Fighting Events - April Grapevine Group Wrestling Day - Manchester UK

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Event Summary

Organizer: matworker
Not attending:
  • Steeleyes: Holiday in Brighton
  • TRexHB: like to do a tagteam in ringside until TKO
  • TRexHB: Like to Play BAD German GUY
  • TRexGERmany: Want tagteam and Play German Bad brawling
  • TRexGERmany: Sorry ..Cant come..Must work..See You 12th may...ultimativ!!
  • Merseywrestle: May not get there till 2-2.30 so save me a wrestle guys.
  • THEIRONMAN: hi mate imavailable too for a tag team
  • Vanman: I'm away on holiday.
  • YoungScot: Won't be there until pretty late on I'm afraid!
  • northstaffs pitbull terrior: ... Who wants to battle me!!!
  • northstaffs pitbull terrior: Who wants to battle me on the 7th?
  • walsallgoodguy: Love ring action,but I'll take on anyone on mats too
  • Vanman: Will need to be away by about 4pm.
  • andy: There is a football match at the etihad kick off 5.30pm its the manchester derby.
  • Vanman: Trams may be busy but not at the times we will be getting there.
  • dermott wigan1: Sorry forgot I was away in Barcelona for rugby 😊
  • Vanman: Come on you Catalan
  • Crumpy141: Sorry guys. With that many attending it will be just too busy for me. Have fun everyone :)
  • Vanman: It's a good day for wrestling guys. See you later.
  • Manic Mike: Is there anyone who can pick me up from Piccadilly station? I get in at 11:45
Date: 4/07/2018 12:00 PM
Deadline to apply: 4/07/2018
Number of participants: 41 people
State: Event completed
Event location: The Wrestling Factory] (Pippa's) Unit 28, Wellington House, Pollard Street East, Manchester. M40 7FS United Kingdom
  • Entry fee £10 Per Person to cover venue hire
  • Buffet type food and drinks will be provided
  • No extra fees for ring/mat time
  • No extra fees for wrestling specific individuals

The event caters for all styles of matches.
Apart from the Pro wrestling ring in the main area, there are 3 private matted rooms.
We will have a 20 minute booking system for the private areas.

The venue has Kitchen, Toilet & Shower facilities.
See here for full venue details.

April Grapevine Group Wrestling Day - Manchester UK

Event Description

The 'GRAPEVINE' was the UK'S No1 men’s wrestling newsletter.
The first issue was printed in April 1998. The last issue No 42 was printed in July 2008.

As a part of the newsletter it's members were invited to regular Wrestling meets.
These events continue and this is an open invitation to join us.
We are a non profit making wrestling group.

The events cater for all styles of wrestling etc.
Apart from the Pro wrestling ring in the main area, there are 3 private matted rooms.
We will have a 20 minute booking system for these.

I will be at Piccadilly Station from 11-11.30, near Costa Coffee at Platform 12, if anyone wants to meet up there and go to the venue together.

Some of us will be going for a meal afterwards and you are welcome to go along with us.

Time: 12pm to 5pm

Cost £10 per person to cover venue hire

Venue: The Wrestling Factory (Pippa's) Unit 28, Wellington House, Pollard Street East, Manchester. M40 7FS

Directions: Use above address and postcode to find driving directions on sat nav etc.

Approximately 4 Mins drive / Taxi from Manchester city centre. Parking is available within the complex subject to availability or you can park on the side-streets.

METROLINK direct from Piccadilly Station. 2 minute walk to the Wrestling Factory.
Get off at The Holt Town Stop. Approximately £3 return fare.

Please see the pictorial guide from Holt Town Tram Station and the Main Entrance.

As you approach Wellington House, enter through the large iron gates. Go down to the second archway on the left, turn left. The Wrestling Factory is at the bottom left hand corner, Unit 28 - up the stairs 2nd floor

Comments (9)

Grapplerlad (21 bronze) 15 days ago

Fantastic day. Good chance to meet other wrestlers and get to network.
Me and Dare were on list to get pvt maroom at 3.10 pm but when the list was changed we were taken off the list so we didn't get a chance to grapple.
That was the only thing. Apart from that I loved it and I love the group events.
Thank you boys


DARE68 (20 gold) 13 days ago

(In reply to this)

Yeah, we were well miffed. Nevermind, at least I got to meet ya & will roll soon I hope


secondsout (75 platinum) 15 days ago

Great afternoon, providing the opportunity to meet and roll with some excellent grapplers. Thanks John for stepping in to manage the day...much appreciated


mikeswuk (223 platinum) 15 days ago

Excellent day. Thanks for organising it


DenverWrestler (622 platinum) 15 days ago

well attended, by a very nice group of guys. great variety of skills, wrestling styles, and experience, (and some very hot guys! LOL) so something for everyone!


DARE68 (20 gold) 13 days ago

My very first group meet - loved it!

Thank you to all you brilliant northerners for making this Essex boy so welcome. Hope to be back soon.



Mat74 (72 platinum) 12 days ago

What a concentration of amazing fighters! All especially concentrated in only one place. I had never seen something like this before. Thanks to all who took part to this fantastic meeting. See you again in Manchester!


walsallgoodguy (68 platinum) 10 days ago

Had great day,had 9 grueling matches most in ring,great guys there,shame I missed my match with dare,next time a must, Ripper Roger


Squashlad (237 platinum) 9 days ago

Possibly the busiest meet I've ever been to, which is fantastic—so many keen guys wanting to hit the mats and get into the ring. The only downside was that I missed out on wrestling far too many good guys, friends old and new! Many thanks to John for stepping in to manage it for us all: a job well done mate.


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