How important is gear and attire to you in a pro setting?

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Spruceman (64 platinum) 1/07/2018 5:03 AM

While attire is an integral part of pro, my big concern is finding guys willing to help get me started in pro. All kinds of guys locally into pro; but I can't hook up with them – either no reply to query, not interested, too old, not big enough. Pro guys here in the Wash DC area seem to be a closed group.


Johnny Lovetrain (0 bronze) 1/07/2018 1:50 AM

I feel like it’s safe to assume that for many of us on here, especially those of us that are into pro style wrestling, gear and attire is a really big turn on. I know that for as long as I have had my many pro wrestling based fantasies and fetishes, gear and attire has always been one of the details that I obsess over the most. In my head I’ve spent so much time thinking up and designing numerous different pieces of wrestling gear and outfit combinations that I would want to sport in the ring. It gets me so excited going over every little detail of my different outfit designs, including the fit, the colors, the logos/designs, the material, and anything else you could imagine. As of late I’ve decided to take the next step in bringing some of my fantasies to life by going ahead custom ordering some of the pieces I’ve created. I’m hoping to make my first order very soon. The question that I really wanted to ask some of you other pro fans, however, is how much thought do you all put into the gear you wear either in your private fantasies or in your real life matches? Is gear something that really adds to the excitement in a match or scenario for you like it does for me? If so, I’d really love to hear any feedback or advice you might have on this topic. I was also thinking of sharing some of my design ideas that I was thinking of having made, so I’d love it if anyone else wished to share the different gear that they’ve put together, or even just ideas that they’ve had for attire that they think would look great in the ring. Here it goes………

(I should probably mention that anyone interested in this topic may want to read my profile to get good idea of the character I’d like to portray in the ring and the types of matches and scenarios that I imagine when coming up with all these designs. May help you better picture the gear I’m describing. I should also mention that along with designing gear for myself, I also love thinking of what kind of sexy outfit my sexy female valet might be wearing when she walks me to the ring in my gear.)

Outfit 1: Pink/White (Her Personal Ken Doll)
Bright Pink Trunks (made out of shiny metallic spandex) with “LOVETRAIN” written across the backside in bold white sparkly lettering, and a picture of white female lips printed right on the crotch region in the front.

Bright Pink Kneepads (Made to match the trunks)

Shiny white leather wrestling boots that come up to the middle of the calf.

White leather jacket to be worn during the walk to the ring.

Valet/Manager Outfit: A very short pink dress that shows off much of the girl’s body, and some very sexy black high heels