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Travel to NYC?


Wordy Question

So I asked a question to someone but it turned to be more an internal monologue i thought i would share. I am just trying to be honest, not complain..here it is:

Guys are on here to look for wrestling matches right? (Not everyone Is here to date and some are here just for cyber. I GET THAT). I specifically found a certain person with the key words being "looking for relationship," so that isn't the issue.
But, if guys here are so intent on finding matches, why is it that when a REAL wrestler like myself (not a ucw guy or bgeast guy who only plays one on tv or is a dick to anyone that isnt attractive) says theyre willing to help pay for a flight, or train ticket or willing to host in his family's home, it is like pulling teeth?

Guys wont travel 3 or 4 hrs away. Yet i see guys travel whole oceans away to meet famous names even if they live in some hick town in the middle of nowhere. And NYC? I could save the guys i am interested in money, here in albany (will break this down later). I admit im not universally attractive but lets be honest, the only college wrestlers or legit mma fighters that are gay are 1. 
Not going to be on this site 2. Not gonna be interested in 99% of us.

I am as close to the real deal as they get while still being NOT closeted, single, romantically inclined and monogamous. I am loyal, and not only would I train with the guy im dating, we would also enjoy spandex and erotic wrestling all the time. I do not offer my home up to certain people and creepy guys, but I do offer it to guys i am interested in. That's FREE lodging folks. I offer my small matroom. That's a FREE space to workout not in a hotel room. You get picked up and dropped off at the airport or bus/train station. FREE transportation.

Let's say you are from NYC, Boston, Philly or NJ...a train for you could range from $40 to probably $100 tops. Round trip. That's it plus whatever food you need and even then I may cook so FREE food.

Gas for me to those same areas would be $100 dollars, parking prob another $50 depending on where (and many guys here don't even offer assistance in finding where or anything else concerning parking). Food wont be cheap in NYC and lodging if you can't host (and few of you do because you arent out or you arent as giving as I am) about $100 dollars OR MORE.

That was wordy, but had to be said. I just don't get it. Sure i am not a member of the 100 meetups club like a few people I cant name in public blogs, but you all probably know who they are simply by searching the Top [fill in blank here] lists on here. These guys dont even need to lift a finger and everyone goes to them wherever they are. They also have bfs, so they get their cake and eat it too. It is very disheartening. Of course if you are universally hot, you can say and do what you want and will be given everything without question in gay world.

But still, it is a shame because I think if someone i was into would just give me a chance, not only would they get a wrestler and grappling partner, they'd get a loyal friend, a great cuddler, a passionate athlete and above all a genuinely good (albeit misunderstood) human being who will treat them right. Oh and I have no qualms leaving this little town for a nicer more open and liberal area. Just remember though, it doesn't really matter where you live, if you have someone you enjoy to spend your life and time with.

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And the Verdict is In

I have to say, I am not surprised though moderately disappointed in the northeastern guys that frequent this site. You complain that there is no place to wrestle or people to wrestle with. You talk about how you are all about being competetive and that you arent into erotic. You hate that I don't want to travel to you or am too far away or am unwilling to meet because i am not attracted to you; that I am ageist, or picky etc and then want to come after me in the chatroom like i am the bad guy.

Well, let me tell you haters and you know who you are (i cant name names because of rules here); I made it to Philly as i said i would. I Offered a safe space for all: young and old, fat skinny, beginners and advanced. I gave plenty of notice. This area is not far from NYC or NJ areas or PA areas. I drove 4 hours and even in the rain, I made sure i showed up.

I am a wrestler first and foremost. I am legit. I train, ive won plenty of tournaments, I have considerable knowledge of the sport. Yes i am on this site for the erotic aspect, but I put that aside to see how many of you were and are actually serious abiut wrestling and learning. You have thoroughly disappointed me.

You also give a bad name to this site. Meetfighters: a site for fighters to meet. Yet the northeastern American guys do what? Chat about it but do nothing about it? Talk a good game and when invited, come up with a million excuses why you cant show? I had guys tell me "come back next week". No im not into private matches with guys im unattracted to. Dont hate me for it. Other guys are in this area but told me that they thought i wasnt going to meet them because of their age or weight. Again, excuses.

This is the reason I am might seem like a dick on here. This is also the reason ive lost faith in this site and in the people here. I have a lot to offer. It is your loss guys. It really is. And if anything, I have proven that I am not a joke. That i say what i do and do what i say. I also am not as picky as you all think so long as it is a public venue. Oh but I am not the popular ucw and bgeast guys that are on here, who will meet u only if ur hot or pay them to. If i was, you might have all showed up, drooling and already cum stained. A bunch of fangirls who prefer the fake wrestling. So keep on hating guys, but if today proved anything, it is that you are the real jerks and the real flakes. Enjoy your chatting and cyber nonsense. May it keep you out of shape and lusting for things you will never attain.

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Philly sunday

Gave everyone about 2 weeks, but reminding guys in NYC, Pa, and nj, that the mat is open to All ages all types. Will be in Philly at the address in my profile, from 2 to 4pm this Sunday. It is an episcopal church. They are located downstairs. 130p they start rolling out the mats.

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Meet and greet

I am going to try something new on here by blogging my plan to head down to the philadelphia area for the Spartans wrestling club. If there are guys on here who want to meet and wrestle on real mats, this would be the perfect opportunity for you. If you are looking to learn 1 or 2 things, this is also an opportunity for you.

The date will be september 9th. The time they start is 130pm but I will obviously post if I find out anything different. This gives many people on this site from nyc, PA, and NJ plenty of time to set aside that afternoon.

If distance is an issue, I am travelling 4.5 hours away just to try this, particularly at a safe space for those who are a bit more closeted than others. There is a fee to this club which is 10 dollars, but that is pretty standard and beats paying for a hotel room by far. I hope this blog entry stuff opens up some opportunity for the community here.

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