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Let’s dick fight!

I'm a huge freak 4 dick 2 dick fighting.
Peep this shit out tho...
This is my dick fight proposal:
There would b 10 rounds, 2-3 minutes each. Both guys would be n briefs(tighty whities preferred), wit their dicks angled so that the thin part of the fabric is only covering it. Each guy gets 10 hand swipes on the other's covered dick (not pulling or grabbing, but clean brushes/swipes). B4 the timer is set, the heads of the dicks r aligned next 2 each other, side by side, still covered. Both dicks r uncovered at the same time as soon as the timer starts, and the bare heads brush. The only parts of the dicks out r the head and shaft. At this point, using hands is a violation. Only both dicks can fight, no aides with hands. At the end of each round, the dick that is twitching or oozing precum the least has won that round and gets 5 free slaps on the dick twitching more or dripping more precum. The dick getting hit has 2 be held still by the owner. The owner who won the round can use his hands 2 guide his dick against the other's 4 the 5 free licks. Then the timer is turned on and round 2 is started just as round 1 was except the dicks r already out. Round 2 starts by the dick heads both side by side and they brush by each other as soon as the timer starts. Again, after the timer is set, no hands. Any use of hands aside from the free hits is a violation and requires an additional number of free hits. Also another rule would be a 10 second count that is required if the owner feels that his dick is about 2 cum. If that is the case, a 10 second break is given during the fight. Those 10 seconds r then given 2 the other dick after the round is over n free hits. If the guy does NOT state that he thinks he is going 2 cum 4 the 10 second count, he is disqualified. The loser is the dick that ends up cumming. 8.5in/cut dick and ready bro!!! Yea I know thats sum freaky hot frot shit ain't it?! Fellas lets get it!!

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My hole!

That’s right bro I’m down 4 a hole 2 hole bump battle! My hole will take ur weak hole down bro! Let's have a wet hole 2 hole bump fight! Arguing talkin shit over talkin each other about who hole the wettest and who hole can dominate the others hole etc. Lets fight! Hit me up. I’m always down with it bros and 2 my fellow Houston boys my wet hole stay ready 4 a battle!!!

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White briefs!

Hey bros I have a huge underwear fetish 4 white briefs. Yea bros I'm a underwear freak 2 the fullest, I love tighty whities like nobody's business. lol I love bumpin bulges n our tighty whities til we cream our briefs, we meet up n our white briefs tents facing and pointing at each other as we're intstantly circling each other ready 2 tackle one another's bulge down. Lookin 4 other tighty whitey bros like myself and regular jackoff/frot freaks as well tho hit me up.🍆💦

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Hey u... Houston, TX here... 39yrs old 6'3" 150lbs tall/thin guy... Bump and grind(dick 2 dick/dick on dick) dick fights-verbally/physically butt hole 2 butt hole grinding(hole 2 hole fighting verbally/physically) body contact kissing(tongue kissing)/touchin caressing erotic massaging/tickling extreme mutual nipple play mutual jackin mutual circle jerks masturbation creaming on each others dicks comparisons showing off squeezing dicks 2gether 8in/cut dick and ready hit me up!!

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