It should take me nearly three months before I finally got the chance to wrestle again - and what did I then do? Naturally traveling to Berlin, for I have friends there who always are eager to have a match with me! As usually I had planned this trip together with kleiner kerl, for not even does he have mats to wrestle on but he also allows me to stay the night at his place. And also he has a usual set of friends who like to come visiting him when I am there.

Not all his friends are serious wrestlers, but this was okay with me. For after not having wrestled for three months and having overloaded my right leg at work in November I was also looking for some more relaxed wrestling to get me back in the gang again. Thus I had the idea that this guy kleiner kerl would be the right guy to have the first match with after being out of the game for some time.

It was more than four years ago since I had wrestled kleiner kerl for the first time, and since then I had always wrestled him every time I had been in Berlin. During our first match I had had the possibility to practise my scissors, which at that time was a new hold for me - and since then he had done his best to stay clear of my legs.

During the last years I had gained a bit of experience, and nowadays he had always won our first match as I often was too tired after the long travel to Berlin while I tended to win the following matches. But I had always liked an even match, and since I was heavier than him I had always tried to level out my weight advantage so we could be more even this way.

But not this time. Because after I had lost most of my fights in Paris the previous year I felt I was in need of some successful matches, so unfortunately kleiner kerl had to pay for that (sorry, Romano!). I at least had some good fun wrestling him though I didn't give him much chance to get on top of me. He several times tried to bodyscissor me, but I broke free, turned our bodies around and got on top of him for a crush. Tap out. The next round was pretty similar, and after he had tapped out a second time I was ready for the next guy.

This was catchbear1, with a weight of 111 kgs the heaviest guy of all the guys getting together for this wrestling afternoon. Him I had known for almost as long as I had known kleiner kerl, and I had always had respect for him. Not just because of his size, but as he also was a catcher I had the suspicion that he maybe knew of some holds which I did not know about. So if I should win a fight with him I always assumed that he was only being kind to me and letting me win. Though most of the time winning doesn't mean much to me, for I mainly wrestle to remain fit - but just this day it was a bit different, so I was happy to win over this heavy guy.

Therefore winning two matches with three rounds gave me a good feeling after this Saturday's wrestling and a good start for the new year.

On Sunday I had planned to meet another wrestling friend and probably the Berlin wrestler I had known for the longest time, as I had known him since March 2014. This was jarek2001, and although I had not wrestled him for years I had deemed it good to have a match with him too to get back in shape again. But this meeting I had planned before I had the good session on Saturday, and since he was more a jobber into muscle worship and also smaller than me we agreed that I just could lie on his bed and he could do with me what he wanted, knowing that I could always strike back. For I knew that he was very overwhelmed by my quads, so I left it to him to work them, while I now and then could put a scissor on him. Which he was very happy with.

My last match in Berlin during that visit was with Sperling. As one of the guys I often wrestle when I am in Berlin I knew him pretty well, and therefore knew that not only he was also heavier than me, but he had managed to win our fights every time we had met, as he had his secret weapon in which he rubbed my cock once he had me down on my back so he could keep me in place with his body weight and with his right hand could work my cock. To avoid this I always wrestle in a singlet and never naked or in just a jock, but such singlet is certainly too soft to prevent an unexpected fondling.

The match I had with Sperling was not much different to the previous matches I had had with him. Certainly I had decided that I this time would do my best to prevent my being put down on the floor, but Sperling had also made his own plans, and even before we were ready to start the match he pushed me back so I tumbled on my back and in a second he was all over me. Probably I was too easygoing to fight back on him, after all he was not that heavy, but while my body told me that it felt good what he was doing to me my brains told me that I soon would lose my resistance if he continued like this. So maybe I only made a show of resistance as once he got to a certain line my arms fell back and I could only relax and enjoy while he was finishing me.

Before our match we had (as usual) spent too much time chatting, as it was long time since I had met him, so we nearly did not have time for wrestling before it got too dark, but in the end I had decided that we should have time for wrestling. But I never had time to have a match with Sperling's wrestling friend from Frankfurt, who also was visiting him that day. But next time I visit him I will make sure that I can begin fighting him, and this way making sure that I can have a real wrestling match, and not just lose because of some 'secret weapon'!

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Fascinating, amusing and very colorful