Fighting Events - Thunderdome VII - July 12-15

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Event Summary

  • Rocket: Does anyman 'need a ride to the event. I will be driving on 95 South. 495 is welcome
  • beaugeste: making this a wrestling road trip. Driving up through Virginia and back via Ohio.
  • Kolter: Kolter. Hello, if somebody need a lift, I will be travelling from New Brunswick,Canada, to Lakeville
  • Kolter: Kolter: If you need a lift from New Brunswick, Canada, to Lakeville
  • BearTamer: 50/50 chance I can make it on time due to a work trip. Will give a final RSVP two weeks beforehand.
Date: 7/12/2019 1:00 PM
(Friday, in 46 days)
Deadline to apply: 7/12/2019
(Friday, in 46 days)
Number of participants: 46 people
State: Awaiting applicants
Event location: 161 County Street, Lakeville, Plymouth County, Massachusetts (MA), (02347), United States USA - Massachusetts

The are no required fees to attend.
However, contributions to help cover the cost of the event are encouraged, and the gifts of food and drink are deeply appreciated.

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Thunderdome VII - July 12-15

Event Description

July 12 - July 15. Four days of wrestling and fun in the sun. Be there.

Now going into its seventh year, Thunderdome rumbles on. Last summer's Thunderdome VI was amazing; this one should be even more so.

Open mat format - no need to schedule your matches in advance, but feel free to if you want. All kinds of wrestling styles: sub, pro, promission, subs with strikes, oil, erotic, boxing, even yagi gures (Turkish Oil on the grass). Wrestling venues include, but are not limited to: indoor mats (14x12, 10x10), outdoor (grass and additional mats under tent), and pool. Also, if anyone wants to bring a pro ring that we can set up outside, go for it.

Limited bed space available on a first come, first served basis. Also, unlimited tent camping space on grounds (which is what most of last year's attendees did). And, if you prefer, a list of local hotels will be provided upon request.

Come for a day. Come for two. Come for the whole event. Come for the fun. Sign up here to indicate interest, but please also contact AverageJoe at to confirm interest. Additional details also available at This will be a blast, all over again. So let's rumble.

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