Bigger VS Smaller Matches

For anyone who sre into size difference in wrestling.

Matches, where big size difference is a factor. One large man vs a smaller opponent. Many variations and outcomes. One sided domanance. Smaller defeating larger opponent. Large heel vs small jobber. Small heel vs large jobber. Etc.

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18y/o looking to get dominated / used by a larger, older muscular man17/22/2018 4:25 PMnorthsdnewbie
Two bigger vs one smaller167/17/2018 6:03 PMFightNHB UK
London17/13/2018 2:44 PMgarsbrasdefer
Smaller/younger dominate and punish older/bigger147/08/2018 10:47 PMkcjobberboy
Looking for 1 more for 2 on 1 facesitting/squash session17/08/2018 6:36 PMNateCantWrestle
Tall twink wants to be dominated by muscular guy(s)37/01/2018 6:30 AMplm77
Looking for smaller16/18/2018 1:02 AMTonytheBritt
410lbs Looking to bonsai drop!186/17/2018 12:51 PMLookingToTrample
Any stories where a smaller/less muscular opponent dominates a muscular jock type?126/12/2018 7:01 AMAsics
any big guys into wrestling with a little guy?106/09/2018 1:13 PMwrestlerguy21
Small dude in Massachusetts looking for big muscle15/28/2018 9:00 PMpainauthority
bring it on alphas15/27/2018 2:55 PMwrestlerguy21
Big man15/26/2018 9:52 AMLiftthisboy2018
Small Alphas705/24/2018 12:53 PMWrstlelvr
want to wrestle a heavy weight25/22/2018 6:30 AMSlam nj
Bigger older men15/10/2018 7:25 PMLiftthisboy2018
6'5 400lbs Minnesota165/10/2018 7:39 AMLiftthisboy2018
Looking for giants who like to be even bigger35/08/2018 11:14 PMMegaCrush
Want to be dominated by bigger55/06/2018 6:47 AMLeanwarrior77
any big guys wanna travel and wrestling together?15/02/2018 1:36 PMjerrykao
Any small Dutch guys?14/26/2018 2:10 AMRdam73
145 looking for a bigger guy94/26/2018 2:08 AMRdam73
Are any of you large guys who like wrestling small ones interested in dating?314/26/2018 2:03 AMRdam73
I need big men to use me34/26/2018 12:04 AMleanaussiemuscle
Bug men rep your height and weight14/16/2018 2:32 AMLiftthisboy2018
Small looking for Big, one sided erotic domination324/02/2018 7:20 PMterrence
Challenge to Heavyweight Sleeper Wrestler.13/31/2018 12:43 AMjwest1111
Domination by Super Heavy Sleeper Wrestler153/22/2018 9:37 AMScottT
Small Job Looking For A Tall Heel in Cyber13/04/2018 5:21 AMdanieladamvalle
Model looking for heel43/03/2018 2:53 PMAlex92
Smaller athletic college guy looking for bigger guys123/02/2018 8:45 AMSmthbd
Hard Lean Muscle VS Skinny ripped Muscle32/22/2018 8:36 AMbiceplover
Looking for my big daddy12/14/2018 2:38 PMsweet
Small dominant....51/25/2018 9:06 PMmehmetandme
Suggestions61/14/2018 11:46 AMRocket
New England11/14/2018 11:01 AMRocket
Small guy to dominant larger guy Philadelphia area112/29/2017 11:48 AMmikey3458
2 muscle bears vs me212/29/2017 8:27 AMleanaussiemuscle
Who needs 6’2”, 230 lbs? 🇨🇦112/23/2017 7:49 PMMvM4F
Looking for a very but very big person against me.512/21/2017 12:08 PMterrence
Who wants to dominate a 5'5 young lad?612/20/2017 2:56 AMAnthony Manni
Seeking a smaller opponent to defeat & humiliate me612/15/2017 5:41 AMKaijuman
Muscle jobber looking for bigger guy to challenge handicap match2612/14/2017 1:07 PMGabe Steel
Anyone lift me one hand?312/07/2017 7:35 AMHillbilly huge
Big Seeking Small Victims ;)512/03/2017 5:51 PMnncast
Stocky jobber for compact heel112/03/2017 5:49 PMIan Payne
Bigger vrs Smaller in Ohio112/03/2017 4:44 PMArman
looking for smaller111/24/2017 6:16 PMwrestlerguy21
Videos of giant muscle destroying skinny guy5211/22/2017 3:04 PMjacja94
small young jobber vs huge old heel (Cyber)211/16/2017 8:53 AMterrence
Small vs bigger role play211/13/2017 11:17 AMDomSquashMatch
Smaller heel to totally destroy bigger guy111/05/2017 3:37 PMTritonrising
East Coast Match110/27/2017 2:36 AMGiantcrusher17
Muscle worship by a jobber110/25/2017 3:51 PMA1Jobberlad
Georgia110/25/2017 11:20 AMMiccboii
5'5 ready to be crushed110/17/2017 5:35 PMamateur bearhug
Small destroys Big710/01/2017 11:41 PMIndomable
Slim smooth for giant dom19/30/2017 10:32 PMNWJobber84
Bearhug to KO89/25/2017 6:52 PMterrence
Live Match Big vs Little199/11/2017 8:39 AMbiceplover
Little guy challenging Big muscle man1669/11/2017 7:36 AMAlexTritos
Big vs small in Spain18/22/2017 2:16 PMwrestlerbcn
big heavy bodybuilder to beat me up218/21/2017 8:29 PMjohn el
Bodybuilders, Weight Lifters, who want to learn to wrestle and swim18/19/2017 3:03 PMFlDean2012
Big vs small, rep your size!3118/07/2017 12:03 AMChokemaster
Exaggerated strength18/03/2017 12:34 PMCdn jobber
Big Destroys Little788/02/2017 3:49 AMJorgeler
I like the biggest men of size that I master17/31/2017 4:29 PMfightercdb
Looking to be dominated by short muscle guy67/28/2017 5:36 AMChokemaster
Small v big57/24/2017 5:04 AMScottT
Do you know where to find REAL muscle VS skinny guy street fight?87/20/2017 5:41 AMSmthbd
New Short Story. My Wrestling Thing.17/16/2017 2:50 PMjwest1111
Smaller Heel Seeks Tall, Skinny Jobber47/16/2017 6:06 AMDave wrestle
Smaller heels587/07/2017 12:43 AMSmthbd
Robin vs Batman37/05/2017 6:36 AMJames
Ready to go.97/03/2017 12:06 AMneedalift
Big guy looking to be dominated by a small96/28/2017 8:44 PMSmthbd
Big guy owned by smaller guy1926/28/2017 8:32 AMSmthbd
Tall Jock for Small Nerds106/28/2017 12:58 AMSmthbd
slim heels66/27/2017 12:53 AMdd185
Favorite Pro Big vs Small Squashes46/25/2017 9:21 PMlittleforbigg
Smaller guy dominate big guy86/25/2017 8:03 PMSmthbd
big stud46/21/2017 5:25 PMSuper Stud Roy
Still looking for younger smaller match46/02/2017 7:13 PMArman
Chub guy in DC looking for shorter muscular guy14/15/2017 6:06 PMVAChub4Muscle
Medium guy looking for big13/14/2017 1:12 AM1armwrestler
Looking for small alphas63/05/2017 11:36 PMgreekwrestler
Any big guy travelling to Brazil?13/03/2017 7:26 AMSmallIgu
looking for thick muscle to wrestle in San Diego Feb 3rd thru 8th hosting here12/03/2017 4:08 PMlatin63
Big/small determinator52/02/2017 8:36 AMlifterman
Can someone lift me up?41/30/2017 5:36 AMsinghdhiren22
HONG KONG guy wanna know bigger friend21/25/2017 6:10 PMLets Rassle
Age difference?61/25/2017 7:50 AMsinghdhiren22
Smaller vs Bigger81/16/2017 11:10 PMleanaussiemuscle
Any BIG guy willing to teach and put the small boy down?:)31/13/2017 10:34 AMterrence
Over 220 (100 kg) vs under 175 (80kg)641/12/2017 10:49 PMfrenchwrestlingfan
Manhandled by smaller strong guy41/09/2017 3:01 PMNicegrappler
big guy submits to short Alpha11/09/2017 8:58 AMNicegrappler
Looking for a Tall, Skinny Jobber51/05/2017 3:17 PMNWJobber84
Older large heel BRS young Jobber91/01/2017 11:10 PMneedalift
Manchester bodybuilder wanted for athletic small guy domination112/30/2016 12:01 AMMmamanchester
looking fore a big muscleman to beat me up212/28/2016 7:04 AMthe natureboy
Love getting bullied by big brutes112/28/2016 5:56 AMButchBoots
Looking for younger smaller heel in Oh412/22/2016 5:48 PMArman
Looking for a skinny son112/22/2016 8:32 AMChokemaster
Muscle guy in Europe?112/15/2016 7:39 AMmentatzps
60 kg vs 100 kg (or more)312/13/2016 10:04 PMWrestlerGoias
6ft4, 90kg looking for smaller112/08/2016 3:09 PMworksopboi
Big heel looking for small jobber CA412/07/2016 6:33 AMterrence
Any big men in Western NY112/02/2016 6:16 PMVocalB
Small Afro heel seeks experienced jobber in San Francisco for February.211/27/2016 12:39 PMgrappler1
looking for rough big muscle in San diego111/23/2016 2:43 PMlatin63
Looking for jobber in Singapore111/20/2016 6:10 PMarmandiano
medium height guy with hot fetish for very small, strong men ;)311/19/2016 1:38 PMdd185
Who can lift me?611/17/2016 4:32 PMfelift
Throw a slim lad like a ragdoll6811/17/2016 11:42 AMbiceplover
FACE SMOTHER1511/16/2016 5:38 AMpunchbagnyc
Looking for small and skinny man in Paris or France ?211/08/2016 2:59 PMMortadelo
Out of action1210/23/2016 1:06 PMHillbilly huge
Bring it on Big guys (Bitches lol)1210/21/2016 5:40 AMFlDean2012
San Diego average build wrestler vs muscle bodybuilder110/12/2016 2:53 PMlatin63
Looking for big, strong, dominant heel!210/11/2016 8:59 PMJMM
Looking for Small Guys NY/NJ/PA810/10/2016 10:09 AMPA Wrestler
Tall, muscled pro jobbers in SF/SJ/Bay Area110/09/2016 4:36 AMCompact Heel
looking for a tall strong guy510/07/2016 6:16 PMFlDean2012
Beaten by smaller guy19/29/2016 5:01 PMSubmissive Prince
Punished by small asian guy59/10/2016 4:15 PMNaughtyButNice
Olympic divers as jobbers48/28/2016 4:46 PMprorock
New England battle18/18/2016 4:08 PMTxbigb
Bring it on big guys28/06/2016 8:03 AMHillbilly huge
I'm skinny. Overpower me with your big, beefy, tough muscles.78/04/2016 4:28 AMSmooshme
Match Sunday167/28/2016 6:31 AMtinyjobber
Big guy in UK looking for smaller opponents77/25/2016 8:36 AMMonna
too many bitches17/17/2016 2:11 AMJordylad
Dallas big for small57/07/2016 1:37 PMKickOutChamp
Dallas17/06/2016 7:05 PMdfwfighter
Traveling Huge for Athletic/Fit/Muscular37/05/2016 5:42 PMKickOutChamp
Need a good heel16/26/2016 7:47 PMleanwarrior7
Looking for smaller UK16/22/2016 9:23 AMcaballero
Humilate my small muscles?HK16/14/2016 7:18 PMkk90771
Big guy looking for bigger.16/06/2016 5:10 AMDanny jeb
smaller for big15/14/2016 8:37 PMmirco
ripped jock looking for fat guys65/11/2016 6:43 AMlatin63
Smaller dominate me55/10/2016 6:17 PMChuck
Cyber match HUGE HEEL vs jobber45/07/2016 4:57 PMVince
JUNE VACATION & Gut Punching45/06/2016 3:25 AMDave wrestle
SoCal big lookin for small24/18/2016 8:18 AMandronaught
Cara forte para perder14/12/2016 3:38 PMJCF
Looking for bigger muscle heel to turn cocky smaller heel into his boy toy14/07/2016 7:08 AMAimperator
squash match13/29/2016 11:19 AMelias sanders
average to take big muscle san diego12/22/2016 5:25 PMlatin63
smaller seeks MASSIVE12/17/2016 9:03 AMskinnyboyDC
Anybody in Brazil?22/15/2016 7:11 PMjurandi
Matches in Fort Lauderdale area12/13/2016 3:34 PMRasslerFTL
2vs172/11/2016 10:08 AMgiro mail
2 AGAINST 112/07/2016 12:50 AMfistfighme
small female looking for heavyweight opponent for cyberfight11/29/2016 1:29 PMteenfightergirl
Superstud twopack takes on Beachmont11/29/2016 2:26 AMBeachmont
Wrestling in Rhode Island11/24/2016 4:42 AMLombardiwrestle
Small Jobber in Philly41/20/2016 12:14 AMweholooker
Small overpowers Big31/18/2016 1:54 PMKickOutChamp
Procuro lutador musculoso31/11/2016 1:09 PMfelift
BIGGER [here] for smaller in LAS VEGAS11/06/2016 5:27 AMFIREFOX57
Smaller guy11/04/2016 4:19 AMBillyLanders
Personal Jobber41/04/2016 12:24 AMkcjobberboy
Beachmont Beast vs BattleboyRyan11/03/2016 7:26 PMBeachmont
two against one712/16/2015 12:30 PMthe natureboy
New Year1912/13/2015 4:06 PMMikeyCharisma
Looking for smaller heel to dominate and humiliate812/12/2015 12:46 AMMikeyCharisma
As a aheel, here is what I like:212/09/2015 5:59 AMPA Wrestler
Who will be dominated by me?612/06/2015 7:58 AMthe natureboy
16th intl. wrestling camp 2016112/01/2015 10:31 PMringen-berlin
MUTUAL111/29/2015 5:49 AMfistfighme
Anyone wanna dominate?710/29/2015 7:04 PMsexymusculoso
Little jobber vs. Big heel210/19/2015 10:27 AMbiceplover
Matches in Berlin (Germany)310/15/2015 4:37 PMringen-berlin
Tall jobber/sub for Dominant shorter guy29/19/2015 4:39 PMmikecharisma
Biggest man here419/14/2015 4:44 PMTerryrassler
6'2 235 lookin for smaller guy39/12/2015 7:10 PMmikecharisma
Pennsylvania Eroitc Promission Jobber18/18/2015 7:27 AMWrestlingRookie
Chub Vs Chub18/17/2015 4:27 PMLuchadorSFO
big man to manhandle me18/14/2015 12:18 PMbenhard63
Any heel in Spain?18/06/2015 5:50 PMjonbasquecountry
Suche Fight108/05/2015 8:35 AMgreekwrestler
Smooth skinny twink lookin for a beatin'97/28/2015 2:24 PMJaytwooh
Hi!!17/20/2015 11:19 PMayk
looking for a small-large match27/16/2015 4:40 AMSubguy95
Muscle strong man beated by a weak guy107/14/2015 6:39 PMmehmetandme
Anyone in Italy?!17/10/2015 7:43 AMFederiKO
Small guy wanting to be owned27/03/2015 8:47 AMliftme20
Fight in Munich wanted66/30/2015 5:52 PMmehmetandme
What about roleplaying online?35/26/2015 6:18 AMguyaskinforit
handicap match105/16/2015 7:44 PMwrestlerspig
Play erotic in London15/10/2015 12:20 AMclemens
Strong young versus weak dad15/10/2015 12:17 AMclemens
Strong facesitting weak35/09/2015 7:16 PMterrence
what you're gonna do to me...15/04/2015 4:41 AMguyaskinforit
Muscle Boys in San Francisco15/01/2015 9:42 PMLuchadorSFO
Little wants to be dominated64/28/2015 5:01 PMWrestlerGoias
Looking for a massive guy!44/20/2015 10:14 AMbiceplover
any strong man in israel13/10/2015 5:42 PMshaharlevi987
Does anyone want to dominate me?13/02/2015 4:54 AMpunching superman
UK mismatches22/28/2015 12:44 AMWrrstler 69
Who are the Strong guys and who are the Weak guys here?52/21/2015 5:26 AMguyaskinforit
Where all the strong guys are?11/28/2015 7:57 PMcute guy
So u think u can lift me?21/23/2015 8:00 PMjason
Lightweight dominates11/18/2015 12:24 AMThebear
Big guy wants to be dominated by little guy11/18/2015 12:07 AMThebear
GL 32 year old Jock here.21/09/2015 4:28 PMgreekwrestler
Large heel to dominate small jobber21/02/2015 9:21 AMLA-HEEL
UK Belly Brawler HEEL to SQUASH JOB YOU !212/17/2014 4:46 AMwrestlerspig
LIGHTWEIGHT vs HEAVYWEIGHT612/02/2014 9:31 PMLuchadorSFO
Big guys destroy little guys111/30/2014 11:49 PMbatuankara
strong to weak full clothing110/05/2014 11:22 PMct1970pt
Looking for big guy for a fantasy boxing match.110/04/2014 2:51 AMkodboxer1
small to use110/01/2014 1:50 PMMrBiceps
Arm wrestlibg29/16/2014 6:41 PMhotwrestlers
284 members Which ones of you are strong?39/16/2014 4:48 PMSubmissionmaster
Weak but tough italian man19/04/2014 10:19 AMROBOCOP
Weak looking for strong in SP18/21/2014 10:42 PMReinaldo87
Squash match17/04/2014 8:00 PMThom
Boxing roleplay. Big vs small.16/28/2014 2:35 AMkodboxer1
dominate me14/30/2014 11:13 PMterrence
Weaker 19 year old dominated, part 134/30/2014 11:12 PMterrence
The perfect example of what this group is all about. :)13/27/2014 11:52 PMLA-HEEL
Part of a 19 year old jobber story12/25/2014 2:58 PMflexonyou
Bigger vs Smaller not the advantage42/25/2014 2:26 PMflexonyou
Strong vs Weak Fantasy152/05/2014 12:22 PMEiergeiler
Wrestle a dwarf111/29/2013 7:33 PMgpjobber
Any young small heels211/08/2013 8:39 PMARMAN
anyone interested in fighting a skinny 65kg guy?211/07/2013 11:13 AMARMAN
use me fore fun big guy39/15/2013 3:10 AMwressinglet
me vs lighter weight29/07/2013 3:40 PMeager-fighter
San Francisco, CA38/13/2013 12:31 AMLuchadorSFO
Algún gigante para lucha?13/19/2013 6:09 PMKMFlucha
Amazon wrestlers63/17/2013 10:28 PMmeshwesh
Who destroyed YOU?23/17/2013 12:14 PMmeshwesh
full clothing weak man612/07/2012 9:56 PMwrestlerspig
Huge vs. small210/24/2012 7:05 PMjurandi
Little destroys big28/13/2012 4:03 AMgreekwrestler
Platform divers wouldn't be the best baby face jobbers? Of course they would!18/03/2012 9:51 AMla heel
UK Big Heal Wanted25/27/2012 4:40 PMbristolbigtel
330lbs 6.346/09/2011 12:43 AMWillardo