Longer version (hope it's not too boring :) ) of the basic profile text; as it is good to keep that to maybe 2/3 a screen; yet have lots to say for the few who want more info about a guy. Guess there is no way to keep it from appearing in that master blog-entry list. Having an extended "profile" might better keep this up with current action / changes.

At the topside is: Have an interest in learning all the fighting sports; thus WORKOUT PARTNERS, COACHING WANTED. Participation in events dependent on find ride to/from them and sharing motel/hotel (will pay for gas & tolls) NOTE: OFTEN CAN HOST ON VERY SHORT NOTICE. Mats are cleaned each morning and after each encounter. Often can be ready for action in less time than for you to travel from downtown DC to my place in Arlington

I will take on most anyone who is reasonably fit, clean, safe, friendly – and wants to train or compete. Have matroom (pics of it in gallery). Come warm weather, join me in the back yard, where we can really move around doing more aggressive foot/leg work and judo action

Any/all interests not listed below are open for discussion.. Am competitive at submission style but am able to wrestle at beginner level too and show newbies the ropes”. Will be improving at ALL fight styles, Intensity adaptable, always safe. Will mentor/work with new(er) guys.

The entire Blog has info about my wants, training, and what I can offer. The recommendations have the rest of the story. Usually can host, sometimes multi day. Right now have 50 past opponents, putting me inside the top three percent of the members of the site. When it comes to recommendations, more than 90 percent of my opponents on the site filed reports – compare that percentage with other guys having a significant number of opponents.

Getting toughening-up mentoring from RadnerBearman - -and I am l mentoring Scrimmagejock, BoxerVA, and Just_Dan in submission wrestling/grappling– You next? NYJohn247 is–my newest.

Fighting-sport WORKOUT PARTNERS WANTED (group & 1 on 1) . Let's train regularly together – and with a variety of builds/tactics – and have fun doing it. Of necessity, want local guys for regulars – But visitors to the area are most welcome to work out with me as in TAKE ME ON and find out for yourself a man my age can still kick ass, as several twenty somethings from here and other sites found out around the time of my big 75.

Without sounding too self aggrandizing, let me make things clear. I am reasonably skilled; I am strong; I am tough; I can handle most everything guys throw at me, and can pitch it right back; as am stronger now than ever in my life. So let's discuss some rough action while we are at it. Also I can do things light and be one of the friendliest and caring guys this side of heaven.

Don't let that I am married to a guy I've been with 40 years get you uptight (1) We have our own separate scenes (2) It's an open relationship (3) I'm polyamorous. And don't let my age scare you off. I do not make age an issue of wrestling/grappling. I never exploit my opponent's youth and inexperience [Like hell I don't. :)[ Playwise, I tend to be top in everything except that I'm a power bottom–the old "kiss me like you love me; f*** me like you you hate me" deep 'n' hard.]

Been told my grip is like a vise and can even hold tight in oil wrestling. Also been told that I probably can take any local member's gutpunch without folding. By the way---If you think anything in my profile (or blog entries) is bullsh*t, you are welcome to visit, test me out, and see what I say is gospel truth.

One thing I find very lacking locally is that men go home right after the wrestling is over. It would really be great to do some conversation, going out for something to eat, just hanging around, group activities---i.e., a sense of community. Probably not having a local wrestling club is a contributing factor to this shortfall. Let's change that; and be a community.

BTW. If I say I am willing / want to meet you on the mats, I mean it. If you say likewise, I expect your to mean it – otherwise don't say it! I'm not here to play games or bullsh*t around – there are other sites around for that kind of crap. This site's name embodies my reason for being here.

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