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Time Torture (2) (3)

jobberboiforheel (0) 6 days ago

Sounds like great punishment and humiliation for a jobber


wristlock (14) 8/24/2012 7:42 PM

what a great idea would really like to give this a try, it does sound good fun Please log in to view gallery photos.


BearhugAddict (3) 3/13/2011 12:38 PM

Time Torture (2)

The applier makes a list of around half a dozen of their favourite holds, arranging them in whatever order they choose.

The applier puts the victim in the first hold on the list, and keeps them in it for a set time (in this example, five minutes). A third person acting as timekeeper or a clearly visible clock is important, time plays an important part and must be exact. The victim is not allowed to attempt to escape the hold but must try to resist submitting until the time runs out.

If they do not submit, then they are placed in the next hold on the list for the same amount of time, and the hold they just endured is re-added at the end of the list.

If they do submit, they are placed in hold #2 on the list, but for double the set time (10 minutes here), and the hold they submitted in is crossed off the list.

Should they submit in this new hold before the (now extended) time, it is removed from the list and the victim must endure triple the time (15 minutes) of hold #3.

Submitting in this results in a 4xtime limit of hold #4 and so on until they are in the last hold on the list. Each time the duration increases by the same amount. (5 minutes is being used in this example, but it can be any increment you desire)

So each time the victim endures a hold, the duration remains the same and the hold is re-added to the end of the list. Each time they submit, the duration is increased but the hold they were in is removed from the list

Should the victim submit in the final hold, it is really up to the applier's discretion how to punish them for their lack of stamina. One possibility is that the submission is ignored and the victim has no choice but to wait out the hold for the full time limit. To be fair, the applier should maintain the level of intensity of the hold for the duration and make no further attempts to gain submission from the victim.

Another option would be for the applier to start over from the beginning of the list and apply the first hold for 5 minutes again. This is not as merciful as it seems, for although the time is reduced the victim is already seriously weakened by this stage and even just five minutes can seem an awfully long time! Of course, if the victim keeps submitting this has the potential of cycling endlessly.........