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Event Summary

Organizer: brawl mart
Not attending:
    Date: 4/20/2018 3:30 PM
    (Friday, in 57 days)
    Deadline to apply: (not set yet)
    Number of participants: 12 people
    State: Awaiting applicants
    Event location: Indiana USA - Pennsylvania

    There is no entry fee.
    There is no mandatory food and drink consumption.
    There are no extra fees for mat time.
    There are no extra fees for wrestling specific individuals.

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    April Wrestlefest

    Event Description

    The April Wrestlefest will be Friday to Monday this year. Mats are in the living room and the garage, but some guys may use their motel rooms, too. Generally 20+ wrestlers and boxers attend each Fest. All the guys eat their suppers out as a group, and many of them eat their breakfasts out together, too. Loads of junk food and beverages are available in the house. If you sign up to attend, you MAY cancel just by contacting me. I will add you to the official website for the April Wrestlefest, too. We have all ages, sizes, and skill levels.

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