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Event Summary

July Wrestlefest

Event Description

The July Wrestlefest, like all Wrestlefests here, has mats in the living room and the garage. Typical attendance is 20+ wrestlers/boxers of all ages and skill levels. There are loads of beverages and junk food in the house. Suppers are eaten out as a group.

Comments (5)

lance jeffers (108) 19 days ago

Having a great time. 2 matches and its only the first day.


Brown Bomber (137 platinum) 17 days ago

Good as always


wreslbear (72) 17 days ago

Another great Wrestlefest! Wrestled 10 or more guys.


JHK49 (28 bronze) 17 days ago

Wrestlefest was great as always. Thanks to Brawl mart for putting it all together, and to all the great guys who came.


Jobberbear (19 silver) 14 days ago

Always a good time for all


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