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24hrs in A+E!!!


Thank you

I'm not really one for celebrity articles or links BUT this could relate to each of us.

I certainly know that without the support of other wrestlers I'd be enjoying life less.

The following article is from the BBC

Johnson 'moved' by support over mental health

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Driving back from shopping today my daughter (10) spotted a Pride flag on the local fire station "Oooh look at that!"

I decided to question what she knew of it. She stumbled for a moment trying to find the words but eventually said it is for all people who are Gay, Bi, Transgender.

So I asked, what does Gay actually mean?

The answer is what makes ME proud, she said "it's where a boy likes another boy BUT I DONT UNDERSTAND WHY IT HAS TO HAVE A NAME."

I know people have fought long and hard for the right to be recognised in all walks of life and I applaud that fight. So if a 10 year old child can get it, why are there still so many idiots about.

Hopefully future generations will all come to her point of view.

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There are limits.........

Or at least there should be!

Being on this site has been one of the most liberating things I have done in years so in no way am I suggesting that people should be STOPPED doing anything.

What I am suggesting is that some people exercise more restraint.

Why oh why, do people need to post 3+ blog posts in a day? There are so many people to interact with in the real world. Maybe go out and talk to them, or maybe better wrestle them.

If admin were to limit blogs to 1 per day I would back it whole heartedly.

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Vice Video

For those that don't know there is a video online that describes Meet fighters as a pure fetish site. I haven't included a link as I don't want to further promote it

OK let's get it said up front.

The guys who were on that video are nice guys, I have met most and wrestled some a number of times. THEY ARE NOT AT FAULT, it is the production company.

However the result of the video is that people are leaving the site due to the implication and or inference that everyone on the site has the same wants. This is patently not true and unfair to the people who have worked so hard to make this a wrestling place.

Let's be more tolerant to people generally, if they have a desire for something let them have it, just privately. They should not make the assumption everyone shares their wants. Every guy I have wrestled has understood limits.

I'm sure that some of the group meets I have attended involved people doing stuff I didn't know about. So what? Let's get on with life.

If I do leave the site is in the near future you will know why.

Please stay in touch if you have my mobile details as I want to keep wrestling.

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