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My style

This is how I envisage fights going.

Wrestling. No hitting or kicking. Just body to body lock ups, muscle on muscle. Cocky trash talk before during after. No friendliness just competition. Maybe strength tests like arm wrestle or mutual bearhug before the fight

Both of us will lock up and muscle it out. wrestling around for hours on floor and bed. Eventually one guy will begin to take control, winning more of the points. If the trash became really intense it's unlikely tap outs will be honored and long, vicious scissors and sleepers really wear the weaker guy down. Eventually, during the resets each lock up becomes almost an instant re application of a hold on the weaker dude. from there the match is just torture as the winner applies hold after hold until he's sated.

Long sleepers, frontal head scissors as the guy flexes a bicep whilst staring into the losers choking face, crushing half hour body scissors, wrenching grapevine.

the loser isn't walking away anytime soon after this fight.

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