Just wanted to send this out to guys who think that us older guys aren't in good shape to take on the younger so called studs. Guys, let me tell you that, no matter what the age us guys are weather in our 20's 30's on up to 80 we are always ready to take you on. I have taken on guys who are much younger then I am, and I must say we both had a great time. It doesn't matter if you are a young stud and afraid that those of us are much older and may inflect painful holds, the fact is, whenever I meet up with another guy, younger or older, we always agree that it will be a fun safe respectable good time, and leave as friends. So, you guys out there who are afraid that us older guys are out here won't give you a good match, think again, as we are all in this sport as equal and here to have a great time.

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LuckyLarryLoser (44 gold) 6/01/2018 1:10 AM

I’ve wrestled this man many times. Great body. Great person. Better pecs and stomach then many men half his age. Don’t miss a chance to meet him if given the chance.
Love those pecs and his head locks.


Kusthipatu (3 ) 6/01/2018 3:18 AM

All are not same. Each one differ. There are some guys like me who likes to wrestle olderguys. Also i am sure there are many young guys who likes to wrestle older guys.


Merseywrestle (69 platinum) 6/01/2018 6:35 AM

Age should never be a barrier, though I respect the preferences some guys have of wrestling particular ages. Like an old saying goes it should not be about " the size of the dog but the size of the fight within the dog".


Ironbull (106 platinum) 6/01/2018 6:08 PM

Yeah! Round of applause.

Only one way to prove it.


Spruceman (64 platinum) 6/25/2018 12:25 AM

Another thumbs up to you. I have been told so many times that probably many won't take on older guys is fear that if they got "whipped" and their friends found out, they could never live it down. Don't know the validity of that hypothesis, but seems plausible. I have been asked a few times by guys young enough to be grandsons, not to even post even having had the match, let alone the result itself. Have to wonder if the thumbs down were guys who had to tap out to old guys