I am attending the wrestle fest in Taunton Massachusetts this summer.

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Rocket (2 platinum) 4/17/2018 3:27 PM

If you are attending the event this summer in Taunton Massachusetts I would like to meet others boxers. Always have a need
To throw a punch or two on each other. I could even fight with you if it works towards the ultimate ending.
I am going there because it is near my birthday and I need to make sure I know who is around and expecting a fight.
I have little to no experience but I must change this. I so need to feel the leather hitting my body. I don't care where just make it happen. It hurts but we are fighters and should expect it.
I am having trouble finding men who like to box. Wrestling is great but I think the raw power of fist to body is direct needs no discussion. I am a fighter and probably will loose a few but I am here to learn and that involves fighting a combat sport. That is the reason why I am going for it
I have been looking for exotic sexual activities and boxing in every way is my favorite. I have been injured and took way too long to make contact with fighting men. I was in the hospital for almost two years and just as I was starting to get involved I was taken away. I need you to know that I will fight back and I hope to land a hit on you. But I am aware of my situation and accept what is happening. I have no problem hurting.