When I tell someone I want to meet up with him now or the next time he is available locally, I mean it. I am not into bullsh*tting guys with games or an endless streams of "next time I can," which literally can go on for years. I expect the same – no bull sh*tting. If you want to and intend to meet up when the opportunity arises, say so. It you really have no desire or intention to do so, don't say you are going to meet me in the first place.

Amazes me when guys 10,000 miles away (or even 10 miles), on the site for years, with no or few past opponents, give me (and other site members) a song and dance about how much they want to and intend to meet up – saying it time after time, year after year – be it in DC/MD/VA area, Texas, or India.

I think most the genuine wrestlers/grapplers/and similar folks here share my feelings on the subject. My goal is the very name of this site. If you are on my favorites list, consider it a standing invite.

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