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#2 Part Of Always answering private messages(Contestando siempre mensajes privados)

I continue with this topic because it is a question that here on this site must always happen so that there is a better harmony and communication between users.
Spanish(Continuo con este tema porque es una cuestion que aqui en este sitio debe de suceder siempre para que haya una mejor armonia y comunicacion entre los usuarios).

Depends on the speed with which you write is the time it will take you to respond with education to the user who is sending you the messages because it is something that we all like to be done. Let us answer each message we leave with education and honesty showing the feelings and things we feel or think at that moment.
Spanish(Depende de la velocidad con la que escribas es el tiempo que te tardaras en responderle con educacion al usuario que te esta mandando los mensajes porque es algo que a todos nos gusta que nos hagan. Que nos contesten cada mensaje que dejamos con educacion y honestidad demostrando los sentimientos y cosas que sentimos o pensamos en ese momento).

It is better to answer with the truth the questions that make us that only read the message and not answer it. Sometimes answering the questions they ask us takes 2 minutes or 5 maximum. This is where we must use the mental and physical agility that we have in our brain and fingers to make them work to the maximum and answer in a correct and honest way what they are asking us at that moment.
Spanish(Es mejor contestar con la verdad las preguntas que nos hacen que solo leer el mensaje y no contestarlo. A veces contestar las preguntas que nos hacen nos toma 2 minutos o 5 maximo. Aqui es donde nosotros debemos de usar la agilidad mental y fisica que poseemos en nuestro cerebro y dedos para hacerlos trabajar al maximo y contestar de forma correcta y honesta lo que nos estan preguntando en ese momento).

Please be aware that sometimes there are people who wait for hours online sacrificing free time or their work to be present by the time we connect and we can write the answers to what they ask us and that these people sometimes we are waiting with great hope and love and that reading our messages could give them the best moment they have in the day and also get a smile. The smile we provoke in the other person or rather the happy face in it is worth any time we take to answer that message and in person it will be worth every moment we have with it.
Spanish(Por favor tengan conciencia de que a veces hay personas que esperan horas en linea sacrificando tiempo libre o de sus trabajos para estar presentes para la hora en que nos conectemos y podamos escribirles las respuestas a lo que nos preguntan y que esas personas a veces nos estan esperando con mucha ilusion y amor y que leer nuestros mensajes podran darles quizas el mejor momento que tengan en el dia y tambien sacarles una sonrisa. La sonrisa que provoquemos en la otra persona o mejor dicho la cara de felicidad en ella vale la pena cualquier tiempo que nos tomemos en contestar ese mensaje y en persona valdra la pena cada momento que tengamos con ella).

The advice of the day that I give is that you please answer the messages that are sent to you. I give you examples of short phrases that you can use to form your own when you are going to answer.
Spanish(El consejo del dia que les doy es que por favor contesten los mensajes que les envian. Les dejo ejemplos de frases cortas que pueden usar para que formen las propias cuando vayan a contestar).
#1. I like everything you tell me and I thank you only now I do not have time to talk so we do it later.(Me gusta todo lo que me dices y te lo agradezco solo que ahora no tengo tiempo de platicar asi que lo hacemos mas tarde.)
#2. Right now I do not have time to talk so we do it at this time (here they mention the time they will connect again).(Ahorita no tengo tiempo de platicar asi que lo hacemos a esta hora(aqui mencionan la hora en que se conectaran de nuevo).
#3. I like to fight with this type of clothes (here they can mention what they like to fight to you and what they want their rival to use to fight that day).(Me gusta luchar con este tipo de ropa(aqui pueden mencionar lo que les gusta para luchar a ustedes y lo que quieren que su rival use para luchar ese dia).
#4. Today I do not have time to talk but what do you think if we talk tomorrow at this time (here they mention the time they connect).(Hoy no tengo tiempo de platicar pero que te parece si platicamos mañana a esta hora(aqui mencionan la hora en que se conectaran).
#5. I must go to work but I will connect in my hour of rest (they can also tell you at lunch, dinner, arriving home from work etc, but always mentioning the time for the other person to be punctual and both arrive. punctual to this virtual appointment).(Debo irme a trabajar pero me conectare en mi hora de descanso(tambien pueden decirle en la hora de la comida, de la cena, llegando a su casa del trabajo etc pero siempre mencionando la hora para que la otra persona tambien sea puntual y ambos lleguen puntuales a esta cita virtual).

Hopefully all this will serve you and remember that it is better to always speak the truth.

It's better to say: I'm busy and I do not have time to talk now! and disconnect at that moment that only read the message and not answer it.

In a nutshell guys, if you do not like to be ignored by anyone then be nice. Demonstrate the education they received at the school where they taught us to respond and always answer what is asked with the truth and only the truth without making lies. Do not deceive people and be honest always.

Always answer the private messages they send you. Make that a habit and you will see how you will feel better and everyone in your environment will always answer what you ask. What you do to others is what you get back because everything comes back. If we behave well with others, people will appreciate us and behave well with us and will always respond to us. On the other hand, if we reject society itself, it will reject us and will also ignore us forever.

God bless your lives.

Sorry to have extended again but I wanted to share this again so that this issue has been clear among everyone here and we all better get on this site.
Spanish(Ojala que todo esto les sirva y recuerden que es mejor hablar siempre con la verdad.

Es mejor decir: !Estoy ocupado y no tengo tiempo de hablar ahora! y desconectarse en ese momento que solo leer el mensaje y no responderlo.

En pocas palabras chicos si no les gusta ser ignorados por nadie entonces sean amables. Demuestren la educacion que recibieron en la escuela donde se nos enseño a responder y contestar siempre lo que se nos pregunta con la verdad y solo la verdad sin hechar mentiras. No engañemos a las personas y seamos honestos siempre.

Siempre contesten los mensajes privados que les envian. Hagan de eso un habito y veran como ustedes se sentiran mejor y todos en su entorno siempre les contestaran lo que ustedes pregunten. Lo que tu haces a los demas es lo que obtienes de regreso porque todo se regresa. Si nos portamos bien con los demas la gente nos apreciara y se portara bien con nosotros y nos respondera siempre. En cambio si rechazamos la misma sociedad nos rechazara y tambien nos ignorara siempre.

Dios bendiga sus vidas.

Disculpen que me haya extendido de nuevo pero quise compartir de nuevo esto para que este tema haya quedado bien claro entre todos aqui y nos llevemos mejor todos en este sitio).

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justsomeguy (1) 8/04/2018 1:40 AM

You are correct. We may be here to fight but that is no excuse for bad manners. We are gentlemen, not savages.


Sparrhawk (6) 8/04/2018 2:05 AM

The length of your post is worrisome. It seems that you've spent sleepless nights thinking about this topic.


alejandro2989 (0) 8/04/2018 2:53 AM

(In reply to this)

I do. I have a lot of experience on this subject.

People almost always reject me.


Sparrhawk (6) 8/04/2018 3:16 AM

(In reply to this)

I'm sorry you feel that way. Everyone experiences some degree of rejection. The lie is that we think other people don't get rejected. We all think we're alone in this, but it's part of the human experience. Rejection can be painful, and I hope you can heal from it. I hope to heal from it too.


alejandro2989 (0) 8/04/2018 3:20 AM

(In reply to this)

writing all this is part of that healing that I am having. I was in the hospital 2 weeks ago with injections to cure the migraine because I have had a lot of stress for 3 years because I have not been happy until a few months ago that I have started to feel some happiness since I arrived at the site. However, certain things filled me with stress again and in fact the little patience I had acquired was gone and although I am a quiet guy if I recognize that I get angry easily. right now I should not get mad because I was about to have 1 stroke thanks to the migraine caused by the stress of everything 2 weeks ago. I'm still in treatment but thank God I have moments of happiness and that's why my head has not hurt so hard.


FerrelFighter (8 gold) 8/04/2018 2:53 PM

I think your comments are good. But you should not feel rejected here when you've been on the site for only 4 days. It takes time to meet guys and set up matches. Everybody here wants the same thing mostly, but we all have work, family, friends, and are pulled in all different directions. Also, if you are in a remote location, it can be more difficult to get a match, and some guys just don't have the time to answer everything, especially if they think there is actually no chance of ever meeting up with you in real life.


Ironbull (105 platinum) 8/09/2018 4:58 PM

Sin embargo, has estado aqui 4 dias. Que no te preocupes. Habras muchos peleas con tios en este sito.


BoyToy Wunderkind (67 ) 8/14/2018 9:35 PM

I was always taught that “if you don’t have something nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.” Which is probably why I’m typically pretty quiet. 😜

Maybe I’m alone here, but I’d much rather have a guy ignore my message than reply back “No thank you” or “Not interested” because it’s absolutely humiliating. I take someone’s silence as disinterest and just move on to the next person. I don’t send more than one message because I know how much I hate it when guys try to pester me into a wrestling match even though I’m clearly not interested. And when someone just won’t leave me alone, I’ll use the Block button in a heartbeat.

So personally, I’d rather ignore someone’s message than tear them down and hurt their feelings even more with an outright rejection.


Tynesider (79) 8/20/2018 11:34 PM

(In reply to this)

That is an interesting point and one that I hadn't considered.

I suppose it boils down to treating people as you'd like them to treat you. The trouble is that we are not mind readers. Personally I find it ill mannered if I don't get a reply to a message, especially when I respond to a match request.

After reading your contribution I realise that the man may not feel he is being rude. However I will continue to put a note on the man's profile so if he ever contacts me I will treat him with the same level of courtesy and he will have no cause for complaint.