Seventy-Five minutes working the abs/obliques, even around to the back with 1,800 of the kinkiest "crunches" and "holding them tight" for the whole 75. (pretending there's some beefcake out there who would punch or kick the gut if he saw them relax for a second). The abs part alone would be about 3,000 were it not for tightening up in two directions at the same time.

In addition, don't waste other parts of the body. Don't support your head with your hands–Use the hands to push down on the forehead or the sides, to toughen up the neck (Very lightly until they start tuffening up) – tuffen them so maybe if you get in a car wreck, you're less likely to end up paralyzed neck down for life from a whiplash. and flex the glutes (butt) at times – Yeah a saggy butt is even uglier than a sagging pussgut (c.f. an unnamed world leader.) Don't want a butt needing a roller skate attached to keep it from scraping on the pavement like his. Work the thighs against each other, flex the calves, so you can better scissor your rassling buddies.

And when holding a crunch for 10 or more seconds, can do all kinds of things – hold both legs at 45-60-degree angle, punching the abs, use your imagination, but no masturbating allowed. Enuf for now until hitting the weights later this afternoon.

In the Help Beautify America Department, let's lobby for a law making it legal to punch shirtless guys in the abs. That way, the flabbies will keep the uglies covered, and the tough will get off on being hit there, or at least get tougher from keeping them tight. (Should be taut when in striking range regardless). The satisfaction of giving a puncher that distinctive "F-U" Smile like "Is that all you can do?"

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