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Wrestling by all means is the greatest sport for any guy. Throughout history this sport has been around for centuries a lot more then any other sport today. From the Greeks and Romans the competition of two men brought many spectators to see who the triumphant one would be. Wrestling is a sport where men can get together one on one, and don't have to worry about joining any kind of team, but, can pick and choose whomever he wants to take on. In this competition he doesn't have to worry about being side lined or being moved to another position because the team doesn't think that he is good enough. The guys on this site, I'm sure, win or lose, we all respect each other, and no matter whatever the outcome is, we always leave our matches as friends. I don't think there is any other sport around that many guys can say that. I want to thank all the guys I've met in the past for showing me some great moves and look forward to meeting many others in the years to come.

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Just wanted to send this out to guys who think that us older guys aren't in good shape to take on the younger so called studs. Guys, let me tell you that, no matter what the age us guys are weather in our 20's 30's on up to 80 we are always ready to take you on. I have taken on guys who are much younger then I am, and I must say we both had a great time. It doesn't matter if you are a young stud and afraid that those of us are much older and may inflect painful holds, the fact is, whenever I meet up with another guy, younger or older, we always agree that it will be a fun safe respectable good time, and leave as friends. So, you guys out there who are afraid that us older guys are out here won't give you a good match, think again, as we are all in this sport as equal and here to have a great time.

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Nothing like two guys showing their strength muscle wrestling. Some guys think that they don't have what it takes to wrestle other guys, however, it's not really the muscles that count, it's the thrill of two men giving it their all. Of course muscles do have an advantage, esp. when the other guy is muscular, but I just want to tell these other guys who don't think they have the muscles to take on a bigger guy, think again, it's the pure pleasure of hot sweaty action and respecting the other guy for hours of pure fun and enjoyment.

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Awhile back someone recommended this site to me to give it a try. I had been on a previous site globalfight, and was very disappointed of the way their site operated. I was a little reluctant to give this a try, but, really glad I did. I've met a lot of great guys on here, guys who are respectable and always show up when we schedule a match. Of course there are some that don't but you always have that no matter what site you are on. I give the guys who run this site a great THANK YOU for coming up with it. I recommended this site to a lot of guys and they are glad that I did.

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