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Event Summary

  • mainewrestlingchub: Sadly I’m not going to be able to attend. Have run into some car problems that are going to cost too much and eat up all my vacation spending money.
  • mainewrestlingchub: For all that I had matches scheduled with I truly apologize for having to cancel but no mon no fun!!!☹️
Date: 4/25/2019 12:00 PM
Deadline to apply: (not set yet)
Number of participants: 18 people
State: Event completed
Event location: 1545 Wayne Ave., Indiana, PA 15701 USA - Pennsylvania

There are no fees of any kind to attend, partipate in, and socialize with others at the April, 2019 Wrestlefest. Always check the official roster for accuracy.

April, 2019 Wrestlefest

Event Description

Mats are found in the living room for any style of public fighting, while the mats in the garage are for anything. Some wrestlers use their motel rooms, too. All participants are expected to eat their suppers together as a group–it builds camaraderie. The official roster can be found at .

Comments (4)

Akrob (109 platinum) 4/26/2019 5:42 AM

I have attended Wrestlefest since 2006. It says a lot that I am such a loyal repeat customer. It also has helped me reach the magic 100 past opponents by attending so many. I recommend this event more than any other I have attended.


Bikerguy516 (39 platinum) 29 days ago

Excellent as always. A lot of great guys and fun fighting throughout, whatever your skill level. This has been my 4th or 5th Wrestlefest and always a good time.


Solomon 79 (34 platinum) 28 days ago

This was my first time attending the Wrestlefest event in PA and I had a blast! I attended the fest in NYC which was also a lot of fun but the fest in PA was much more intimate and a felt a stronger sense of comradery.
At NYC, I had to make my own connections ahead of time and schedule appropriately - this was a great way to meet new people.
In PA, most of the festers congregated at brawl_mart's house where he had a great mat setup in his living room as well as a more private mat setup in the garage. Festers in PA were also welcome to setup their own matches in local hotels. I admit that I was apprehensive at first about wrestling in an open space with others watching and had anticipated using the private area for most of my matches, but after spending time with the guys and getting to know them and their diverse stories, I found the barriers I had put up had come down and most of my matches were in the living room.
I had let the guys know that I had only started wrestling since Nov so they were very helpful and coached me and I learned very useful techniques and tips. I personally want to thank Wreslg, Scottilla and Gucci Steve for sharing their techniques with me. I learned a lot more about wrestling from this trip! I also want to clarify that any erotic matches I had were held in private and not in a public setting.
For anyone curious about attending these events, I highly recommend trying the PA events. Heck, I came all the way from Winnipeg, MB Canada to Indiana, PA - why? What the heck is there to do in Indiana, PA? Well, I'll tell you - you can meet and be part of a strong community of safe and sane fighters and build lasting friendships.
Thank you brawl_mart and vocaljock for opening up your home and putting together a great event! I look forward to coming again in July and seeing the guys and hopefully meeting new ones! ☺️


PJ099 (3) 25 days ago

Been going for about 5 years. Always have fun and have met and wrestled a lot of great guys. Got 1 match in this time and got sick so couldn't wrestle as much as I wanted to but I got to see old friends.


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