Wrestling and Domination

Freestyle Practice ... Submission sabbatical

G'day, wrestlers and grapplers!

It's been quite a while since I posted, sadly... and that's just because I haven't been on as much. And just not wrestling as much, at least not submission style.

I continue to practice with the Philadelphia Spartans, though, and we're having wrestling practice this Sunday at First Unitarian on Chestnut Street. If you're interested in coming out, just send me a PM for more info (or email me at majorsquasher@yahoo.com). It's free for first-timers.

Though I haven't been wrestling as much, the Summer has been good - runs, hikes, swimming.... I even got myself a kayak.

I'm still dragging my body into better shape bit by bit, and recently hit a new weight-loss goal by weighing in at 175, which I hadn't seen on a scale since high school. Part of that, for now, means continuing to stick to freestyle over submission wrestling. I became too frustrated with the repeated strains, sprains and near-injurious setbacks earned by going hard on the mat.

I'll be back to sub in time, though, no worries.... and in the interim I am still looking for new freestyle sparring partners, AND to get into some fantasy/pro fun.

Hit me up, dudes! And enjoy the rest of your summer!

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