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And the Verdict is In

I have to say, I am not surprised though moderately disappointed in the northeastern guys that frequent this site. You complain that there is no place to wrestle or people to wrestle with. You talk about how you are all about being competetive and that you arent into erotic. You hate that I don't want to travel to you or am too far away or am unwilling to meet because i am not attracted to you; that I am ageist, or picky etc and then want to come after me in the chatroom like i am the bad guy.

Well, let me tell you haters and you know who you are (i cant name names because of rules here); I made it to Philly as i said i would. I Offered a safe space for all: young and old, fat skinny, beginners and advanced. I gave plenty of notice. This area is not far from NYC or NJ areas or PA areas. I drove 4 hours and even in the rain, I made sure i showed up.

I am a wrestler first and foremost. I am legit. I train, ive won plenty of tournaments, I have considerable knowledge of the sport. Yes i am on this site for the erotic aspect, but I put that aside to see how many of you were and are actually serious abiut wrestling and learning. You have thoroughly disappointed me.

You also give a bad name to this site. Meetfighters: a site for fighters to meet. Yet the northeastern American guys do what? Chat about it but do nothing about it? Talk a good game and when invited, come up with a million excuses why you cant show? I had guys tell me "come back next week". No im not into private matches with guys im unattracted to. Dont hate me for it. Other guys are in this area but told me that they thought i wasnt going to meet them because of their age or weight. Again, excuses.

This is the reason I am might seem like a dick on here. This is also the reason ive lost faith in this site and in the people here. I have a lot to offer. It is your loss guys. It really is. And if anything, I have proven that I am not a joke. That i say what i do and do what i say. I also am not as picky as you all think so long as it is a public venue. Oh but I am not the popular ucw and bgeast guys that are on here, who will meet u only if ur hot or pay them to. If i was, you might have all showed up, drooling and already cum stained. A bunch of fangirls who prefer the fake wrestling. So keep on hating guys, but if today proved anything, it is that you are the real jerks and the real flakes. Enjoy your chatting and cyber nonsense. May it keep you out of shape and lusting for things you will never attain.

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Philly sunday

Gave everyone about 2 weeks, but reminding guys in NYC, Pa, and nj, that the mat is open to All ages all types. Will be in Philly at the address in my profile, from 2 to 4pm this Sunday. It is an episcopal church. They are located downstairs. 130p they start rolling out the mats.

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Meet and greet

I am going to try something new on here by blogging my plan to head down to the philadelphia area for the Spartans wrestling club. If there are guys on here who want to meet and wrestle on real mats, this would be the perfect opportunity for you. If you are looking to learn 1 or 2 things, this is also an opportunity for you.

The date will be september 9th. The time they start is 130pm but I will obviously post if I find out anything different. This gives many people on this site from nyc, PA, and NJ plenty of time to set aside that afternoon.

If distance is an issue, I am travelling 4.5 hours away just to try this, particularly at a safe space for those who are a bit more closeted than others. There is a fee to this club which is 10 dollars, but that is pretty standard and beats paying for a hotel room by far. I hope this blog entry stuff opens up some opportunity for the community here.

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Harrassment on this site

It has come to my attention that someone on this site who I cannot name publicly is telling many of you that I am fake or whatever else. I reported him a few months ago because this is akin to harrassment and his account was suspended for a while. Now he is back. I lost interest in him after a long time of "yes no maybe so" for a meetup and he has been going out of his way to keep others from meeting me. I decided to blog this to make the site aware of this behaviour. You may hate me for whatever reason and many of you do, but I do not harrass any of you, nor tell people NOT to meet you. I let you all be.

So if you guys want to believe what this person is saying about mew that is your perogative, but LET ME BE. I have just as much right being here and am just as deserving of finding a hot guy as any of you, and certainly more deserving than many of the genuinely fake profiles on here.

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Same ol' same ol'

Man, I tell ya, the bs never stops. I am a decent fellow looking for a decent good looking fellow and yet for some reason, they just don't exist. I recently put up a very concise personal ad with awesome photos of myself on another site, and left it there for a few weeks. What do I get hitting me up? FAKE PROFILES. Guys sending me pics of 14 yr old boys? really? Blurry photos of dudes hiding their face behind a camera (pics that are probably stolen anyway). What is it with people doing that? Does just looking at me or my profile scream " I want to be treated like shit and toyed with?" or "I am fake so please only fake people hit me up"?

Enough is enough people. You want to meet me, read my profile. Read the 7 sentences of what I am looking for. If you are offended because I call you out on your BS, or how fake you seem, then DONT BE FAKE. I am not into older men and definitely not those who are out of shape. If THAT offends you, look and follow someone else. I am not being mean. I am being HONEST. Plus, if I flat out tell you what I am looking for in my profile, why would you still email me wanting to meet or have erotic fun with me?

Anyway, I know a lot of you tell me all I do is blog negative things. Well, maybe if something POSITIVE came my way, I wouldn't. Maybe if people would stop looking at my REAL profiles, the ones with pics of me, my wrestling, my smiles, my athletecism, my body, or even pics of me with family in some places like instagram, and thinking I am fake, or need to be put down for some messed up personal reason of yours, I could move past the negativity. I WANT a bf. I WANT love. I WANT a family. I WANT a simple, happy life with someone who wrestles. It isn't THAT farfetched or SPECIFIC. Many of you want the same thing even though you say you don't or tell me this isn't a site for that. WHAT SITE IS? THEY ARE ALL THE SAME, I know, I have been on MANY. Heck I see on grindr people looking only for WHITE, or only for transgender females with foot fetishes....AND I AM PICKY? let's get serious. People's animosity towards me stems from their own lack of self awareness. They see someone who knows who he is, what he wants, and isn't perfect, and they want to prove a point. What point, god only knows.

But here is MY point. Stop the BS. I am a GOOD person. I will write this a billion times over. I know I am good. I have given of myself to hundreds of kids, adults, gays, heteros, you name it. The gay wrestling clubs out there, I am sure I inspired quite a few people to make themselves better with wrestling just by showing them you CAN be gay AND WRESTLE. I always helped out even though I didn't have to. Travelled with little to no money across the country and didn't complain when they jipped me wrestling matches. Nope, I did a lot for them and I know I have. I don't need the thanks but I do not need the hate either. And sure there will be those who will probably write "the only people who say they are good, are clearly bad" among other things. NO, I am NOT perfect, but I am not the devil that I am made out to be. So stop treating me like one.

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