Weekend in New York any boxers

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Rocket (2 bronze) 2/12/2018 7:24 AM

Any one attending this weekend wrestlefest.. I am a boxer but I still respect the wrestle and the men involved. It is just combat. We just have a different approach but we are doing everything we need to complete our own circle or people. We are going to have success in our lives if we share our experience.
I have never wrestled in any other way than playing the backyard. I have never boxed. But I know how beautiful both spots are. They are very much the same.
I hope to learn to wrestle and to box. I think I could be a good all around fighter. I know a couple and the are generally bright and open minded. I hate is my in their vocabulary.
So I box or want to learn and I have never wrestled. But I should learn from them both. I am not so sure I am a knowledgeable person to say I am a masochist or your are a sadist. Either one that you are we need each other for a complete circle...one masochist is not good ibe sadist is alone... You can help keeping both sides come together and we are better for each of the parts.
Want I am trying to say is judgment is not part of my world. I thank you for the information and I will get time to fight with many of you this weekend.. I am not sure how we will recognize each other but I will he obviously a boxer in the room. I have no idea what to say about the problem or knowing who is who.
I am so ready to go into battle m