Open Wrestle 4 Manchester 7 Aug 10

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MancsMonkey (0) 8/08/2010 2:13 AM

Cheers fellas who attended the event. Another great event and I think with about 27 guys there at the highest point. Different styles etc represented.

Thanks especially to Phil for organising and to all for the friendliness, practical support and the absolute bloody trashing I got from The Robster (England), Physical (brill teachers these guys), Rick Royal, Shocky, Boine, Kewrestle who, like Grevious Angel, was a bit of a gem - can take a gut punch those lads and both could have had me for breakfast dead easy. Sorry to the guys that I wanted to wrestle or asked for a wrestle but didn't manage to connect with like Woodie, Grappelian, (Dick) Turpin, Hans, Mattworker, Andy (Pandy), Chesterbloke and sorry if I didn't mention anyone.

The moral of ths story is that this is an awesome event with a real sound bunch of very different blokes who it is easy to feel at home with. And they put up with a novice like me.