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Country Boy vs Karl Weber

Rowdy Armstrong inspired me to write a wrestling story, so here's what I came up with:

It's been four weeks since Wes "The Country Boy" Camry won the KWF Intercontinental title, and in that time it's felt like everyone wants a piece of him. Everyone wanted to show they could take down the good ol' boy himself.
Tonight was no different a he found himself booked against Former Intercontinental champion Karl Weber. Wes had faced Karl before becoming champion and had barely come out on top, barely avoiding some of Karl's more... unorthodox tactics in the ring as well.
Tonight Karl was going to have another shot to get the title back and another chance to see if he could make Wes succumb in front of the crowd in ways he never had to another opponent.
The announcer stood in the center of the ring, wearing his black tuxedo, holding his microphone.
"The following is a on fall wrestling match, for the Kentucky Wrestling Federation Intercontinental Championship! Entering first, from Berlin, Germany, standing 6 feet tall, weighing 200 lbs, the European Ideal, KARL WEBER!"
"Warped Mind" by Dominic Glynn begins to blare over the speakers as the crowd boos, from the back steps Karl Weber. Wearing only a red, tight, lycra speedo, showing ever inch of his buldge. His size 11 feet bare, he smirks. He's oiled up but pale, his blonde hair styled in spikes on top of his head. Covering his hot, muscled arms and back is a black leather jacket, his pecs and six pack visible to the crowd as he dances towards the ring, being sure to gyrate his hips and crotch for the crowd.
Karl's look was a bit like Ivan Drago if Ivan hadn't been pumped full of steroids. Sculpted but not a monster, tall but not a giant. He slides between the ropes and into the ring, climbing the ropes and dragging his hands along his own body to show off for the crowd, before throwing his head back and dropping the jacket from his shoulder, holding it up by his biceps for a moment as he continues to dance on the middle ropes as the crowd boos. As he dances, breathing heavily, his head thrown back, his buldge grows a bit in his speedo.
"Getting it ready for your champion" he hisses out in his thick, German accent, before sliding his right index finger slowly up the shaft barely concealed by his speedo.
The crowd's boos began to die down with Karl's music as the announcer spoke once more.
"And introducing his opponent, standing 5'8" and weighing in at 140 lbs, he's the current KWF Intercontinental Champion, accompanied by Miss Maribelle, please welcome Wes 'The Country Boy' Camry!"
Stepping out from the back, wearing tight blue jeans with the IC title around his waist, his eyes covered by black sunglasses, his body tan and oiled. His hair black and wet as he bounces on the balls of his feet, pumped to wrestle in front of the crowd. At his side is Miss Maribelle, his valet and girlfriend. Clad in a long yellow dress that stops just below her bare feet, a silver crow sits atop her blonde hair. She's a few inches shorter than him at 5'6" and looks a bit like a local beauty contestant.
They make their way to the ring, climbing to the apron. Maribelle sits on the rope allowing Wes to slide through then climbs through after him. Unbuckling his championship belt she holds it up, showing it to the cheering crowd. The next step, normally, in their entrance would be for her to seductively remove his jeans revealing his red and blue speedo for the cheering crowd, but as she hands the belt off to the time keeper, and before the ref can signal the bell to start the match suddenly Karl Weber launches himself from the corner. The larger German wrestler slams his forearm into Wes's back, sending him down to all fours as the crowd boos.
The ref frantically signals the bell to start the match as Maribelle, nervous, exits the ring quickly to safety. The crowd booing the German as Wes pushes up from all fours to his knees. As he does, the German sends a hard kick to the small of Wes's back, the hit echoes through the arena as the crowd boos, the bell ringing to officially start the match with the champ in trouble already!
Country Boy's back is arched in pain as he screams out from the kick, his arms out wide as his shoulders go back. Karl grins to the crowd as they boo him, putting both arms under Country's armpits and lifting up, getting the smaller champ to his feet. He ducks his head under Wes's right arm and gives his ribs a kiss as he keeps his other hand on his opponent's ribs. His right hand going between Wes's legs, giving a squeeze as he lifts. Wes groans out, thankful for the barrier of denim that gives a little protection as his opponent lifts up.
Maribelle screams from outside the ring at Karl, calling him a cheater and a crook, slapping the ring apron along with the booing crowd. With that the big German drops back, landing both wrestlers on their back in a side suplex. Wes groans on the canvas, holding his neck and back in pain as Karl rolls to all fours and puts his chest on Wes's abs and chest, going for a pin, but the Country Boy has grabbed the bottom rope. The Ref pointing out that no pin can take place. The crowd cheering Country as he breaks the pin.
Karl pushes to his feet and places his foot on Wes's chest gyrating his hips, dancing over the champ as the crowd boos. Maribelle screaming at the ref to do something, but the ref doesn't have to interfere as the Country Boy grabs his opponent's foot and twists hard, sending Karl down to his butt on the canvas. Country then keeps rolling, still holding the ankle as he gets on his German opponent's back and begins to stretch the former champion out by continuing to pull his leg by the ankle.
Maribelle cheers, clapping with the crowd as they cheer on her man. Wes arches his back as he stretches Karl on the canvas, bending him by his leg as his free hand reaches out grasping the big German's chin, trying to pull them towards each other as Karl grits his teeth and claws at the canvas, his free foot kicking the canvas.
Wes grits his teeth trying to keep the hold on, but it's early and Karl has some size on the champ. Planting his hands on the canvas he starts pushing with his leg, the oil on their bodies causing Wes to slowly lose his grip. Knowing when to cut his losses, Wes rolls to the right, getting some distance as he releases the hold.
Wes uses his speed to get up quicker than his opponent. With Karl still on all fours, Country crouches, waiting, and as his opponent gets to all four the southern rassler takes off running, jumping and wrapping his head around Karl's head trying to slam him face down to the canvas to the cheers of the crowd.
The big German holds his face in pain, rolling to his back, kicking his feet as Wes stands back up. Maribelle is blowing a kiss to Wes as he runs to the ropes. Catching the kiss before grabbing the top rope with both hands, his feet bouncing off the bottom rope, launching him into the air as he spins his body aiming his abs for his opponent's abs and chest and....
The wind rushes out of the champ's body as Karl lifts his knees up, covering his own abs and catching Wes in his, Maribelle screaming from out side, covering her mouth in fear as the crowd boos. Wes falls to his back holding his abs in pain.
Karl rolls up to his knees, smirking to the crowd as he reaches down, and unsnaps the button to Wes's jeans. The crowd mostly booing, while a few cheer, wanting to see Wes in his usual speedos as Maribelle slaps the apron in frustration.
Karl pushes to his feet as he pulls the jeans from the country boy, leaving him in his red and blue speedos as he spills to the canvas on his belly, holding his abs. Karl holds the jeans up above his head like a trophy, before giving them a sniff and throwing them out of the ring.
Wes groans, pushing up to all fours, making his way towards the ropes as Maribelle claps and chants for him, but Karl is already on his feet. He steps forward and steps over Wes's back, straddling him, he reaches down, quickly, between Wes's legs and presses his fingers hard to the top of Wes's shaft before raking down hard, Some in the crowd, including Maribelle booing this tactic as Wes falls hard to the canvas, rolling to his back holding between his legs, screaming from the crotch rake.
Some in the crowd can't help but cheer as the lean muscleboy holds his crotch on the canvas as the big German looms over their hero. They hate his attitude, but have to admit he's attractive. Karl steps up to Wes as he lays on the canvas. Reaching down he grabs the country boy's ankles and lifts, looking like he's setting up a lowblow. He smirks as his thumbs massage the arch of the downed southerner. His bare foot lifts up and pushes Wes's hand from his crotch. The dazed wrestler groaning as his hands flop to the canvas.
Karl lifts his foot again and looks like he's going to drive it down into Wes's buldge but instead presses it down, rubbing and pumping, trying to get into the straight wrestler's head. Wes groans, rocking his head side to side. Karl laughs at his opponent. "Yes! I'll be the one to make you give in! You know you can't resist, admit who you are" the crowd is a mix of boos and cheers.
Karl's toes grip The Country Boy's waistband sliding the thin material down the southerner's shaft. The Country Boy struggles squirming beneath the sole. "SNAP OUT OF IT, WES!" shouts Maribelle! Wes's eyes open, he sucks in air, arching his back, before he reaches out for Karl's ankle, yanking hard as he twists, sending the big German hard to his back.
The big man lands hard, but he's still able to move faster. As Wes starts to sit up, the big German launches his sole towards Wes's face, sending the Country boy back to the canvas. Weber pushes to his feet.
Karl Weber reaches down, grabbing Wes by the hair, Maribelle screaming, slapping the apron trying to pump him back up. Wes's speedos are a bit low on him, showing the top of his crack and the top of his shaft as Karl grabs Country's head and tucks it between the big German's legs.
Karl trails his finger along Wes's back before trying to wrap his arms around the Country Boy's waist and lift him up. Trying to get Wes up on his shoulders for a power bomb position when suddenly the smaller, southern wrestler grabs the German's head with his left hand and begins throwing lefts down against Karl's forehead to daze him. Maribelle cheering him on at ringside as the German begins to stumble, falling back first against the corner buckle.
For his part, Wes stays on his opponent's shoulders in the corner, landing right handed fists against Karl's head to daze him, before wrapping his legs around Weber's head tight and throwing himself backwards, using the momentum to launch Karl from the corner and onto his back with a Frankensteiner as Wes rolls up to his knees nodding and smiling to the crowd as he adjusts his speedos and pushes up to his feet.
Wes goes into a crouch, tapping his bare foot on the ground his right hand resting on his right thigh, his left foot stretched out a little further as he watches his opponent. As Karl gets up to his feet Wes suddenly side steps launching himself forward as he lifts his left leg bringing it in and out and slapping his sole hard against the big German's chin for the Sweet Country Music!
Sweat and spit fly from Karl's face as he falls to his back, spread eagle on the canvas as the crowd goes wild. Wes runs forward and drops his knees to Karl's shoulders going for a school boy pin as the ref counts....
The crowd screaming with approval as the ref signals for the bell ending the match. Wes smiling, sore and having had a work out but victorious. He pushes to his bare feet and places his right foot dominantly on the face of the downed German before flexing to the crowd as they cheer him on, Maribelle entering the ring and holding his hand up victoriously, before kneeling in front of him and placing the belt around Wes's waist, giving the belt a seductive kiss to tease the crowd.

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brefootcountryboy vs boxerboy91

brefootcountryboy: : "Save a horse, ride a cowboy" begins to blare in this small gymnasium, the small crowd cheering me as I'm the home town favorite here. Wearing only jeans, and barefoot. Some grass stains on my feet. My girlfriend on my arm, wearing cut off jean shorts that really show off her legs, and a rebel flag bikini top. Smirking as I strut up to the ring, getting up to the ring apron, i flex my pecs and arms, before sliding through the ropes. Moving to my corner, stretching as I await my opponent. A slight sneer coming over my face, thinking of our first match the other night yt

boxerboy91: "Welcome to the Jungle" blares as I slowly walk my way down to the ring. Once again in my shorts and pulling off my shirt. I walk into the ring with a dark scowl on my face as I stretch and look across at you. My girlfriend in her short cloth shorts and super tight black tank top hangs onto me until I begin to stretch. None of my cockiness is present. Only a determination to destroy the guy across the ring shows in my face. Yt.

brefootcountryboy: : Daisy glares from the ring apron across at your girl as I stretch out in the corner. I start moving out of the corner as the bell rings, towards the center, crouching, my eyes never leaving you as I get closer, determined to take you down and get you back for the humiliation you caused. yt

boxerboy91: I come out of the corner in a crouch as I approach you growling as i get closer. "You're mine want some stakes?" I growl as I circle you feeling you out.

brefootcountryboy: : My eyes locked on yours, feigning a couple of slaps your direction, but pulling back. "What you got in mind, boy?" yt

boxerboy91: "Anything you want bitch." I put my hand on your shoulders for a grapple but wait for your answer before I tie into you. Yt.

brefootcountryboy: "Kiss my foot match, bitch." My hands on your shoulders, waiting for your response before a lock up. yt

boxerboy91: "You got it...let's do this!" I push against you in the grapple pushing you into the ropes Yt

brefootcountryboy: : Gritting my teeth as you push, but this time I'm not taking any chances, letting you push as hard as you can i go completely limp, I lift my bare feet up aiming them both for your abs and push off for a monkey toss over my and onto the canvas of the ring, as my girl and the crowd cheers me on. yt

boxerboy91: "AHHH". I shout as I collide with the canvas letting out a growl as I stand and rush you slamming my head into your stomach. yt

brefootcountryboy: : OOOOF! Stumbling back, the wind knocked out of me as you rush into me. Backpedalling fast moving towards the corner with you into me, I lift up both of my arms and bring them down hard for your back looking to bring you down with a double axe handle. yt

boxerboy91: "Ow!" I shout stumbling as you come down on my back. I grab your legs trying to throw you down and push harder into the turnbuckle with you. Yt

brefootcountryboy: : Stumbling a little as you pull my legs. Shaking my head and waving my arms, trying to keep my balance. Bringing my arms together again, I bring them forward going for a second axehandle. yt

boxerboy91: I feel myself buckle and fall from your axehandle, landing on my face and groaning. I attempt to stand but move slowly. yt

brefootcountryboy: : With the corner right there, the crowd cheering me on, I lean back, grabbing the top ropes, pulling my body upwards, I bring both of my knees up to my chest as you stand and lash out with both feet aimed for your face as you get up. yt

boxerboy91: "AHHH!!!" I whimper as you crash into my face and I crash to the mat clutching my head. "You're....dead...." I say breathing heavily. Yt.

brefootcountryboy: : As you taunt, I smirk, Daisy and the crowd cheering me on as I push out of the ropes. With you on the canvas, breathing heavily, holding your face, as I hear your threat, I drop forward to my knees, aiming both right for your abs. yt

boxerboy91: "Ooooff!!!" I whimper and groan knowing I have to act fast. I reach up and grab your hair yanking you down and slamming my head into your nose. Once, twice, then begin to try and buck you off. Yt.

brefootcountryboy: : UNGH! UNGH! UNGH! Seeing spots from the headbutts as I fall over to my back. Groaning in pain. My girl slapping the ring apron in frustration as the crowd boos you. yt

boxerboy91: I crawl over to you and straddle your chest. I lean down in a full body press using my forearm to try and choke you as I glare into your eyes, growling with frustration. Yt.

brefootcountryboy: : Gagging and choking. As the ref leans in for a pin with you on top of me, i grab the bottom rope, forcing a break of the pin. Gagging still as he warns you about the choke. yt

boxerboy91: I stand up smirking and going to the center of the ring waiting for you to restart. Yt

brefootcountryboy: : Pulling myself up, shaking my head, coughing, holding onto the ropes, as the crowd boos you for your dirty tactics. yt

boxerboy91: I ignore the crowd only staring at you as you stand. I give you time to recover and wave my hand at you in a "Come here gesture. "C'mon boy...let's finish it..." Yt

brefootcountryboy: : Shaking my head out, the crowd and my girl chanting my name as I cautiously move towards the center of the ring, my hands up in a defensive gesture. yt

boxerboy91: I look and blow a kiss to Sarah as I walk towards you again and interlock my fingers with yours, not yet applying pressure. "Having fun??" I ask. Yt

brefootcountryboy: : I half sneer at you as you taunt me. "Yeah... actually..." with my fingers locked in yours for a test of strenght, I lift my bare foot square at the waistband of your jeans. "I am." getting you back for the choke earlier with a cheap shot of my own. yt

boxerboy91: "AH!!" I shout and fall to my knees but clinging to you to bring you down with me. yt

brefootcountryboy: : Bent over but not taken all the way down, with you on your knees, I send a couple of more hard kicks aimed this time right for your navel. yt

boxerboy91: "Ompf!!!" I shout with every kick. I sit doubled over in pain almost wanting to give up. I crawl up on the ropes leaning and waiting on you Yt.

brefootcountryboy: : The crowd cheering my new found viciousness, smirking, Daisy cheering me on as I follow you as you crawl to the ropes. Leaning down to grip your hair. yt

boxerboy91: I feel your hand grip me and try to stop it in vain. Knowing I can't last too much longer. I choose to try and pull you down to bring the fight to the ground. Yt

brefootcountryboy: : feeling you pull me down, I extend my knee and let you bring me right down, knee first into your abs. Smirking as I still hold your hair in the ropes. "Why don't you just give up, Panther?" yt

boxerboy91: "Owwww!!!" I whimper. "Not gonna...happen..." I wrap my arms around you clinging for dear life attempting to grind my fists into you and deliver punches to your sides. Yt.

brefootcountryboy: : UNGH! the punch sends me straddling you in the ropes. Gritting my teeth still holding your hair, I try to send a punch of my own into your forehead. yt

boxerboy91: I feel your punch and the melee begins. I know it's coming as you straddle me and begin to trade blows with you punch for punch shouting as we go. Yt.

brefootcountryboy: : UNGH! Taking another shot, sending punches back and forth, starting to breathe heavier as your punches to my ribs start to knock the wind out of me. Trying to daze you enough to get out of this with my forehead shots. Daisy nervously cheering me on. yt

boxerboy91: I roll as much as possible to take the top as we have our grounded boxing match trying to roll around the canvas with you to take an advantage. Yt.

brefootcountryboy: : UNGH! Wind up on my back and we're out of the ropes, groaning, terrible angle for my forehead shots, I try for another one and miss, barely grazing your scalp, Dasiy screaming at me to get up and you off of me! yt

boxerboy91: I'm exhausted now and press myself down on you again this time taking you in a front headlock. "You're a good fighter boy..." Yt

brefootcountryboy: : Grunting, not really knowing what to say to your comment as you pull my head in tight for front headlock. Struggling, my palms hitting your sides hard trying to push you off of me as Daisy screams frustrated outside the ring, stopping her feet into the protective mats! yt

boxerboy91: Sarah cheers me on as I slowly punch you in the side with my free hand, grunting from your palm strikes. Yt.

brefootcountryboy: : My bare feet drumming the mat as I struggle, your punches and headlock draining me more as I continue to hit your sides with my palms. yt

boxerboy91: I feel your hits draining me...finally, I know my exhaustion has caught up. I let go and slam your head to the canvas and roll off you clutching my stomach. Yt.

brefootcountryboy: : Groaning, despite Daisy demands that I get up I'm rolling on my side, holding where you've punched, and holding my neck in pain. yt

boxerboy91: I get up to my knees slowly. Looking over at you in pain and feeling it myself. I move over and slowly put you in a schoolboy pin hoping like hell to end this now. Yt

brefootcountryboy: : Groaning, the ref slaps his hand down for one.... moving my bare feet on the canvas as Daisy screams at me...two... suddenly... Thrrr... i lift my shoulder groaning, breaking the pin at the last second. yt

boxerboy91: I fall off as you lift up. I'm exhausted...knowing that was my last chance. I roll trying to stand but can't seem to do it... Yt

brefootcountryboy: : Myself down on the canvas. Groaning. I start rolling towards the ropes, breathing heavily. yt

boxerboy91: I've almost given up, lying down in the ring, winded and drained...almost not in the world.

brefootcountryboy: : pulling myself up in the ropes, seeing you behind me. Smirking, I start moving towards the corner nearest you, holding my side in pain. yt

boxerboy91: I feel my desperation as I know what you're doing and that I'm powerless to stop it. I want to crawl away and simply can't.

brefootcountryboy: : Grabbing the top rope, i wince a little, holding my side, taking a deep breath I pull myself up, climbing up to the middle rope, and turning myself towards the middle of the ring. yt

boxerboy91: I grit my teeth and wait, bracing for what's coming next. Yt

brefootcountryboy: : Breathing heavily, I lift both hands and leap off, aiming my abs for yours, the crowd gasping as I jump, as is Daisy. yt

boxerboy91: I feel you impact with my abs and can't even scream. I just go wide eyed with shock and pain, and whimper slightly as I feel you hit in the worst pain of my life. Yt.

brefootcountryboy: : Rolling onto my back on the canvas, holding my own abs in pain, wincing, slamming my fist into the canvas, the crowd cheering me. Hoping i can find the strength to go for the pin, but trying to catch my breath from my own impact. yt

boxerboy91: I can only lie limply and wait for the pin. Knowing it's coming, I can't find any strength left to resist against it. Yt.

brefootcountryboy: : Holding my chest, I rise to my knees and crawl towards you. Dropping my chest down against your abs, I hook my free arm around your right leg and roll my back to your chest, hooking your leg for the pin... The ref moving into position. yt

boxerboy91: I lie in place. Struggling, eyes watering begging to myself to get out of the pin, seeing the ref's hand rise in the air. "No, damn it NO!" Yt brefootcountryboy: : Grinning down as I roll in tight keeping your leg pressed tight to my body to keep you locked in as the ref slaps the canvas....1... lifting his hand slamming it down again. yt

boxerboy91: "God! Aghhhh!!!" I know it's futile to resist now as the pain settles in and my exhaustion gets the best of me. I see the one count, then barely register the "two, three!!" Of the ref as I close my eyes in defeat, refusing to look at you.

brefootcountryboy: : laughing as I release your leg. The crowd booing as my girl cheers and claps for me, jumping up and down on the balls of her bare feet. Pushing up to my own feet, looking down at you. "Remember the stakes boy? Remember what you told me you'd do?" yt

boxerboy91: I groan as I remember our wager. "A deal's a deal..." I roll to my stomach and crawl over to you and begin to kiss your feet slowly. brefootcountryboy: : The crowd booing as Daisy rolls into the ring, clapping for me, as I place the sole of my free foot on the back of your head to really grind your face into my sweat covered foot. Flexing over you. Winking at your girl. yt boxerboy91: "Agh!!" I lie there humiliated as you grind my face down into the canvas...the wheels turning in my head as I begin to think "what now?" "Ok..ok you let me up..."

brefootcountryboy: : Daisy laughs and rolls you over with her foot and I place my sole down over your nose and mouth and grind it in, laughing. Pointing at Sarah and then flexing over you as I really want to humiliate you in front of this crowd. yt boxerboy91: I can hear Sarah's shouting over the crowd for me to get up and fight back. But she knows that a bet is a bet...I just lie there choking as you plant your foot on my face, finally just begging in my mind to be let up.

brefootcountryboy: : Daisy points at her toes then makes a kissy face at Sarah, really rubbing in the torture we're inflicting on you. I flex as I wipe my sweaty sole off on your face one last time then leap into the air attempting a leg drop across your chest. yt

boxerboy91: I take the crash and scream "AGHHH!!" Then I gather my breath and look across at Sarah beckoning her to the ring. She crosses over and we all stare each other down... "I have...a bet...for you..." I say with my short pained voice.

brefootcountryboy: : Smirking in the stand off. The crowd booing me as I hold Daisy back to keep her from just attacking Sarah. "Tell us, footboy."

boxerboy91: I smile and roll to my hands and knees. "The four of us...we take a little time to recover, then in two days, we meet at the gym when no one is there...Sarah vs. vs. you. No rules, no mercy." I look at you with a smirk. "No hard feelings, but I think we need a pick the stakes!"

brefootcountryboy: : I smirk down at Daisy. "It's a deal... and the night of, we'll pick the stakes. But for now... get out of my ring..." Glaring down at you with a sadistic grin. yt

boxerboy91: I smile and stand slowly to my feet, swaying back and forth as I exit not watching the ref announce that you've won...I smile down at Sarah and think of the night ahead...

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The Country Boy loses to Johnny B Good.

thebarefootcountryboy: "Save a horse, ride a cowboy" begins to blare in this small gymnasium, the small crowd booing me as I'm the home town favorite here. Wearing only jeans, and barefoot. Some grass stains on my feet. Smirking as I strut up to the ring, getting up to the ring apron, i flex my pecs and arms, before sliding through the ropes. Moving to my corner, stretching as I await my opponent. A slight sneer coming over my face, thinking of our first match the other night yt

Johnny B Good: rush down the aisle, high-fiving cheering fans as i make my way to the ring...climb up on the apron and dive through the ropes, waving and smiling to my fans. adjust the waistband of my tight red speedo, barefoot, blood pumping as i bounce on my feet in my corner, ready for a good match Johnny B Good: yt

thebarefootcountryboy: : Gritting my teeth and glaring at you, jealous of the fan's love for you. Stomping my bare feet on the canvas as I stretch. As the bell rings I move slowly to the center, my eyes locked on you, narrow. yt

Johnny B Good: move out quickly to meet you, arms up for a lock up but just grabbing one of your arms, quick duck-under and twist your arm up against your back in a tight hammerlock, pulling it up high and using my height advantage to really work the hold. grin to the fans as i intensify the pressure yt

thebarefootcountryboy: : i scream in pain and drop to one knee as you up the pressure to my arm. Shaking my head, furious at the baby face for getting me down this early. I suddenly roll my body in an attempt to reverse the hold. yt

Johnny B Good: have you down on one knee lets me work the hold even tighter...flexing my arms and pecs as i work the hold, feel your body weight shift as you start to roll...release the hold and try to grab you in a quick side headlock before you can get out of range yt

thebarefootcountryboy: : Pulled in tight for the headlock, I place one hand on the small of your back, witht he other hand i spread my fingers and bring them in hard and deep on your abs, going for a claw. yt

Johnny B Good: NNGGH groan as you dig your fingers into my abs, buckle slightly as i flex my abs against the claw, squeezing your head tighter and trying to twist you to the side to protect my core yt

thebarefootcountryboy: : As you start to twist, I send a hard punch to the small of your back as I continue digging my fingers into your abs tightly. Stomping my feet on the canvas in frustration. yt

Johnny B Good: NNGGH groan as your fingers manage to dig into my flexed abs...release your head and shove you hard to the cornerpost, rubbing my core as i keep an eye on you, fans cheering my name Johnny B Good: yt

thebarefootcountryboy: : laughing as I land on the ring post. Slapping my own abs before I step out, circling out, close to the ropes. yt

Johnny B Good: circling in toward you, boxing you in toward the corner, then spear my shoulder at your midsection, driving you back yt

thebarefootcountryboy: : I side step as you start lunging in, letting you go shoulder first against the corner. Smirking, I spin myself bringing my knee up to the small of your back just above your tailbone. yt

Johnny B Good: NNGGH let out a low moan as i grab my lower back in pain, spinning around quickly to facing you, lunging forward and grabbing at your shoulders, spiking my thick thigh up into your abs yt

thebarefootcountryboy: : Ooof, doubled over surprised by your very quick recovery as I stumble backwards. yt

Johnny B Good: keep up my assault as i rush at you, spearing my shoulder at your midsection again to drive you back to the far cornerpost yt

thebarefootcountryboy: : Groaning, doubled over sitting on the middle rope, my head sagging. yt

Johnny B Good: fans cheering as i have you slumped in the corner...grab your chin and pull you up to your feet, then give a heavy chop to your pecs, echoing in the arena yt

thebarefootcountryboy: : i let out a scream of pain, falling back, holding my chest. Pushing off and forward I try to send a chop of my own at your chest. yt

Johnny B Good: take the chop, flexing my pecs as i step back a few steps, posing and working the crowd, keeping an eye on you as you struggle in the corner yt

thebarefootcountryboy: : Gritting my teeth, dropping to the canvas and rolling out of the ring, backing away from the ring and towards the timekeeper's table. yt

Johnny B Good: laugh as you escape the ring like a coward, make my way around the ring and flex and pose for the crowd, getting them cheering even louder and jeering at you, taunting you to get back in and fight yt

thebarefootcountryboy: : Screaming at you to fight fair, accusing you of cheating, as I stand near the timekeeper's table. Stomping my feet, pointing you, accusing you of not fighting fair. yt

Johnny B Good: Flex and pose in the ring center, smiling for the fans, glowing as I hear my name getting chanted louder and louder by the adoring crowd yt

thebarefootcountryboy: : As you pose for the crowd, I rush forward, sliding under the bottom rope and up to my knees behind you, I lift my right arm up between your legs for a low blow. yt

Johnny B Good: NNGGGH groan as your arm grinds into my bulge, bringing me to my knees as I cup my bulge, the fans booing the low blow while I start to reach forward for the ropes to pull myself back up, sucking in air Johnny B Good: yt

thebarefootcountryboy: : up to my feet as you fall to your knees, sucking air. Smirking as you reach for the ropes, I send my bare foot hurtling, heel first, at the temple of your head. yt

Johnny B Good: NNGGGH down on my hands and knees, head spinning as you kick me hard in the side of the head...shaking my head, trying to reorient myself, still reaching for the ropes as my fans desperately plead for me to get back on my feet yt

thebarefootcountryboy: : Smirking, circling your body as you go to your hands and knees. As you shake your head, and reach for the ropes again, I send another hard kick to your opposite temple. yt

Johnny B Good: NNGGH really dazed now as you send another hard kick to my head...roll down to my side, holding my head, fans booing you and pleading for me to get up, dizzy as I try to pull myself together yt

thebarefootcountryboy: : I smirk to the crowd, and lick my lips, posing a bit as I spread my arms, as I place the arch of my bare foot on your throat and press down hard. yt

Johnny B Good: gag as you plant your foot on my throat, but finally get my head back in the match...quickly swing my powerful legs up, wrapping them around your thighs from behind and locking my ankles, pulling down hard as I launch you off of me and down to the canvas yt

thebarefootcountryboy: : UNGH! I hit the canvas, and fall, rolling away from you. Glaring angrily, shocked that you were able to get back to your senses that quick after both kicks AND a choke. yt

Johnny B Good: roll to my chest and get up on my knees, reaching for the ropes as I am still sucking in air, hoping I bought enough time to get back up to my feet and quickly recover a bit yt

thebarefootcountryboy: : Pushing forward as you pull yourself up on the ropes, as you get your head positioned over the middle rope, I slam my knee into the back of your neck and press it down hard against the rope going for another choke. yt

Johnny B Good: NNGGGH damnit....gagging as you choke me on the rope, legs trapped below me as I swing my arms wildly, trying to reach up and back at you, still unable to get back in this fight Johnny B Good: yt

thebarefootcountryboy: : Smirking, nodding to the booing crowd as I choke you. Reaching down for your hair, pulling it back to expose your forehead as I choke you. I slam my free fist down hard into the top of your head. yt

Johnny B Good: NNGGGH groan as your fist slams into my head, reaching up and grabbing at your wrist, trying to pry it free, the choke setting in as my vision starts going blurry, the fans crying out desperately for me to power out somehow yt

thebarefootcountryboy: : I smirk, and spit down at your forehead as you grip my wrist. I finally heed the ref's warning and let up from the choke stepping off, letting you fall to the canvas. yt

Johnny B Good: down on the canvas, gasping for air as relief rushes through my body that the choke has been broken...struggling to pull myself up, knowing I have to quickly get back in this fight, as you are quite a vicious opponent yt

thebarefootcountryboy: : Stepping forward as you start pulling up to all fours again, I grab your right foot and yank it up. Twisting it to the right hard in an ankle lock. Licking my lips at the booing crowd, I lean in and bite down hard on your arch. yt

Johnny B Good: scream out in pain as you grab my powerful leg and apply a tight lock, then bite into my foot!! rolling and writhing on the canvas to try and alleviate the pain, kick viciously with my left foot at your knees and abs, trying to force you to break the hold and release my leg yt

thebarefootcountryboy: : Shaking my head back and forth as I bite your sweaty sole when "UNGH! UNGH!" take the kicks, stumbling backwards still holding your ankle, groaning. yt

Johnny B Good: making progress as you stumble back, but still holding my a hard kick with my left foot into the side of your knee, then another into your kneecap, then again at your shins, desperate to get my leg free, also managing to suck in air and recover a bit from the chokes yt

thebarefootcountryboy: : UNGH! UNGH! UNGH! Down on my knees, groaning, letting go of your ankle to hold my leg. yt

Johnny B Good: pull my leg free and quickly roll over my shoulders to my feet, springing up but favoring my left leg as i shake out the right ankle a bit. see you down and know i need to make a move, lunge in and grab your hair, dragging your to your feet as i reach down and hook your crotch, lifting you and slamming you onto your back yt

thebarefootcountryboy: : Hitting the canvas hard, and arching my back in pain as you slam me down. Shaking my head as I scream out. yt

Johnny B Good: quickly reach down and grab your head, dragging you to your feet and driving a quick uppercut to your abs before scooping you up again for another slam, the crowd cheering my name again yt

thebarefootcountryboy: : OOOOOF! The wind knocked out of me when "UNGH!" Hit the canvas again, flopping like a fish out of water. yt

Johnny B Good: grin as I am back on the offense, seeing you floundering on the canvas...dive on top of you and hook your leg for a tight cradle pin, the ref diving to the canvas for the 1 count Johnny B Good: yt

thebarefootcountryboy: : Screaming out in defiance, I lift my right shoulder to break the pin! yt

Johnny B Good: groan as you break the pin but quickly get up to my feet, grabbing your hair and dragging you up with me...whip you hard to the ropes, charging after you with a clothesline aimed at your neck and upper chest Johnny B Good: yt

thebarefootcountryboy: : Ducking under your arm as you come back for me. Bouncing off the opposite ropes, gaining more momentum I leap aiming my bare soles for your body. yt

Johnny B Good: see you leap and try to dodge but cannot change my momentum in time...take a hard hit to the sternum and fall back hard to the canvas, groaning in pain as i roll to my side, winded and in pain yt

thebarefootcountryboy: : Roll back up to one knee, putting both hands up, screaming "WOOOOOOOO!" as the crowd boos me. Pushes up to my feet, smirking at the booing crowd. As you groan on your side, I start sending hard stomps all around your body, circling you with each stomp, making sure to get a few on your forehead. yt

Johnny B Good: NNGGGH covering up as best as possible, trying to protect myself from your stomps....finally lunge up to my knees and wrap my arms around your legs, tackling you to the canvas...dive on top of you for the mount, getting my knees to your sides as i try to pin you down under me, gaining control yt

thebarefootcountryboy: : Struggling, rolling as you try to get on top of me, trying to keep you off balance and keep you from gaining a pin. yt

Johnny B Good: Using my size advantage to keep you down, sit on your chest and reach behind me, grinding my fist into your abs, drilling my knuckles into the muscle. Slide one leg up and pin your bicep under it, holding your right arm down on the canvas Johnny B Good: yt

thebarefootcountryboy: : OOOOF! UNGH! Groaning as you pin my right bicep, I lift my left shoulder up, shaking my head "no" yt

Johnny B Good: lift my body up and drop my knee into your abs, pressing down hard, releasing your arm but trying to drive the air out of you as I sit on you Johnny B Good: yt

thebarefootcountryboy: : OOOOOOF! Groaning, rolling to my side, groaning, holding my abs, trying to suck in air. yt

Johnny B Good: dismount your body and get up to my feet, fans cheering as I drag the heel up by the hair and whip you to the cornerpost, charging in after you with a big bodysplash yt

thebarefootcountryboy: : My back hits the corner and I groan, slumping down when "OOOOF! UNGH!" knocking the wind from me, my head crashing against the turnbuckle, as I start to slump. yt

Johnny B Good: grin as i see you slumping, losing power...reach under your armpits and wrap my arms around your body, squeezing tight as i pull you up into a bearhug, crushing you against my chest Johnny B Good: yt

thebarefootcountryboy: : my back arching, groaning, shaking my head "no" still struggling against you. My bare feet rubbing against your outter thighs as I struggle. yt

Johnny B Good: struggling to hold you up as you struggle in my grasp, but work on maintaining the hold, flexing my biceps and pecs, pressing you against my sweaty body Johnny B Good: yt

thebarefootcountryboy: : My body twitching and jerking with each pulse of your muscles. My hands resting on your shoulders, pushing as my forehead leans on yours. yt

Johnny B Good: Feeling you losing power, but struggling to maintain the hold, twist and slam you down on your back, taking a quick pause to suck in some air and wipe sweat from my chest yt

thebarefootcountryboy: : Groaning, writhing on the canvas as your sweat drops to my face. yt

Johnny B Good: Dive down onto your body, again hooking your leg as I go for the pin, my fans cheering loudly Johnny B Good: yt

thebarefootcountryboy: : Groaning, so weak now as the ref counts....1... my head leaning to the side....2.... With a grunt I lift my right shoulder. yt

Johnny B Good: Damn....pound the canvas in frustration as I roll off you, sucking in air as the length of the fight is getting to me as well, hoping to have forced the 3-count then. yt

thebarefootcountryboy: : Groaning, very weak now, using up so much power to kick out, rolling to my side, trying to catch my breath. yt

Johnny B Good: Circle in toward you, grinning to the fans as I reach down and grab your sweaty armpit, pulling you slowly up to your feet. Drape your arm over my shoulder as I grab your waistband, gathering my strength as I prepare to hoist you up and finish off this match yt

thebarefootcountryboy: : Groaning, my head head leaning on your sweaty body as you pull me up. Twitching and groaning as you lift me up. yt

Johnny B Good: Hoist you up in the air and then extend my knee forward, dropping you down hard over my extended knee in a powerful atomic drop, my thigh smashing into your tailbone as i hold you there in place, letting the pain sink in yt

thebarefootcountryboy: : My mouth forms an O and my head leans back but I can't even make a sound from the pain. yt

Johnny B Good: bounce you on my thigh and then lift you up again, scooping and slamming you onto your back Johnny B Good: diving down for the pin count Johnny B Good: yt

thebarefootcountryboy: : ungh, groaning on the canvas beneath you. yt

Johnny B Good: the ref dives down as i press my weight over you, hooking your leg and pressing my pecs into yours....and 1 yt

thebarefootcountryboy: : my body shivers as you press into me, laying still. yt

Johnny B Good: hold you tighter as the ref goes for 2, the fans cheering wildly yt

thebarefootcountryboy: : Laying still out of it from those last two moves. yt

Johnny B Good: the ref raises his hand for the 3 count, the crowd cheering loudly for their favourite yt

thebarefootcountryboy: : Laying still, twitching, groaning on the canvas. yt

Johnny B Good: jump to my feet as the ref taps the 3-count, flexing my biceps for the adoring fans before placing my bare sweaty foot over your face, staring down at you with a wide grin

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The Country Boy Destroys Kuromike AGAIN!

Looks like Kuromike can't catch a break against the southern boy.

TheCountryBoy: : The lights go red white and blue and I make my way to the ring. Wearing only a rebel flag speedo. Bouncing on my bare feet as I make my way to the ring. Smirking before sliding under the bottom rope and up to my feet as my music dies down. Flexing and posing for the crowd. yt

kuromike: I jog down to the ring and slip into the ring, wearing short red n black squares. flex out my arms and chest a bit as I wait for the ref to start things off yt

TheCountryBoy: Smirking as I move to the center of the ring, slapping my shoulders. "Can't wait to make you kiss my feet, boy" smirking, bouncing on the balls of my feet as I come to the center, the bell ringing to start the match. yt

kuromike: as the bell rings I dart forward for the lock up, grabbing on right away. "we'll see about that" I say, as I try to push you back towards a corner yt

TheCountryBoy: : Digging my soles into the canvas, pushing hard against you with a grunt, trying to keep us from going back. As we get closer to the turnbuckles, I suddenly go limp, and lift my bare feet to your abs, and push forward trying to monkey toss you into the corner. yt

kuromike: just as I get ya close into the corner, you suddenly go loose and I stumble forward into your feet, letting you catapult me into the corner. I crash into the buckles and fall to the mat, clearly disoriented yt

TheCountryBoy: : Pushing up to my feet, smirking with you on the ground, I reach down for your shaggy hair and start to pull you up to your feet. yt

kuromike: I shake my head out before you start pulling me up, trying to recuperate a bit. I send a still disoriented chop at your pecs in the meantime yt

TheCountryBoy: : Screaming in pain, still holding your hair with one hand, I lift the other up and try to send a punch to your ribs in retaliation. yt

kuromike: unghhh I grunt as you slam a punch into my ribs, making me squirm a bit in your grip. yt

TheCountryBoy: : Biting my lips I send another hard punch to your ribs. Then taking three steps forward I try to slam your forehead into the top buckle. yt

kuromike: I twist my body to the side a bit at the last second, making your punch hit slightly off center and reduces its effectiveness. with my head slammed into the buckle I groan out again, my head spinning yt

TheCountryBoy: : i push you back first against the turnbuckles now, smirking with you dazed. Climbing to the bottom rope, pressing myself against your chest, I raise my right hand high and bring it down hard on your forehead..1.....2.....3 times. yt

kuromike: I groan as I feel you set me up on the buckles and press yourself against my chest to keep me trapped there. I bring up my arm to block your first hit, but it gets knocked away and the second two hits land hard yt

TheCountryBoy: : I step off the ropes after the second hit and step backwards, and blow, taunting you, seeing if you'll fall. yt

kuromike: I groan low as I slide down the buckles, catching myself at the middle rope before I hit the floor. my head hangs low as I try to shake the dizziness out yt

TheCountryBoy: : Grabbing the top rope, I lift my right leg and press my bare sole against your neck, trying to press you against the buckle for a foot choke as the ref warns me... yt

kuromike: I wince and start to cough as you press your foot against my neck. my right arm leaves the ropes and grabs at your ankle, trying to pry it away yt

TheCountryBoy: : Gritting my teeth trying to hold myself in place without losing my balance, as I curl my toes, feeling my sole get some distance from your neck. yt

kuromike: I gasp for air as your foot starts to ease off my throat a bit, giving me some room to breath. the ref warns you again about the choke as your toes start to curl in, poking in against my throat again yt

TheCountryBoy: : Arguing with the ref your pushing against my ankle finally works out for you as I slip off balance, hitting the canvas, grunting. Trying to pull my foot from your hand. yt

kuromike: I shove your foot forward to keep you from getting your balance. I slide down to my knees and place a hand on my throat, still coughing a bit as I recover yt

TheCountryBoy: : Ungh, grunting. Rolling to all fours, shaking my head out from the impact to the canvas, trying to push up to my feet. yt

kuromike: I start to recover a bit more now as I pull myself up with the ropes. "that...all you got?" I taunt as I finally stand yt

TheCountryBoy: : Gritting my teeth, turning to find you, I launch my self forward attempting a spear. yt

kuromike: I reach out to try to stop you, but you come in lower than I expected and you slam into me, knocking me down to the mat with a huge SMACK into my abs yt

TheCountryBoy: : Smirking I push to my knees and spit at your chest. Grabbing your waistband I try to pull you back to your feet. yt

kuromike: you begin to pull me up by my waistband, forcing me up from an awkward angle so that I cant do much retaliation yt

TheCountryBoy: : Taking in a deep breath as I hold you at the angle, not completely up to your feet. I kiss my free knuckles and slam a punch to your abs as I let go of your waistband. yt

kuromike: I swing my arms out trying to get my balance and plant my feet, but your knuckle comes flying into my abs and knocking the wind out of me. my waistband slaps back in place as I hit the mat flat on my back, groaning in pain as I curl over and feel my abs yt

TheCountryBoy: "Go ahead and submit, boy. We know how this'll end" Smirking, flexing over you before I reach down for your hair. yt

kuromike: I moan as I flip over onto my chest and start to crawl away. you grab my hair and start pulling it back though, making me groan out mor yt

TheCountryBoy: : Getting cocky now, flexing over you as I hold you up by your hair, acting like you're an animal I've hunted down. yt

kuromike: as you pull me up, I reach back and try to grab at your wrist but cant get a good grip on it. knowing you're flexing and getting cocky but theres not much I can do to stop it yt

TheCountryBoy: : Smirking, I pull your hair and try to force your head between my knees. My arms reaching for your waist, setting up a big powerbomb. yt

kuromike: I groan as my head slips between your knees and gets locked in place. my hands reach up to your hips as I try to pull my head out, but I feel your arms slipping round my abs and waist and lifting my lower half up yt

TheCountryBoy: : Can't quite get you up on the first lift. Gritting my teeth. I hold both hands high and try to bring them to your back with you trapped in my legs. yt

kuromike: I feel myself get lifted up a bit, but then suddenly I'm back on my feet. I grunt as I try to pull my head out again, but seems my head is firmly trapped. you grab my hands and bring them to my back, leaving me with nothing else to defend with yt

TheCountryBoy: : half sneer, half smirk at the crowd. With your head trapped between my legs, I lean forward, my hand at your waistband, i suddenly rake down hard raking your cock and balls hard. yt

kuromike: gahhhhh I yell out as you go for a low blow and rake me hard. I groan out in pain as I feel my knees weaken a bit yt

TheCountryBoy: : The ref warning me about low blows as I shrug, pulsing my thighs against your head. Feigning ignorance. yt

kuromike: unghhh "fuckerrr" I groan as you start to pulse your thighs, feeling the pressure on my head go back and forth while I still dont have the strength to retaliate yt

TheCountryBoy: : Smirking, I reach down and do a second rake. Laughing, the ref warns me not to do it again as I pulse my thighs again against your head. yt

kuromike: aghhhhh I yell out again as you rake me hard a second time, really draining the fight from me as I feel the pounding in my abs and now my balls too yt

TheCountryBoy: : I reach my arms around your waist again and begin lifting you, this time getting you on my shoulders. "Ready for a ride, boy?" yt

kuromike: unghh I feel gravity on my body as you lift me up onto your shoulders. I squirm a bit but cant do anything yt

TheCountryBoy: : Running forward I jump attempting to drop you to the canvas, with me following, aiming for a headbutt low blow as we fall. yt

kuromike: WAMMMM hit the canvas hard as your big move slams me down. I let out a low groan as I lay there panting, barely awake yt

TheCountryBoy: : Sliding my body forward on yours, my legs straddling your waist, I lay down, my chest across yours, holding your hands above your head, going for the pin.1.... yt

kuromike: I groan out low as you spread me out, keeping me pinned to mat. the ref hits the mat for one and I weakly nudge my chest up, but your weight keeps me down yt

TheCountryBoy: : press my forehead to yours as I grind slowly against you..2... yt

kuromike: I groan out as you start to grind on me and the ref counts for two, still too weak to fight abck yt

TheCountryBoy: : breathing heavily with excitment as I grind, the ref lifting his hand and slamming it down...3.... yt

kuromike: I groan out low in defeat as the ref slams his hand for 3, and the bell rings out counting your win yt

TheCountryBoy: : Smirking, sitting up, my crotch against yours as i flex for the crowd. yt

kuromike: I groan out as you sit up and start flexing for the crowd, showing off for your win as I lay there yt

TheCountryBoy: : Lifting my right barefoot from beneath me, I lean forward and grab your hair. Bending my knee, I lift my sole to your face as I sit on you. "C'mon boy, show it some lovin'" yt

kuromike: nghhh I groan out as you press my face and lips into your foot, still keeping me pinned down by sitting on me. yt

TheCountryBoy: : The crowd booing me as I taunt you. "C'mon boy, lick my sole. do it!" yt

kuromike: I groan out as you taunt me, and start to lick your foot yt

TheCountryBoy: : Flexing, the crowd booing as I push the rest of the way to my feet. Wiping my sweat and your saliva off on your face as I pose over you. yt

kuromike: I groan and wipe off my face as you pose for the crowd and show off again, rubbing in the win yt

TheCountryBoy: : I suddenly drop a knee hard to your forehead, getting more boos. yt

kuromike: ooomph I wasnt expecting your knee as you slam your knee to my forehead, all but knocking me out cold yt

TheCountryBoy: : Smirking, kneeling on your forehead, I give a DX chop before rolling out of the ring and walking towards the back. yt

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The Country Boy Destroys Kuromike

TheCountryBoy: : "Save a horse, ride a cowboy" starts to blare over the pa as i stand at the top of the entrance ramp. The crowd cheering as I step out, wearing a rebel flag speedo, a black duster and a cowboy hat. Barefoot. I strut towards the ring, slapping a few high fives as I go. right outside the ring apron, I drop my coat and toss the hat into the crowd before rolling under the bottom rope, to my feet. Leaning in my corner, awaiting my opponent. yt

kuromike: some hard rock begins to blare on the speakers as I come out from the back, wearing red speedo and lifeguard whistle round my neck. I slip under the ropes and into the ring, slipping the whistle off and tossing it out into the crowd. I size up my opponent too as I look around, tense and ready to get things goin yt

TheCountryBoy: : As the bell rings, I start moving towards the center of the ring. Half sneering half smirking. Pressing my pecs against yours. My face inches from yours as i give you a little shove with my chest. "You gonna show me what you got, boy?"

kuromike: "I'll show you mine if you show me yours" I laugh, licking my lips. I shove you back and stretch my arms out, waiting for the ref to signal the start. yt

TheCountryBoy: : stretching my own arms out as the crowd is going nuts. My chest pressing right back against yours. As the ref is ready for us to start, I suddenly bring my arms back in, putting them on your shoulders, I push you back, hard. yt

kuromike: I stumble back a bit, not expecting you to come so quickly. I'm on my toes now, circling around not wanting to get caught off guard like that again. yt

TheCountryBoy: : i slap my shoulders as you stumble back, my eyes narrowing on you as I start to circle. Lunging in, going for a collar and elbow lock up. yt

kuromike: I bring my arms up to meet you for the lock up, grabbing on tight to start things off for real. As I struggle with you, I try to bring you over to one of the corners yt

TheCountryBoy: : Feeling you start to push me back, I plant my feet into the canvas, but your slight difference is helping you get me back. I suddenly lift my right knee aiming it for your abs. yt

kuromike: I'm too involved in trying to force you to the sides that I dont notice your change of pace. your knee hits me in the abs with an ooofff as I bend over a bit, wincing yt

TheCountryBoy: : Smirking, as you bend over, I grab your shorts, and try to use some momentum to toss you shoulder first into the nearby corner. yt

kuromike: I try to plant my feet now that I'm bent over, but you grab my speedo and that gives you enough leverage to hoist me over into the corner shoulder first, making a loud bammm as I hit it yt

TheCountryBoy: : Flexing as I follow you to the corner, grabbing your hair to straighten you up, I try to slam you head first into the top turnbuckle! yt

kuromike: I feel dazed as you smash my head into the turnbuckle, groaning a bit as I wobble a bit in your grip. I grab your wrist with a weak grip, trying to pull your hand off while i recover yt

TheCountryBoy: : As you grab my hand with your weak grip I yank backwards trying to throw you back first to the canvas as I let go of your hair. yt

kuromike: you toss me back towards the floor and I land spread out on my back, though I quickly push myself over onto my chest and onto my knees. I reach over and help myself up with the ropes, shaking my head out as I turn to face you again yt

TheCountryBoy: : licking my lips. Following you as you pull yourself up in the ropes. As you turn around, I lash out, trying to send my bare sole to the center of your abs. yt

kuromike: I move to the side at the last second, and let you foot pass harmlessly to the side. I wrap my arm around your outstretched leg and keep it locked tight against my side so you stay off balance as I drag you towards the center yt

TheCountryBoy: : Caught off guard as you grab my leg, thinking I had this match in the bag. As you drag me to the center, hopping on one foot, waving my arms, shaking my head "no" trying to beg off! yt

kuromike: I shake my head yes as I suddenly yank your leg higher into the air, trying to stretch you out past your limits. "let's see how limber this cowboy really is" I taunt, lifting your leg higher yt

TheCountryBoy: : Trying to keep my balance, I suddenly slip as you yank my leg higher. Landing hard on my ass, groaning as my groin and ass are in pain. yt

kuromike: still got a hold of your leg, with a bit of effort I flip you over onto your chest and start to work an ankle lock, trying to weaken up your mobility yt

TheCountryBoy: : clawing the canvas as you twist my ankle. Shaking my head, stretching my arm, trying to grab the bottom rope, as I drum my free foot on the canvas. yt

kuromike: I keep holdin on for a few seconds longer before you manage to grab the bottom rope and the ref gives a warning. I let go and back up a few steps, showing off my abs and flexxing a bit for the crowd yt

TheCountryBoy: : Shaking out my ankle as I pull myself up on the ropes, shaking my head and turning to face you as you flex. yt

kuromike: I come at you like you did to me before when I was on the ropes, but instead of trying for a kick, I try to grab your head for a headlock yt

TheCountryBoy: : i let you lock on the headlock, getting me off of the ropes. As soon as you do, I begin sending elbow after elbow to your sexy abs, trying to soften you back up. yt

kuromike: ooof offf while I was busy squeezing on your head I left my chest unguarded for your attacks, after another elbow my grip comes apart as I release your head and try to block the next elbow from coming, wincing some at the pain from impact yt

TheCountryBoy: : As you release, I reach my left leg out, trying to slam my shin hard against the back of your knees as I turn myself, hoping to sweep you to the canvas. yt

kuromike: gahhh your knee against my shin makes me knees shake for a second and threaten to buckle, and I go to swing my arm out for a huge chop but you sweep my feet, sending me sprawling out onto my chest yt

TheCountryBoy: : reaching down as you land on your chest, I lift your right foot and apply an ankle lock of my own, but add my own little twist. As I turn your foot, I lean in, biting your sole to add more pain to the mix. yt

kuromike: arghhh I slam my fist into the floor as you lift my ankle up, knowing you used the same move I did to add insult to injury. my foot twitches a bit when you bite it, clearly not expecting the treatment. "gahhh leggo you fucker" I growl, wincing in pain but unable to reach the ropes yt

TheCountryBoy: : I let go of the bite, and, making sure you stay away from the ropes, pull back hard as I twist once again, keeping you right in the center of the ring. I lean in and lick your sole with a sexy smirk just to add some more humiliation. yt

kuromike: gahhhh I yell out as you jerk and twist my ankle, making the hold hurt more than before. your lick across my feet tingles but I still can't do anything to fight back yt

TheCountryBoy: : on one knee as I twist your ankle I begin poking my own foot against your crotch, playfully. "you give, fucker?" yt

kuromike: gahhh you plant your foot against my crotch as a show of domination, but I shake my head and slam my fist into the mat again. "never!" I yell, groaning out as you twist my ankle some more yt

TheCountryBoy: : I give your sole a little kiss before I slam it down hard to the canvas. Pushing up to my feet, circling your downed body. yt

kuromike: I groan in relief as you finally let my foot go, and I scrunch up as I try to shake off the soreness in my abs and pain in my ankle as best I can. yt

TheCountryBoy: : i use my bare size 10.5 and press it against your back to shove you back to your chest. Reaching down as I straddle your back I grab your wrists, pulling back hard, as I plant the sole of my foot against the back of your head! yt

kuromike: gahhh arms start to flare up in pain as you smush my face against the mat with your foot, changing up the hold. I kick my feet wildly in pain and grit my teeth, trying to slip my arms free yt

TheCountryBoy: : using your arms to lift your chest and face from the canvas as my bare foot keeps pushing against the back of your head to stretch you out. Grinning as I have you where I want you! yt

kuromike: "arghhh nooo" I shout as you start to lift my upper half from the mat, instantly creating new pressure in my neck and chest. I try to gain some leverage with knees but cant seem to get a good place to push off from yt

TheCountryBoy: : i let out a growl as I push down hard with my foot and let go of your hands, looking to slam you face first to the canvas! yt


kuromike: BAMMMM my face slams into the canvas before I bring my arms in to stop my momentum, sending a huge jolt throughout my body. I'm motionless for a few seconds before you hear a slight groan yt

TheCountryBoy: : i slip my toes under your chest and roll you to your back. Dropping down, laying my chest across yours. Smirking, wiping some of the hair from your face as the ref goes for the count..1.... yt

kuromike: my head rolls from side to side as you the ref counts down for one, and I feel your weight pressing down for the pin as I start to realize what's going on yt

TheCountryBoy: : the crowd going nuts as my chest presses into yours. The ref slapping the canvas...2... yt

kuromike: "ngggg no...." I mumble weakly as I try to sit up, but your body weight has me firmly planted on my back. yt

TheCountryBoy: : I suddenly yank your hair and pull your shoulder off the canvas, breaking the pin myself, to the boos of the crowd. Smirking. Cocky. I start to push to my feet holding your hair tight. yt

kuromike: I groan as you pull my up by my hair, shaking my head from side to side I try to get back to myself. the boos from the crowd clue me in, you broke the pin yourself. I grab onto your wrist as you bring up yt

TheCountryBoy: : Getting you up to your feet as you hold my wrist. I suddenly, with my free hand, send a hard chop across your chest, the slap echoing through the arena. yt

kuromike: whammm your shot to my chest brings me back in a rush, along with a huge groan of stinging pain in my pecs. I try a pec slap of my own, but it doesnt have the same strength yet yt

TheCountryBoy: : Smirking as the slap stings but not too bad. I use your hair and try to sling shot you into the opposite ropes. Bending myself over looking to flip you over my body on your return. yt

kuromike: your grip on my hair sends me at the ropes with a pretty good speed, primed exactly for when I reach you again to send me flying for the most force. I land hard on my back and bounce up to a sitting position in a flash, before falling onto my back and groaning as I reach behind me to the new stinging area yt

TheCountryBoy: : Smirking as my plan goes off without a hitch. the crowd turned on me now because of my heel like tactics. I reach down, once more, grabbing your hair to pull you up so i'm behind you. yt

kuromike: I groan as you pullme up by my hair again, feeling you behind me getting ready for another move. I throw my elbow back weakly into your side, trying to stall to recover a bit more yt

TheCountryBoy: : I grunt, stumbling back a bit, bending over slightly, my hand still gripping your hair. yt

kuromike: nggggahhhhh I groan as you stumble back a bit, still got a hold on my hair so it starts to bend my head backwards as I struggle to stay uprght yt

TheCountryBoy: : I tuck your head under my armpit, showing your chest off to the crowd. I give it three hard slaps before I fall backwards to the canvas, trying to slam you head first. yt

kuromike: I grab at your back and shoulders as you tuck my head under your arm, leaving my chest unprotected for your next move. wham wham wham you land three huge slaps that make my pecs and abs shake before you suddenly drop towards the canvas, slamming my head against the canvas again for another huge move that nearly knocks me out yt

TheCountryBoy: : half sneering to the crowd as I pull myself to my feet, reaching down grabbing your hair to try to bully your head back under my armpit! yt

kuromike: I'm in no state to resist as you bring my head back under your arm again as my arms dangle there to the sides groggily, I groan out low to still show I'm awake yt

TheCountryBoy: : i act as though i'm going to slap your chest once more, but instead just walk my fingers along it before dropping down trying to face plant you one more time! yt

kuromike: you faceplant me again with a huge smack on impact, leaving me lying there sprawled out and unmoving in the center of the ring, aside from the rise and fall of my chest yt

TheCountryBoy: : Smirking, I crawl over you and sit my ass on your chest, planting my bare feet against your wrists as the ref looks for the count....1... yt

kuromike: with you on my chest and your feet on my wrists, I'm trapped lying there on my back as the ref slaps the mat for the 1 count. unlike the first time, I'm not nearly as awake as before, just groaning in pain yt

TheCountryBoy: : i grind my ass to your chest, as i lick my own biceps, flexing over you..2... yt

kuromike: I moan as I open my eyes to see you showing off and licking your biceps, but helpless to fight back as I lay there pinned in my red speedo yt

TheCountryBoy: : Just as the ref slaps three, giving me the win, I slide my foot over onto your face, covering your nose and lips with my sole as I push to my feet, the ref holding my hand up in victory. yt

kuromike: you slide your foot just as I let out a huge groan of defeat, and the ref holds your arm up in victory as I start to regain some lucidity. "fuckkkk" I groan at the pain all over and at the defeat.


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