Help finding a specific story?

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TBLHockeyGeek (21 gold) 2/08/2019 6:01 AM

I think that story is on bearhuggers.


bigchicago (72) 2/09/2019 5:42 AM

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Link or title?


bigchicago (72) 2/03/2019 5:17 PM

I remember 5-10 years ago I read a story, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. I was hoping you all could help me out.

What I remember was it was about a rich guy who flew out somebody to wrestle him. They wrestled nhb in a ring. I remember at the start they signed a contract, and the rich guy hid the pen in his trunks as a weapon. He then used every dirty tactic in the book and destroyed his opponent. He then drove him to the ER in his limo, and he dumped him on the ground outside the doors before speeding off. It was fairly brutal and had pletny of cbt in it.

Anybody remember this story and can maybe help me find it?