Fighting Events - July 2019 Wrestlefest

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Event Summary

Date: 7/25/2019 3:00 PM
(Thursday, in 3 days)
Deadline to apply: 7/24/2019
(Wednesday, day after tomorrow)
Number of participants: 22 people
State: Awaiting applicants
Event location: 1545 Wayne Avenue, Indiana, Indiana County, Pennsylvania, 15701, USA USA - Pennsylvania

There are no fees of any kind to enter, participate in, and socialize with the other attendees at any Wrestlefest. All suppers are eaten out as a group.

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July 2019 Wrestlefest

Event Description

All levels of wrestling, boxing, and other forms of struggling can be found at Wrestlefests. Mats are in the living room (public matches) and the garage (public and private matches). When looking for the roster, make sure to check the OFFICIAL roster:

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