Seems like an epidemic – More disappearing in the past several months than the previous two-plus years. Help me find opponents. Another past opponent (from a New England state, but with DC area ties) dropped off the site (profile gone) – when c 13:00 today, the opponent count dropped from 60 to 59 right before my eyes .

Seems like every time I get up to around 60 past opponents or above, other members are quitting the site – otherwise would have been well over 70 by now. Never going to get that 100 mark if this keeps up. Want to meet up with some men who are into this action to hang around – both taking me on AND staying with this great site. Wish the Washington DC area had more members who actually wrestle/grapple to be able to host here in my matroom or get invites from.

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BilBeaux (0 gold) 10/12/2018 3:15 AM

As I am 67 - so many of my former post-collegiate /early adult life sparring partners are now dead.
I haven’t sparred in years. I envy you.

My first regular and first (of several) gay boxing friends is still in touch at 68.
Would love to spar with him again, but he smokes and has a bad leg.

Another 67 year old boxing gay friend - of 35 years ago - who runs and boxes younger guys - is now in Brazil doing charity work. Have to wonder if he has found boxing partners there.

Had MF existed during my DC tenure, would have looked you up.
Then again - maybe not until later.
My security clearances and “aberrant behavior” would not have made a good job mix.
Being in DC - you understand the way it was 20-30 years ago.

(Ah, the days of CityPaper listings for wrestlers and private boxing partners.
Is the old DuPont Circle Mansion wrestling and massage group - still in existence?)


Spruceman (63 platinum) 10/12/2018 3:38 AM

As far as I know there is no organized gay/kink wrestling-fighting scene in the DC area. Rather dull scene, period. The old DC Wrestling Club, which met on 14th St NW between Q and R folded quite a few years ago. Since maybe because I am 76, I don't get invited to any private get sporting togethers here in so age-conscious DC – if the get togethers exist in the first place. I rely a lot on guys visiting DC as tourists, business gatherings/conventions, lobbyists, whatever. I set up that Mid-Atlantic Fighters group here on MeetFighters, in hope of breathing some life into the fight scene locally. Hope that does some good.


BilBeaux (0 gold) 10/12/2018 3:48 AM

Wrestling scene on MF seems pretty big.
Boxing growing.
Was in DC 84-2008.


BilBeaux (0 gold) 10/12/2018 7:03 AM

I am straight but my whole spin on gay folks fighting changed while I lived there.
Made a lot of gay friends, including women whom I am still close with.
Very few have any idea of my other life interest in boxing.


Spruceman (63 platinum) 10/12/2018 12:51 PM

Good thing I have my own mat room, even have mats on its walls; as since joining the site almost 3 years ago, I have never been invited by anyone living inside the Beltway to wrestle at his place for any action. A decent number farther out and numerous internationally (especially the UK). But my travel options are rather limited.


BilBeaux (0 gold) 10/12/2018 9:27 PM

You live in WV?
Folks give that State a bad rap.
I loved chasing trains out there and Martinsburg when the premium Mall was alive there.
Some bar on the outside of Martinsburg - on the way to Charles Town - tried boxing cards every now and then, but I am not a “bar guy”.
I see where WV has a big Toughman variation all over. Still not my crowd...

My years in DC were “dry” for boxing - several of my employees at 3 jobs - I would have loved to spar with them but as a manager - would have caused issues. I belonged to a Nautilus gym but it had no real attraction to me.

Found out years later - 2 of my former guys WOULD have boxed with me - had I asked.
One said that he wouldn’t have been judgemental - it “would have been fun”.
Oh, well.


Spruceman (63 platinum) 10/12/2018 10:18 PM

(In reply to this)

Live in Arlington VA----WV is a cabin up a 4X4 road (walkup only in winter) It is isolated – no utilities, no cell service – only communication w the outside world is CB, ham radio, or satellite phone.