgiumman96
Facesitters in Boston/New England18/17/2018 8:56 PMJdc265
Fart face fans88/11/2018 8:03 PMziggy1957
seat for you18/03/2018 11:45 PMdellkota
Soirée face Seat pendant les gay games17/30/2018 6:45 AMmatteurlutte
looking for a facesitter in The Netherlands17/29/2018 3:18 PMSit on me 1990
Looking for younger facesitter87/19/2018 11:15 PMsitonme
Domination27/19/2018 12:46 AMkcjobberboy
Essex face sit and bum sit match317/13/2018 6:05 AMFolding Press
Looking for 1 more for a 2on1 facesitting/sqaushing match17/08/2018 6:34 PMNateCantWrestle
Looking for someone to forceful facesit me17/06/2018 1:57 AMNateCantWrestle
Looking for Beefy Muscular to force me into facesitting17/05/2018 11:11 AMNateCantWrestle
Crotch to face vs Ass to face?487/03/2018 12:10 AMwrestlerguy21
UK facesitting meet up muscle37/02/2018 9:32 AMIammark59
Schoolboy pin27/02/2018 9:32 AMIammark59
Face sitting in Manchester206/24/2018 7:43 PMwrestlerspig
Liverpool/Manchester Area46/24/2018 7:21 AMcenturian
SBP and sitter wanted Manchester26/24/2018 7:16 AMcenturian
Rhode island facesitting and farting46/21/2018 1:29 PMChokemeout69
where are the VA facesitters at?36/19/2018 3:36 PMgavin-nsfw
Where to find videos of facesitting46/19/2018 12:05 AMGavinGlasgow
Fort Lauderdale Muscle looking for Facesitters56/02/2018 5:58 AMNaughtyButNice
Need a masculine face to sit on145/25/2018 6:00 PMLiftthisboy2018
NYC anyone?15/21/2018 6:38 PMLockitUp
UK facesitting15/19/2018 2:10 PMAllbetsonme
Southern California15/08/2018 4:28 PMbelgiumman96
Facesitting Meet? (UK)45/07/2018 2:01 PMBladerunner
Facesitting, Headscissor.15/05/2018 5:55 AMs khan92
London Greenwich25/04/2018 2:48 PMbadbull
What got you into facesitting325/01/2018 8:43 PMjamierassles
texas facesitting24/29/2018 10:00 PMPinmehard247
New York facesitting14/21/2018 11:44 PMsantadestroy
Facesitting new14/21/2018 10:54 PMunderbu99
no air.14/09/2018 7:14 PMMirco2
New Jersey13/21/2018 2:56 AMrunaway365
New England23/18/2018 6:25 AMwisub
Hampshire/About?23/17/2018 1:04 PMHead scissors uk
Nottingham Facesit13/07/2018 3:42 PMPierec26
Face fart or Facesitting DC?43/02/2018 6:37 AMSmelldefeat
Glasgow Facesitting - give or take.12/16/2018 2:08 AMGavinGlasgow
It is easy for you21/12/2018 2:43 PMwisub
Facesitting em São Paulo11/08/2018 3:35 AMMarcelo31sp
Facesitting georgia31/05/2018 6:00 PMwrestlerspig
schoolboypins en la niñez11/02/2018 4:36 PMschoolboypins12
Pittsburgh?11/01/2018 11:12 PMUTCushion
Florida face fart21/01/2018 5:11 PMc thomas1984
Facesitting whilst driving41/01/2018 5:10 PMc thomas1984
Facesitting wrestling bout1212/30/2017 8:14 PMLisbonWrestler
Excellent way to relax512/28/2017 12:02 AMwisub
Manchester sitter?212/26/2017 9:16 AMyitzbendov
facesitting phone roleplay212/02/2017 2:29 AMscissorsguy84
South Florida?111/23/2017 4:56 PMRayReactor
Florida511/23/2017 4:54 PMRayReactor
Humiliation9011/18/2017 11:38 PMHead scissors uk
Facesitting Georgia?511/07/2017 4:35 PMscissorsguy84
Facesitting in Knoxville,TN anyone?111/03/2017 2:36 AMMartialArtsTargetPractice
Memphis, TN Facesitting611/03/2017 2:34 AMMartialArtsTargetPractice
Face sitting Hell needed.810/30/2017 1:52 PMYoungBearNA93
Schoolboypin / facesitting in Germany, Netherlands/Belgium?310/29/2017 8:02 PMeric
Facesitting jobber wanted2010/23/2017 6:49 PMultimatescissorsjobber
Thong Facesitter here810/16/2017 8:55 PMLisbonWrestler
Facesitting/Smother in Ontario210/07/2017 8:01 AMGrappleViking
Facesiting110/03/2017 11:12 AMRocket
Facesitting Encounter Offered (UK Only)810/03/2017 12:13 AMId9190
Sexy bum face sits19/30/2017 8:33 AMFolding Press
facesitter in holland19/03/2017 5:06 PMSit on me 1990
Face sitting in Falky58/13/2017 1:59 AMSub bear
Face sit/face fart28/10/2017 9:40 AMHslut75
Muscle worship /face sit18/09/2017 4:27 PMSlimjim
Farting in london107/31/2017 10:01 AMHslut75
looking for younger to sit on my face17/25/2017 7:30 PMsitonme
Facesitting Conil17/15/2017 12:15 PMcal301
Favorite way to facesit827/14/2017 4:14 AMJohnT3455
Facesitters for the summer17/09/2017 7:07 PMPhunkjunkeez
Facesitters in Austin17/09/2017 8:26 AMakumala123
Facesitting in Ontario?46/30/2017 7:40 PMAisu23
Manchester26/18/2017 8:07 AMovermenee
Face sitting in Paris46/17/2017 6:16 PMMortadelo
London next week16/15/2017 8:54 PMYwere
Riverside16/14/2017 7:28 PMbelgiumman96
Faceseat boy16/12/2017 10:16 PMdareonen
Facesitting + pig play wrestling66/08/2017 12:59 AMWrestlerGoias
South UK looking for facesitting match15/19/2017 1:12 PMsitonme
End of May London25/17/2017 12:21 AMsitonme
Facesitting in Uppsala15/11/2017 10:44 AMakumala123
Facesitting in London?135/08/2017 12:50 PMmatteurlutte
FaceSit/SBP Me45/08/2017 6:12 AMTiteFig4
London guys85/07/2017 6:25 PMdaveylad
Unsquashable face!15/06/2017 10:48 PMAbsjobber
Looking for facesit tee185/06/2017 5:43 AMliketopin
Facesitting match in May54/30/2017 7:00 PMWhatzup777
Crotch to Face104/18/2017 10:16 AMarticfox
LA Facesitters14/17/2017 5:28 AMcleancutchicago
Sevilla14/06/2017 9:02 PMcal301
South England? (Hampshire, etc?)14/01/2017 2:54 PMDechii
Pin My Face !!13/28/2017 3:58 PMultimatescissorsjobber
PA facesitting63/26/2017 5:32 PMzbobsled
LA facesitrer32/19/2017 6:07 PMfigurefour2010
Any for me.12/05/2017 8:21 AMmirco
Facesitting POV32/02/2017 5:40 AMLeopard
Looking for tough11/08/2017 6:22 PMJamestown2
Facesitting in Madrid212/05/2016 9:27 AMHslut75
Looking to be facesat and smothered112/02/2016 5:46 AMDomjake3
Facesit me chicago311/26/2016 8:12 PMCRABBER2
Busco facesitting en sevilla111/24/2016 1:37 PMcal301
Face sitting â Paris France211/17/2016 1:12 AMbelgiumman96
My face, your seat110/18/2016 3:16 AMCrushedflat
facesitting/crotch face pins289/30/2016 7:19 PMAisu23
Dutch facesit29/29/2016 4:24 PMShaolinmma
facesitters29/14/2016 4:26 PMThumpercub
Facesitting by small asian guy69/14/2016 9:13 AMHslut75
Face sitting Playa del Ingles Gran Canaria 23-25th september 201619/12/2016 6:47 PMHslut75
Baby face needs pinned19/02/2016 5:56 PMDrg0721
MARSEILLE (24-26 aout 2016) face sitting match ?48/12/2016 5:08 PMmatteurlutte
Face available for a squashing48/11/2016 5:12 AMSpaceghost0079
Facesitting and Headscissor Matches East Anglia27/20/2016 8:51 AMmatteurlutte
HeadScissor to FacePin17/09/2016 4:56 PMultimatescissorsjobber
Facesitting match57/09/2016 4:51 PMRocket
Simple but intence17/09/2016 2:58 AMRocket
Face Sit Jobber here in Wilmington NC !!17/07/2016 7:26 PMultimatescissorsjobber
Passing out from breath control true or false?67/02/2016 2:04 PMzbobsled
Jobber wanted for Face sitting session87/02/2016 2:00 PMzbobsled
Facesitters in Southern Europe56/25/2016 1:38 AMSpeedoFun
Love Facesitting, Seeking Seats86/24/2016 6:35 PMCRABBER2
underwear16/22/2016 2:52 AMAndrews
Cara para receber facesitting56/14/2016 7:16 PMJCF
Belgium16/12/2016 11:46 AMbelgiumman96
northeast england seat15/14/2016 12:48 AMwatson
facesitting en Sevilla93/17/2016 1:35 PMcal301
Anyone in NZ23/14/2016 8:06 PMAndrews
facesit squash job ontario canada13/07/2016 7:04 AMscissorthisjobber
face seat à paris23/03/2016 6:59 PMHslut75
Long chest and facesitting22/29/2016 10:44 PMbdcan68
Facesitting sub bout in London.72/28/2016 8:44 PMMotbridge11
SBP112/20/2015 9:25 PMslipsbp
Face sit me in London111/23/2015 12:15 AMLondonSE16
Face sit match in MADRID211/11/2015 11:33 AMHslut75
Looking to facesit a submissive jobber1711/03/2015 12:50 AMdan barnard
Jockstraps bout.1311/02/2015 6:40 PMMature NYC
have a seat in ontario canada110/28/2015 4:28 PMscissorthisjobber
Facesit Match3510/23/2015 4:12 PMYngrasslr00
Brighton seat and sitter110/13/2015 5:22 PMsitonme
Sit on my face Cardiff110/11/2015 9:51 AMdan barnard
Facesitting pics1910/11/2015 9:47 AMdan barnard
Facesit me, facesit you110/10/2015 5:05 PMsitonme
SBP/facesit match19/29/2015 10:40 PMsitonme
New49/29/2015 5:26 PMbdcan68
Cub face to be sat on48/03/2015 6:31 PMStockycub
facesit me17/06/2015 6:49 PMsitonme
Long Lingering facesits15/30/2015 7:58 PMBob
Facesitting match in Lisbon (if you are heading to...)14/27/2015 9:18 PMLisbonWrestler
Wilmington NC (or Myrtle Beach SC Facesitter Needed !!14/27/2015 7:43 PMultimatescissorsjobber
Kik24/19/2015 8:58 PMGolden
sitter wanted14/15/2015 11:38 AMWolfy
Daddy facesitting son112/23/2015 3:09 PMwrestlerspig
Facesit Match in Lisbon12/22/2015 6:56 PMLisbonWrestler
something crazy that drives me crazy101/23/2015 7:27 AMWrestlerSub gr
Smothering11/17/2015 3:13 PMbelgiumman96
A dream I have91/01/2015 6:00 PMbelgiumman96
face seat a paris212/18/2014 6:15 AMHslut75
Looking for heavyweight facesit pin411/30/2014 6:06 AMwrestlerspig
UK face sitting bouts29/03/2014 2:39 PMdaveylad
face pin et face seat a paris18/20/2014 8:38 AMmatteurlutte
Grinding face pin56/11/2014 6:20 PMhellcatedy
facesitting in russell square, london16/02/2014 6:17 PMjobbertoy
smother.65/25/2014 7:54 PMdaveylad
The Stinkface125/02/2014 2:47 PMdaveylad
Sitter wanted511/17/2013 12:28 AMcardiffguy40
SBP in france ?19/24/2013 9:00 PMslipsbp
searching for fim about wrestle for her27/20/2013 6:55 PMsascha
Seat Looking for Guy on Guy grappling with13/02/2013 8:22 AMc thomas1984
brighton seat looking for sitter112/22/2012 6:32 PMsitonme
First Experience411/23/2012 5:08 PMBilly Bonney
Any facesitters in London?19/27/2012 1:48 PMFaceseat
sit on my face39/21/2012 8:37 AMfacesitjobberboy
Facesitting29/21/2012 8:33 AMfacesitjobberboy
seat looking for sitter.59/21/2012 8:26 AMfacesitjobberboy