Fighting Events - Oiled 3 - Manchesters Erotic Wrestling Event !

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Event Summary

  • ShockR: Sorry, recent fracture of my Fibula
  • Sam London: Anyone driving up from London area ? I'm happy to pay for petrol if you have the car
  • greekwrestler: I am sorry had an unexpected death of family member and I cancelled , I hope next time
  • walsallgoodguy: Will definitely come to your event next year
Date: 11/25/2018 3:30 PM
Deadline to apply: 11/24/2018
Number of participants: 29 people
State: Event completed
Event location: Pollard Street East, Manchester, Greater Manchester, North West England, England, (M11), United Kingdom United Kingdom

Entry is 10 Pounds per person to cover hire costs. But this includes the messy stuff and free non alcoholic drinks.

Oiled 3 - Manchesters Erotic Wrestling Event !

Event Description

Oiled 3 will be held at the Wrestling Factory in Manchester.

The previous two events have been great fun and this one will be no exception. Totally nude, totally fun undress to join in, Don't be shy!
There will be the foam and oil wrestling pits to have fun in along with the rest of the premises to have fun.

**PLEASE only sign up if you can come**

Location is: The Wrestling Factory (Pippa's) Unit 28 Wellington House Pollard Street East Manchester M40 7FS United Kingdom

For those who sign up more details will be provided nearer the time.

First time wrestlers especially welcome along with those with experience. This will be a adults only event, so no one under 16 please.

Any further questions please contact us.

See you there :)

Comments (14)

scotsgrappler (141 platinum) 11/26/2018 5:24 AM

Well organised and friendly event. Hats off to folk who take the kind trouble to arrange these meets.


Tag Team (23 platinum) 11/26/2018 2:49 PM

(In reply to this)

Thank you for coming and travelling the distance you did. Glad you enjoyed it and hope to see you at our next one 😊👍🏻


resl4top (45 platinum) 11/26/2018 9:13 AM

This was my first such event and I could not have enjoyed it more. Everyone went out of their way to make new guys feel welcome. The facilities are excellent and it was well attended, so loads of people to wrestle. The organisers did a great job and I will definitely go again.


Tag Team (23 platinum) 11/26/2018 2:51 PM

(In reply to this)

You're more than welcome and was great to meet you. Glad you had a good time and managed to get round all the areas. Hope to see you at that next event 👍🏻😊


Transatlantic (31) 11/26/2018 9:51 AM

Despite feeling a little edgy my initial wariness soon dissipated. It was a warm and welcoming environment with efforts made to ensure that no one was left out and found an opponent. Thank you for putting in the immense hard work to create this as Im sure it requires much planning and care. Would love to join again. Would be fun to add an element of a mini oil wrestling tournament if people are game? Oh I forgot to bring a towel so it was great that paper towels and towels were on hand. Really appreciated the refreshments on offer! Was more than happy to help as part of the clean up operation. Top marks for fun, planning and creating a friendly, safe and welcoming environment.


Tag Team (23 platinum) 11/26/2018 2:55 PM

(In reply to this)

Really pleased you came and enjoyed the event. People are sometimes nervous when attending but soon get into the spirit of things once they arrive. Really happy you felt relaxed and will have a look at your suggestion for a oil battle tournament! Hope to see you at the next one 👍🏻😊


Grapplerlad (31) 11/26/2018 10:17 AM

What a friendly welcoming warm sociable event this is. My second time to this event and enjoyed as much as the first. Thank you Tag Team for organising another all included and open event. The open door policy at the event makes sure everyone is included and welcomed and Tag Team do a fantastic job of kitting the event out so everything is provided, towels facilities drinks ECT.
To everyone on the list above that failed to let the organisers know you weren't coming, it's couresty and respect to have the decency to do so. You wouldn't want the same disrespect to happen to you.


Tag Team (23 platinum) 11/26/2018 3:00 PM

(In reply to this)

Once again a big thanks for attending and helping set up and run the event mate. Thanks for your support re non attendance, as it does cause issues with planning and resources! However, those that turned up all had a great time and you were part of that ! Thanks for your support and see you on the next one. 😊👍🏻


Glasgow (51) 11/26/2018 3:22 PM

Well done Tag Team and thank you. A lot of work and consideration to set up, and costly for you. Charge us more to cover your costs... Or ask folk to bring stuff to spread the cost!
Everyone aims to make it a welcoming atmosphere.
Agree it is bad form for guys not to clarify if they will definitely attend or not. Rude.


latestarter (57 gold) 11/26/2018 10:41 PM

Can't really add to what has already been said. Huge thanks to tagteam for the time and effort put into organising this (and previous) events. It's their planning and organisation that ensures that these sessions are so open, friendly and inclusive. To the unlucky 13 who chose not to show up - you don't know what you missed and its thoughtlessness like this that could make some folk decide not to organise events again. Pity there is no easy way to name and shame (especially the serial no shows!!).I hope that tagteam are encouraged enough by the thanks and praise on here (and on the day) to do it again. Cheers guys, Brian


RugbyBear (11) 11/27/2018 11:37 AM

This event is awesome . I've been to all three and it gets better every time. Loads of grunt and groan in foam, oil and on dry mats. Friendly supportive crew and a ton of slippery fun to be had by all. Can't wait for the next one.


Wresslefun (12) 11/27/2018 12:04 PM

Thank you for organising such a great event.Everyone was friendly and sociable.Great opportunity to meet other like-minded guys.Hope such an event is repeated.I'll definitely be there and recommend it to others too.


Geekcub (6 bronze) 11/27/2018 12:42 PM

Had a great time. Really looking forward to the next one!


felllad (1 silver) 11/27/2018 7:49 PM

I never been to anything like this before and not really done any wrestling so was a little nervous , but what a great event very friendly guys tried some new stuff and though lot to learn had great time thanks Tag Team for the very well organised event hope i can make it more in the future


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