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Leathermen in the BDSM M/S Scene Who Wrestle/Grapple Are Rare.

Wrestling leathermen. Finding guy in the leather 'community' has been a long-time fetish of mine. But they are rare to find. I have tried to recruit leathermen into it, inviting them to put on some of my leathers, and go at it on the mats. A few of the more submissive types seem to have liked it, none of the Doms have – Or at least that has been my experience.

While wrestling could appear as a natural to serve as a prelude to or even be the full BDSM session, men in the BDSM scene, the leather scene, are probably less likely to wrestle/grapple/box/mma than "Joe Average Guy". In BDSM, the Dom - sub relationship is predetermined, whereas in wrestling, that is mainly limited to pro wrestling. Not the more competitive genres. Can you imagine if a sub–boy, slave, what ever whipped the Dom's butt at wrestling, mma, etc. It would be TEOTWAWKI for the Dom, the whole relationship could unravel – el mas pronto :) especially if the Dom's friends witness it or otherwise find out.

Exceptions do exist, as elsewhere in life. If you think it's not so rare, come prove me wrong. Put on your leathers, get your butt over here, and have a go at it. If I whip your ass, I'll keep it secret.

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Spruceman's Profile -- Long Version

Longer version (hope it's not too boring :) ) of the basic profile text; as it is good to keep that to maybe 2/3 a screen; yet have lots to say for the few who want more info about a guy. Guess there is no way to keep it from appearing in that master blog-entry list. Having an extended "profile" might better keep this up with current action / changes.

At the topside is: Have an interest in learning all the fighting sports; thus WORKOUT PARTNERS, COACHING WANTED. Participation in events dependent on find ride to/from them and sharing motel/hotel (will pay for gas & tolls) NOTE: OFTEN CAN HOST ON VERY SHORT NOTICE. Mats are cleaned each morning and after each encounter. Often can be ready for action in less time than for you to travel from downtown DC to my place in Arlington

I will take on most anyone who is reasonably fit, clean, safe, friendly – and wants to train or compete. Have matroom (pics of it in gallery). Come warm weather, join me in the back yard, where we can really move around doing more aggressive foot/leg work and judo action

Any/all interests not listed below are open for discussion.. Am competitive at submission style but am able to wrestle at beginner level too and show newbies the ropes”. Will be improving at ALL fight styles, Intensity adaptable, always safe. Will mentor/work with new(er) guys.

The entire Blog has info about my wants, training, and what I can offer. The recommendations have the rest of the story. Usually can host, sometimes multi day. Right now have 52 past opponents, putting me at almost the top two and a half percent of the members of the site. When it comes to recommendations, more than 90 percent of my opponents on the site filed reports – compare that percentage with other guys having a significant number of opponents.

Getting toughening-up mentoring from RadnerBearman - -and I am l mentoring Scrimmagejock, BoxerVA, and Just_Dan in submission wrestling/grappling– You next? NYJohn247 is–my newest.

Fighting-sport WORKOUT PARTNERS WANTED (group & 1 on 1) . Let's train regularly together – and with a variety of builds/tactics – and have fun doing it. Of necessity, want local guys for regulars – But visitors to the area are most welcome to work out with me as in TAKE ME ON and find out for yourself a man my age can still kick ass, as several twenty somethings from here and other sites found out around the time of my big 75.

Without sounding too self aggrandizing, let me make things clear. I am reasonably skilled; I am strong; I am tough; I can handle most everything guys throw at me, and can pitch it right back; as am stronger now than ever in my life. So let's discuss some rough action while we are at it. Also I can do things light and be one of the friendliest and caring guys this side of heaven.

Don't let that I am married to a guy I've been with 40 years get you uptight (1) We have our own separate scenes (2) It's an open relationship (3) I'm polyamorous. And don't let my age scare you off. I do not make age an issue of wrestling/grappling. I never exploit my opponent's youth and inexperience [Like hell I don't. :)[ Playwise, I tend to be top in everything except that I'm a power bottom–the old "kiss me like you love me; f*** me like you you hate me" deep 'n' hard.]

Been told my grip is like a vise and can even hold tight in oil wrestling. Also been told that I probably can take any local member's gutpunch without folding. By the way---If you think anything in my profile (or blog entries) is bullsh*t, you are welcome to visit, test me out, and see what I say is gospel truth.

One thing I find very lacking locally is that men go home right after the wrestling is over. It would really be great to do some conversation, going out for something to eat, just hanging around, group activities---i.e., a sense of community. Probably not having a local wrestling club is a contributing factor to this shortfall. Let's change that; and be a community.

BTW. If I say I am willing / want to meet you on the mats, I mean it. If you say likewise, I expect your to mean it – otherwise don't say it! I'm not here to play games or bullsh*t around – there are other sites around for that kind of crap. This site's name embodies my reason for being here.

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Mean What You Say---or Don't Say It

When I tell someone I want to meet up with him now or the next time he is available locally, I mean it. I am not into bullsh*tting guys with games or an endless streams of "next time I can," which literally can go on for years. I expect the same – no bull sh*tting. If you want to and intend to meet up when the opportunity arises, say so. It you really have no desire or intention to do so, don't say you are going to meet me in the first place.

Amazes me when guys 10,000 miles away (or even 10 miles), on the site for years, with no or few past opponents, give me (and other site members) a song and dance about how much they want to and intend to meet up – saying it time after time, year after year – be it in DC/MD/VA area, Texas, or India.

I think most the genuine wrestlers/grapplers/and similar folks here share my feelings on the subject. My goal is the very name of this site. If you are on my favorites list, consider it a standing invite.

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Today's "Match" With a Prospective Member

Hosted a guy from another site. Was under the impression he had done very little wrestling in his life. Had me thinking I might be able to teach him a few basics. WOW! Was I so wrong!.

Owned me on the mats from nanosecond number one – Was nice enough to let me get a couple taps on him. Talking afterwards, come to find out he had done lots of wrestling/grappling and learned a lot of combat self defense in the military. Strong, knowledgeable, and moves at the speed of light (well, seemed that way, sans relativistic effects that is) overwhelming.

Sure highlights my need to get more instruction/training. That's more than a hint, my fellow members.

Makes me proud that he wants an encore. I'm trying to get him to join MeetFighters. He'd be a real asset to the site. Will amend this if he does; and he'll sure get a durned great recommendation from me.

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Another Great Match with a Post-Match Surprise

I thought I had posted this; but looks like is gone: A guy from another site wanted to meet up just to see what wrestling was all about, what it felt like. I get queries from out-of-site because I keep my profile here in public-view to attract offies. Got together in my matroom; and found something odd for someone who said he never wrestled (and merely assumed did no other fight sport) – trying to use his legs in ways I hadn't seen from wrestling, but reminded me of waaaaay back in the antiquities of the '60s of doing some Jhoon Rhee TKD classes.

Instinct told me to stay in close, keep to his lside and take him down to the mat stat., and go flat at 90 full weight on chest and on my toes. And voila!! Owned his ass as I worked his arms to Discomfort City.

Afterwards, we chatted a bit, only to learn he earned a black belt in Tae kwon do over at Rhee's – even had his gi and belt in his bag and hadn't noticed it. – mystery solved as to his seemingly odd newbie wrestling style. Asked about encores as I hoped we could exchange info, tactics of our respective sport; but he never followed up to my queries over there. I sure could stand to pick up on more fight styles – for both sport and self-defense out there in the real world.

It all incented me to start working the legs more – front/back of upper, knees, lowers, ankles, and feet what a wide range of tools – and more so with the arms as well – working on both strength and dexterity. So you men here, be prepared for those bolts out of the blue as well.

Nearly s**t a brick that I had just tangled with and taken down, owned a TKD black belt – but I guess the style taught there makes less use of the fists than I remembered it – but staying in close to the lesser side followed by take down might had kept that in check as well. OTOH, all might have been pure luck and I could never replicate it if I run into another TKD man here. Take on all styles; as I want to diversify to the max, as long as it's safe.

Bigger question is: If I had posted this here before, why did it go. If not, then where did I post it? BTW: If you think this is some kind of BS, there's only one way to find out for sure it's not – by taking me on, and finding out it is not..

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Rip and Strip (aka Rip) Wrestling -- Let's get with it, guys!!!

I was just watching some rip wrestling in business suits clips on site. They seem so lame compared to what I have done off camera in the past. If that's the best they can muster, I got to put the new camcorder to use and make some ball-bustin' rip wrestling to post here.

The most egregious faux pas are the ones where the men remove their jackets and ties before even starting. That's at least half the contend of a match trashed before it even gets started. There has to be serious prep work to include jackets and ties for both safety and dramatic effect – most notably weakening at the seams for the jackets, and either loose fastening or product sabotage for the ties.

I want to find someone(s) who like rip wrestling and into doing video. Nothing super professionally cut and edited. Just let the video "roll" if the action is hot enough with a good violent rip look to it, everything else can be forgiven. The big thing is in the suit jackets – keeping strength in the lapels to work it akin to a judo gi – so there can be some good tossing around–then get into serious rip action.

Maybe that's revealing too many possible trade secrets; but if doing so incents guys to make some realistic, violent looking rip in suits videos out there, it's worth it. Be happy to be part of the action if you are into doing this kind of action to put more life into rip and strip video.

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Happy to announce I recruited yet another man to this site NYJOHN247. I look forward to hosting him in my matroom for a multi-day session to get him started here, and to introduce him to my other protégés. Happy to recruit men with a genuine interest in the fight sports to the site – never knowingly recruit a bullsh*tter.

Update March 5. He enjoys the site and told me today he'll be a contributing member. Also will be visiting me in June for some lengthy and intensive training with me and at least a couple of my other protégés. He'll be kicking @ss soon enough

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Let's do some real first

The messages back and forth this morning were almost funny and serious simultaneously. Amusing to be approached about wrestling from someone saying he wants you to come to some hotel/motel room; for a match; I usually counter that he come here and do things on real wrestling mats. But within several backs 'n' forths, the real agenda manifests – it's simply "Come to my hotel room; work me over; bloody me up; bruise me up where it doesn't show to my wife and my coworkers; and f*** my ass." [oh, and forget doing any actual wrestling]. In reality, a mattress is not my favored wrestling venue except when there is absolutely no alternative, nowhere, no how – and I want something in the Real Wrestling Department for my effort.

Ok. I can enjoy [safely] working a guy over, even a bloody nose and some bruises [where the wife who hasn't seen his naked body in over a decade won't see them], if that's what he wants. But for gawd sakes!! Let's at least make it part of a wrestling match, competitive or even promission or playful pro or below-the-neck fisticuffs. I'd rather think of myself as a wrestler rather than a free callboy. Just come over; join me on the mats; put up some kind of a fight; and let me earn the supposed "right" to work you over. That's more into preserving my dignity, my self worth in sporting life, be it with or without sex.

Happy to take on guys for real matches on real mats. Local guys; give me an invite or ask for one. It can be playful, lite, rougher – pro, promission, submission, mma, whatever – followed by some form of socializing, be it food, entertainment, or the sex. Anyone local with a ring?

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Great Match With A Long-Term Bud

Great encounter with a friend, yesterday, (Feb 19, 2018) with whom I have wrestled for over a decade. Another one of those men who have grown stronger and better looking over the years. Rock hard and can take a really hard gut punch – can throw hard ones, also; as his primary scene is boxing. Despite having to go easy with my left arm; as I didn't want to disturb 4-day old stitches from surgery on the upper back, I made one of my strongest showings – even adjusting for where the difference in his and my mass would matter. He sure made his best showing of strength and skill likewise.

I felt I was going easy as I was doing the mentoring talk while doing all the holds and motions; but he said quite the opposite – as he described later – stronger than ever – as an ox. He is one hulluva lot stronger, too – felt it, he sure shows it as well. Great that both he and I are getting stronger and more skilled in tandem. It's even greater to have friends like BoxerVA, who considers me as his mentor in Wrestling/grappling – honored to mentor him and appreciate the mentoring he's providing me in the Boxing Department.

If it's bragging–yes---I will brag about my good-wrestler friends I am mentoring VABoxer, SchrimmageJock, and Just_Dan – along with my self. We're all great and growing better. Don't believe it? Take us on; and see for yourself, right here in my matroom (matroom rule is everyone present wrestles everyone else present).

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Another of My Better Matches

It's high time I put in some entries here of some great times I have had since taking up wrestling/grappling – this one dates back about 18 or so months concerning a man from yet another site (whose name / personal info will remain confidential) I posted this over on a social media site in reply to something I had received responding to one of my posts – - figured I'd share it here, as it's more appropriate for MeefFighters: (w minor edits)

"I like taking on some big (strong) guys – they are often easier to handle and fall harder than the short men. But I like taking on all sizes, builds (except when big means soft fat). Variety is needed to practice tactics – their likelihood of success varies among size, build, limb ratios, etc. So far two of my most enjoyable ones were a couple guys – both bigger ones – who tried to get {what some might call) excessively rough.

{One has been described in [a blog entry farther down here]. The other was from a different site, who said he wanted to learn how to wrestle, how to grapple–and wanted it a regular thing. Within 5 minutes he went from lamb to lion and tried to pull out all the stops against me.

WOW, I was amazed how I was able to keep my cool, and take him down (and almost out) without injuring him. He did get introduced to a couple things, however, a kimura and a sleeper (forgot what else, it was all so quick) What a rush, which kept me high for several days.

This guy, who could have been material for a USMC recruiting poster, ended up saying he thought that the fighting sports were not his thing. The only injury to him was self-inflicted---He tucked in his tail with such speed/force that it probably crushed his private parts to the point I doubt if he will ever sire offspring.

I have sent him a few invites to come back and pick up where we left off (I could stand another multi-day high) and try to be as rough as he wants. (as I had used maybe 20% of my resources when I took him down and nearly to sleep)."

In reality: I think he learned his lesson and would remain the lamb if he ever returned. Sure wish he would be it lion or lamb He was so hot looking that if it were translated to body temperature, it could keep a city block warm in the deep mid winter. This guy was fresh out of college, young and well built. . He was strong – just not quite enough.

I took him down, stat. young enough to be a grandson. So if you are one of these men who hand sh*t to guys my age about being over the hill, beware---You might not be able to back that up. Not all us older guys are candidates for either the nursing home (house of the living dead) nor the funeral home (house of the already dead). He inspired me for sure – to take on four other twenty-something men to celebrate my big 75th birthday.

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WOW!!! 26 Months on this Great Site

Been on this site for about 26 months, had over 50 different opponents (50 reported and a few who preferred privacy) and fought a few from several other sites. Ninety percent provided written recommendations here – a very high ratio. Great thing is that Number 5-O was with DenverWrestler – the site's top dawg in the opponent count. – who visited me along with ScrimmageJock in my matroom.

One thing in common is that I enjoyed EVERY ONE of my opponents. From each, I either learned how to become a better wrestler/grappler, and/or helped them to become better. I would be up to do encores with every one of them – including a very small number, who probably out of newbie enthusiasm (or try-to-beat-up-the-"instructor" syndrome), became unruly – every one, no exceptions, even those very few would-be tough guys** who now know better – you are welcome to come take me on again.

So this site is scoring 100 percent for me; and I'm hoping that the rest of this year will land me at least 50 more opponents, new friends – to take on more local guys as well as the many out-of-towners – and to find a couple regular training partners. As for men from other sites – mostly who had never wrestled as adults, if they liked the experience, I recruit them to join MeetFighters and [hopefully] become supporting members. Fellow members: come take me on.

In the Forward Looking Statement Department:Check out the men whom I have taken on both a year ago (or longer) and recently, such as Just_Dan and BoxerVA They can note the change for the better over the past year. This year, a lot more will be happening; so I suggest guys take me on now to get a baseline from which they can see subsequently where I am going in the course of the year. Check me every couple months as I progress. During the year, you too, will improve as we learn from each other. Think of a symbiotic thing; you'll' be glad a year from now if you do, just ask ScrimmageJock how things have changed in less than three months for both of us.

**7/24/2017 Blog entry farther down about one. One of my most enjoyable matches.

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Matroom Expansion

It's only by 13 or so square feet; but it brings the space up to 107 square feet. The bigger effort today was cutting up two new mats to add one or two feet to the height of the matted area on the walls---giving the appearance now of a navy blue, Dollamur mat cage. Hope it begets more action as it is now a safer environment for rougher play. Pics will be posted soon. If only I could add to the height, but height-sensitive action will have to wait for warm weather, when we can brawl in the backyard. If you are serious about action on the mats and are fit enough to do it, think of this as an invite to over here to take me on and experience the set up.

UPDATE 2/9/2018 New Pics of Improved Matroom are in GALLERY----Folder "Matroom As of 2/7/2018" Let's Rumble, Guys!!!

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Outdoor Matspace Temporarily Down

We're still in the bleak midwinter; and the tarps were getting frayed, so down they come. They were due late last fall for replacement, and it's not exactly the nicest time of the year for backyard grappling – I had been letting winter have its blast at the existing tarps to see how much of weather's fury they could take---

Thinking of taking down the cables, relocating the poles, to expanding the space to better accommodate the 362 square feet of Dollamur[tm] mats I have stored in an adjacent shed – and making room for video recording the action; since I plan to get a decent camcorder. . Looking forward to having something equal or better than what I had last year come April (if there is interest by fellow members here).

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Are You Planning Ahead for Spring?

It might be the bleak, cold of mid-Winter, right now; but in a couple months , it will be the start of Spring TOURIST season in Washington DC, and soon there will also be lots of lobbyists coming to the area as well. Some of you might be starting right now to plan for a trip to the National Capital area.

If you are either or anyone else coming to town (or even a local), how about keeping me in mind if you are into most things relevant to the MeetFighters site. Have 48 past opponents from this site, and more on the way (He hopes).

Lots of details can be found in my profile's text, pics, recommendations, and other blog entries here, including pics of my indoor matroom and the private back yard .wrestling/grappling area.

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2018 Things I Really Want to Find

Finding submission matches (as well as gut punching and body boxing) has its ups and downs; but 2017 has been my best year yet, despite the lack of significant gatherings within 100-plus miles of Washington DC.. But there are scenes I want to get into and incorporate as regular parts of my "fight-scene" life. . Any help in finding local action for things such as (1) Pro (2) Promission (3) Rip & Strip (4) Full Leathers (5) Oil (6) Full Clothing, (7) Judo and Other Martial Arts (8) Outdoor Wrestling/MMA would be greatly appreciated. I realize that many men are not into any or some of these; but it's a good time to think about trying one or more out to "widen the horizons"

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Do I Have a "Pro Look" to Me? Should I Go for it This Year?

Quite a few men here tell me I have a "pro look, pro build" to me, What do you think, as I want to do some pro action.

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Multi Tasking Part 2B

You saw Part 2A, the easy part-----Now for the tuff part, taking up as much as half or more of the session, where for each of 100 reps, you are holding each crunch as tight as your can. (Don't forger, you are NOT fully relaxing during any part of the entire session). Just imagine your nemesis is standing by and will be punching that gut when you are least expecting it. And this is not one of the crunch days yur devoting to pounding that gut.

All kinds of things to do with the rest of the body.

(1) The neck: If yur new to all this, you might be having to clasp your hands behind your head to keep you neck from going limp like that of a dead turtle. Start by tightening those neck muscles, even if only a few seconds without keeping it up with your hands, and do that longer and longer time after time. You need those hands 'n' arms for better things. At some point that neck should be tuff enuf so you can be using those arms to push down on your head or push it sideways, resisting with the neck muscles.

(2) Meanwhile, don't let the legs go to waste---scissor them, tightening them against each other as if yur doing a scissors on an invisible opponent – do them tight and see how long you can keep them tight. Work them both horizontally and vertically against each other

(3) At the same time, tighten up those butt muscles, the glutes. Few things look worse on a man than a butt that droops halfway down to the floor. Strive to be a literal hard ass.

(4) While doing all that use the bottom of one foot to press the top of the other real hard. Switch feet.

(5) When giving the neck a rest, use those arms as noted in my earlier blog post about multi tasking –, and work them against each other, with tightly clasped hands to strengthen the grip as you are using one arm to resist the other hard as you can at all crazy angles.

(6) Feel free to flex those back muscles while yur at it

(7) Come to think of it, much of this can also be done during all those other reps for the abs – the other 1,100 or so. Especially if the barbells, dumbbells, machines are not available. While at it, try some or all of this while you are on a Bosu, working wonders for the lower gut. Later on, try some keeping the eyes closed. Best if the Bosu is on your wrestling matt so if you go ass over head off the Bosu, it's not a hard floor. :)

**As always, start light 'n' easy and work up. If yur not used to strenuous exercise or are egregiously out of shape, check with yur licensed medical professional before starting this or really going out hellaciously with this. Merely relating here what I do with this on days I'm not pounding the gut or working out with the equipment I have scattered all over the house. Hit the mats with me; and as you may be tapping out, you will see this kind of working out at age 75 is not a waste of my time.**

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Multi Tasking Part 2A

I spend up to an hour a day working the gut and the mid section in general. Part 2A is the crunch work part. 2B will be the multi-tasking part. I do an hour of crunch work. Why so long for only 1,200 or so? You'll see.

On the back, below the knees part of the legs on the weight bench. First 300 standard ho-hum crunches – the kind most people restricts themselves to. Then it's a hundred crunches (#301-400) still on my back at all various to the left half are ordinary; while the other half are the same various angles but add in a second angle simultaneously. You are crunches at the various angles and at the same time crunching 90 degrees from those angles also. Then you work the other side likewise (#401-500).

Number 501-600 is gut still flexed---YOu keep that but flexed nonstop for the whole section, no goofing up, crunch up and swing as far left as you can do it and then swing to the other side. Do 100 of those.

    • REPS 601-700 – are the hard part and takes up anywhere 15 to 30-plus minutes depending how long you take for each rep, say 6 to 20 seconds each ---This is where Part 2 will be detailed in the next entry, and is where you really multitask. You can opt to pound the gut during the entire period, but 601-700 is the most interesting part. This is up to or more than half the session, where you are less likely to think you are spending too much time on the abs alone, as you are working a lot more of the body – especially if you can't hit the weights today. **

701-900 is turning to your left as much as you can and do the same thing you did in reps 301-500; and reps 901-1100 is the same on your left side, – lower legs still on the bench so you feel really twisted.

1100-1190 is cooling down a bit being crunched and crunching up as tight as you can in a circular direction–switching clockwise/counter clockwise from time to time.

1201, st seq. or variant on some of the preceding: Can stop, or to make it interesting, some days doing it with the back on a Bosu–might want to work your balance doing all this on the Bosu, by keeping yourself with eyes clothes. You'll find it easier to stay on that Bosu if you do it nude; as your flesh will stick to the Bosu if you are not textiled. Doing it on a Bosu has distinct advantages (1) Works the lower gut below the navel more intensively (2) the on-the-back crunches can go as full sit-ups without messing up the tailbone (3) train your ability to balance, especially if you keep your eyes closed doing it.

Another thing one can do (except when doing the kind of stuff for 601-700) is have a weight on your chest, anywhere from 10 pounds up (I'm currently doing them with 40 lb)

Next section, Multi Tasking Part 2B ---- is the interesting part–Reps 601-600- As always, if you haven't engaged in vigorous exercise recently, start light and make sure your licensed medical professional believes it is safe for you.

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Come Join Me Here

This is the matroom here at the house. Ten by Ten with a double layer of Dollamur[tm] mats on the floor and single-layer Dollamurs on the sides. This provides a safe area for most intensity levels. I like to have a balanced mix of trainees/opponents. 1/3 brand new members and others with fewer than 4 or 5 past opponents; 1/3 quite experienced with 20 or more; 1/3 the guys in between. Open to hosting very small groups provided everyone wrestles (grapples) everyone else present and are willing to share tactics so everyone leaves knowing more than when they arrived. Be clean, safe, sober, and in brotherhood. (Private space in the backyard in mild weather)

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Steady Training Partners Wanted

If one expects to become a good wrestler, and remain a good wrestler, he should engage in matches or serious training a couple hours, two or three times a week. This is precisely what I want to do; but so far has happened rather rarely.

Anyone nearby seeking regular training partners? I could stand to have enough to ensure up to six hours of practicing holds, sparring, etc. Wrestling, light MMA, whatever. Demographics don't matter; Prefer those who take care of their bodies, reasonably HWP and within a feasible weight range (about 0-30 Lbs) for sparring. Check out my profile and recommendations for more info re: me. While I welcome very much travelers into the local area, for steady training purposes it is local men that I need, who can come enough so we can work out and become better at it.

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October Has Been a Great Month---Help Me Have a Great November!!!

See that title about October???? Now's the time to help me make November great by joining me on the mats!!!

More than ten opponents in October with men from this site alone (more than all other sites combined), capped off with Halloween Day action with a good friend – Best month ever for wresting, and continuing a good spell running since May. It's helping me to become better; and am looking forward to finding more opponents before the customary Thanksgiving-to-New Years fallow spell sets in (Hoping to mitigate that dry spell, too). Want to find more guys to help me continue to grow in the sport and to get that 'past opponent count" up.

Open to most guys on the site; and have double layered Dollamur mats on the floor and single-layer Dollamurs on the walls, here in the house, enabling a safe environment for action at most intensity levels. Private outdoor space as well (weather permitting) Wrestling, judo, mma, body punching. Come take me on.

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Oct 25, 2017: The Matroom Is About As Good As It Can Get

**NEW October 25, 2017 Dollamur Flexi-Roll[tm] mats on Floor now double in thickness, making it safer for harder falls &/or heavier loads Since the floor itself is concrete, I feel the added matting thickness is necessary for hard action.**

I just did my final splurge on mat acquisition; and now have things pretty much as best I can given the size of the house. (1) a 10 X 10 ft space with Dollamur[tm] mats, with the same-grade mats five ft high on the side walls, shelving, etc. (2) In the back yard up to 264 sq ft Dollamur mat space surrounded by tarps hanging from cables for privacy (privacy if the wind's not blowing too hard :) ) without having to dismantle anything in the house – outdoor mats stored in adjoining outbuilding.

Only time I'd have to dismantle what's in the house is if I want double thickness outside to make really rough action a bit safer – or to truck them out to the mountain place in WV. Or need to have workmen there; and that even led to their curiosity about all the piled-up mats, gi, etc, which led to one of them doing some gutpunching with me :) Never pass up an opp.

Looking forward to hosting guys here–whether it's one guy vs me, or a few guys all willing to grapple with everyone else (my hard rule, so nobody is left out). Neighbors all know I wrestle/mma; so that's no problem either. Which is good; otherwise their seeing men carrying large gym bags in and out of the place might believe something less sporting is going on.

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Moving Up -- I'm for Real

Checked today (as of Saturday, January 27, 2018 20:20 Hrs)) where having 49 confirmed past opponents puts me well up there among the distribution of the folks here on the site. Of the 15,576 members, the median number of opponents is only ONE (barely above the zero-one boundary) and the mean (average) was SEVEN . In terms of rankings, the members with 49 were in 430th to 449th place–(average rank=439.5 or 2.82 percent (the 97.18 percentile) of the 15,576 total). Still a long ways from the top 127 members who are at 100+ confirmed opponents – 0.79 percent of members

To sum it up. Being in that top 2.82 percent (tho far from those with hundreds of past opponents) should be proof sufficient that (1) I'm here for real, (2) I'm a viable opponent, (3) and I am wanting to take on some of those guys who rank well above me to help me yet more to improve my skills.

This isn't a matter of vanity bragging. Rather, it is a bit of good old-fashioned advertising and a request for more of you "up there in the rankings" guys to start taking me on, especially if you like to teach your skills. :)

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2017 Pictures

A few new pics of me and mat room..

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A Match Earlier This Year----Story of a Great Match

One night an [unnamed] gentleman in the DC area on business agreed to have a submission style w body punches wrestling match with me. He insisted how he would whip my butt handily in the opening moments, citing his youth providing speed, flexibility, and breath; and saying "I fight to win.". In today's opening seconds, he came on so quick, so hard, and with such aggression, I thought what he had said the night before was prophecy.

Didn't work out that way. I put to use a few things I was taught by a visitor from NYC a few days beforehand – an expert at wrestling – (and was really wanting to use for a first time) and the lower-body training I had added to my routine six weeks ago; and I really surprised myself.

Took control right quick and owned him on the mat for the entire hour. He tapped probably a dozen times, I not once. His "speed" was for naught, his flexibility was locked in my arms and legs gripping his body, and that breath was panting away and sweating away, while I hardly broke out in a deep breath or sweat.

It was relaxing for me–telling (but not in a ridiculing manner) him whenever he unwittingly passed up an opportunity to try to turn the tide – punctuated with saying, "I just gave you an opportunity; why did you miss it?" [That's part of how I try to train new guys.] Reminded him when he was open for arm bars and the like----and open to sleepers. But I refrained from throwing his words of last night back at him. (I don't do that unless someone is a butthole – At the time, it appeared his guy had class). I did have to say, "I also fight to win."

Lots of fun and wish he were local so I could train with him. Given his strength, if he absorbed what I showed him today and what would be available over a couple months, he could have me tapping out half the time.

It's all in harmless fun, no injuries, and no theatrics – one of the best exercises around. .. I came out of it feeling great and having kicked the butt of a guy young enough to be a son, yet having learned and taught things. I learned that my legwork can be a killer; as they had him trapped right good.

**Also I have some advice for everyone: When doing the macho, kickass, bravado talk on the Internet in setting up a [genuinely competitive] match, by saying how you are going to trounce your would-be opponent, be mighty damn sure you can back it up. This man became so frustrated that he was risking injury to himself and to his opponent trying to back up words he couldn't. I'll stick to the "Speak softly and carry a big......stick" approach unless it's playful or pro wrestling match, where we all know such banter isn't for real.

Here's more advice. This guy gave me crap about my age. That, too, helped to activate the aggro (AKA "Id monster" C.f., "Forbidden Planet") within. As with other trash talk, I won't try to hurt you (It's not in me to want to do that.); but that doesn't mean I won't come down hard on you and try to have you tappin' so much, one might think the mats were populated by a flock of woodpeckers :) **

Defeat is when a bellicose person either harms you or you must harm him to stop an attack. The real victory is when you can defeat the aggressor without injuring him.* *Life and death situations excluded where you do what you must with no fooling around..

Below is the match report/recommendation I wrote on him. He deleted it and the fact the match ever happened. Possibly didn't want his friends asking questions about how the matches went for him. It said nothing negative and even included my wanting an encore.

I will not reveal his name; as I'm confident he "learned his lesson" and won't try it again – so confident, he's welcome to return for an encore match.

"Had a great encounter with this gentleman on xx/x/2017 here in my mat room. It started with real gusto standing and went down on the mats right quick, where we wrangled for the better part of an hour. He is well built, strong, and was quite a fighter.

I hope he visits my area again soon, so we can have an encore; as he was one of my better matches. Next time, I want to do it in the back yard with more mat space – it would enable us to exploit better our mutual aggressiveness. "

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May 6-7, 2017 Weekend

THIS WEEKEND has been a bit different....my two really nice guests were into boxing much more than wrestling. Probably did more in the gloves than in my past 60 years combined. Never realized I had that kind of aggro within me---quite exhilarating. But when the M.O. has been so much into the wrestling, it even tempts me, regardless of those bulky boxing gloves to take a guy down to the mat and start working him over

These guys could throw durned hard punches; but neither could get me to say "uncle" when I had them take bare knuckle shots at my gut–backed up to a wall. smile emoticon:) Great to see the reaction when after they take a few progressively harder shots, and I say "You can start punching anytime you want to." It's a real mind f***. Just shows the mentoring I've been receiving is paying off.

On the wrestling front, couldn't get either to budge my head in certain wrestling moves---the neck work with the weights is paying off----especially a few weeks ago when someone I was tussling with suddenly tried to crank my head (probably from watching too much TV). Should be back to plain ordinary wrestling Thursday with yet another traveler

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Multi-Tasking Part 1 -- While Walking, Work Your Upper Body Also

Came up with a good 60-or-so-minute workout – gets almost every muscle, no equipment needed–great for in between weights days and there is nobody around for a rough wrestling/judo/mma match. Especially great if running hurts the knees, can't or no place to swim, and don't want to go breakneck speeds on a bike going down the trail system. Do it intense enough and you should be at aerobic and will have exercised all kinds of muscles you don't get with most other routines.

First: Be physically fit enough to begin exercising in the first place. [Yes..I have to stress that, even for some users of this site.] This routine is not for couch potatoes or egregiously out of shape folks as their premiere routine–check with your licensed medical practitioner. Then, once cleared, ----Commit yourself to do these with intensity, con gusto, avec vitesse.

Walk, 15 min or so mile pace–clasp your hands–tight squezzing them like you mean it hanging on for life, for strengthening the grip. Manipulate the arms against each other at every possible angle (alternating which hand is clasping the other) Resist like you mean it. Do it in front, behind you, over the head, down low–so it's like multi-angle benches, mil presses, regular & Fr. curls, etc. and bend the wrists at times resisting each other--- and resist bending hand against hand at times, to work the wrists/forearms.

Keep your abs tough, tight throughout, and when "resting" from grasping the hands, tighten the abs more and pound them (use common sense, keep the muscles there tight as a drum, and avoid your ribs – You don't want to break them). And tighten up those butt muscles as you walk. Few thing uglier than as soggy-looking ass. After that, hand against the head and push, all angles–change hands at times, resisting with your neck muscles (again use common sense).

Make the entire cycle last 12-15 minutes; ("Rest" by merely walking–Keep up the pace). Work up to four cycles (like 4 sets) More if yur in Gung-Ho City

If you can last 60 minutes or so, you've had a good workout. And you'll have the sidewalk, rec trail, whatever; and wide open because people will think you're some crazy man gyrating, contorting your body madly – every which way but loose. and sure as hell will give you wide clearance. If anyone starts handing you crap, tell them it's one of your homework assignments for a mortal hand-to-hand combat course, such as krav maga.

If you had merely walked at a normal pace doing nada else, the whole upper bod would nave lain fallow, other than swinging the arms, and your breathing and pulse would have be rather zilchlike.

**Caveats: Make sure yur fit enough in the first place to try this. Clear it with your doc. You might be stiff the next day after yur first couple times doing this. Hint: Don't do the gut striking if children are in sight–Don't want them imitating it, not realizing the gut has to be tightened up for it to be safe. Same goes for any strikes below the navel around women and kids–could be misconstrued as some kind of a sexual thing.

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Go for the newbies here

Seek out and go for those new guys coming to the site. They are our future----As an example, I was honored to get to wrestle with a gentleman as one of his very first opponents. Sure, he owned me on the mats; A very nice guy and stronger than the proverbial ox, i.e., stronger than at least 95 percent of the guys on the site, maybe 98 or 99 percent. New to wrestling; but with that strength, and his picking up skill at lightspeed, he will definitely be a top one percenter. Hope life is good for him so he has the time to get to wrestle the tidal wave of guys seeking him out. The lesson here: By turning down a newbie, you could be missing out on the ground floor of someone who is stellar – a bright shining star– wrestling wise, personality wise..

BTW, Don't construe this as not wanting the more experienced guys here. I seek to learn from you; so seek me out as well.

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From a BDSM preference test--Does it indicate how one likes to wrestle.

Seems like I'm spending endless hours trying to find local DC area guys to wrestle me. Doing so, am trying to entice guys from the BDSM/leather community to engage in wrestling–by soliciting guys from their websites. From a site which tries to determine one's BDSM proclivities by answers to well over a hundred questions, these are the stats for me: Some seem to correlate with my wrestling tastes. I think it underestimated my desires to tame unruly brats of any age [Picture, February 2017]

91% Dominant
90% Non-monogamist
87% Master/Mistress
81% Primal (Hunter)
80% Experimentalist
67% Owner
63% Rigger
55% Switch
52% Daddy/Mommy
51% Voyeur
42% Exhibitionist
40% Vanilla
32% Brat tamer
23% Sadist
18% Submissive
15% Ageplayer
15% Degrader
13% Primal (Prey)
6% Brat
6% Girl/Boy
6% Rope bunny
3% Pet
3% Slave
2% Masochist
0% Degradee

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