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Ab-Back Crunch Marathon 60-Day Progress Report

As I had mentioned in late November, I was thinking of shooting for doing a million of my three-way Ab-Back crunches over the year starting Thanksgiving Day 2018. Happy to report that as of today (January 20 & 60 days into it), I have tallied 305,000 to date – averaging slightly over 5,000 daily – and having a good buffer if there are days in the ensuing ten months in which I can't keep up the average required pace. Multiple simultaneous angles, so it's working a whole slew of muscles in the front, back, and sides of the torso. Might not end up with the strongest torso; but sure working on trying for the toughest.

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Disappearing Past Opponents

Seems like an epidemic – More disappearing in the past several months than the previous two-plus years. Help me find opponents. Another past opponent (from a New England state, but with DC area ties) dropped off the site (profile gone) – when c 13:00 today, the opponent count dropped from 60 to 59 right before my eyes .

Seems like every time I get up to around 60 past opponents or above, other members are quitting the site – otherwise would have been well over 70 by now. Never going to get that 100 mark if this keeps up. Want to meet up with some men who are into this action to hang around – both taking me on AND staying with this great site. Wish the Washington DC area had more members who actually wrestle/grapple to be able to host here in my matroom or get invites from.

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1,000 Consecutive Days of Serious Exercise

Yesterday, I made it to 1,000 consecutive days of doing significant exercise, – by doing 2,000 ab/back crunches–all angles–this morning (See "minimums *" below).. Later in the day, 90 minutes with the weights for the upper body. Lets aim for a big 2,000 (health/life permitting). Even on that day of surgery 6 weeks ago, it was working out at 6 AM, and the the day after? After 10 PM to keep from a lapse of days. Compulsive / Obsessive ? or ! More like – keeping me alive, strong, and tough.

I sure wish I could find as few as 100 men a year to wrestle/grapple with. Almost three years, and only 60 (plus about 10 who had quite the site). Now that would be REA exercise; and done in earnest, wrestling works ALL the muscles – even those difficult to work by weights and calisthenics.

*I have my minimums. It doesn't count as exercise if fewer than 500 crunches, 250 deep-knee bends, or 2.4 miles of walking/running, 18 sets with the weights (but usually do 5 or 6 sets of 6+ exercises). Like to do 2 or 3 of these and/or other items as well – such as that "perfect exercise" WRESTLING/grappling (But that has been so hard to find locally lately)..

All the exercise pays off – makes me a stronger man, stronger wrestler, than most guys half my age or younger; and I plan to forge ahead yet stronger. Think about taking me on if you are ever local.

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Multi-tasking While Working the Abs

Multi-tasking is a real time saver. Why do things serially when the time con be cut by half or two-thirds or more by doing several things at the same time?

One reason why my abs are in that toughest one percent (See my recommendations; he says modestly). As I approach my 1,000th consecutive day of doing significant exercise, I try to put in at least 60 minutes of ab work most days – the abs/obliques, even around to the back with 1,000-plus of the kinkiest-looking "crunches" and "holding them tight" during the entire session. (as though there's some beefcake out there who would punch or kick the gut if he saw them relax for a second).

The abs part alone would be about 3,000 were it not for tightening up in three directions at the same time. E.g., the upper body is crunching off the ground for the upper abs; at the same time twist the upper and flex in that direction, and twist the lower body downward flexing hard – all at the same time. the twists one side of the body, then the other... Then lay on one side and repeat the above, then the other side. . It lets you toughen the muscles from one side of the backbone, around the body, to the other side of the backbone – even hardening up that little bit of muscle over the kidneys.

In addition, don't waste other parts of the body. Don't support your head with your hands–Use the hands to push down on the forehead or the sides, to toughen up the neck (Very lightly until they start tuffening up) – tuffen them so maybe if you get in a car wreck, you're less likely to end up paralyzed neck down for life from a whiplash. and flex the glutes (butt) at tiimes – Yeah a saggy butt is even uglier than a sagging pussgut) Don't want a butt needing a rollar skate attached to keep it from scraping on the pavement. Work the thighs against each other, calves, so you can scissor your rassling buddies.

And when holding a crunch for 10 or more seconds, can do all kinds of things – hold both legs at 45-60-degree angle, punching the abs, use your imagination. One day, I'll try to make a video of how I do all this. In the meantime, if you're in the area, I'd be happy to demonstrate in person --- and while here, roll with you here in the matroom.

Most importantly: We don't want heart attacks or worse. Make sure you are fit enough to start an exercise routine. Check with your doc. Start slow, start light, e.g., 10 reps each "contortion"...

At some point you might want to be hold a 10 pound barbell plate – then a 20, a 25, on your chest with one hand while working your head with the other. Decrease the reps accordingly as you add weight. All this is why I might be only in the top three percent of the Site's members in terms of the number of past opponents, I'm well within the site's top one percent in the gut-punch Department.

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