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From young boxer to manhood - a lifetime of fitness

When I was 14, I was a lot taller than most of my friends, but I was for the most part a normal kid. Then my world ended when my mother died. My dad, a second generation railroad car coupler, had been an all fleet Navy boxer and was a very solidly muscular guy with a very no nonsense attitude. We went to live with my grandmother and father, his parents. My grandmother had raised 5 boys while my grand dad had been an Engineer on a steam locomotive.

I have always been a calm person and have been very slow to anger. Being taller than all of my friends, I never felt like I had to prove anything, like my shorter friends all did. My dad was afraid I was going to grow up to be a sissy and a pushover because I was so calm. He signed me up for the President’s Council on Physical Fitness. I trained after school and after 6 months I was doing 1000 sit ups in 30 minutes and 50 pushups in 5 minutes. I won the citywide competition two years in a row. I didn’t realize it at the time but my dad was getting me in shape. I developed some extremely ripped abdominals and solid arms, chest and shoulders.

At age 15, my dad started to teach me to box. He would meet me after school and we would work out together. He continued to toughen me up and then one afternoon while I was standing in front of him, he sucker punched me very hard in the stomach. As I bent slightly forward, my stomach muscles involuntarily tightened up and when he saw this, he hauled off and slugged me 10 times harder than the first punch. My ab wall was rock hard and stopped his fist. Even though the force shoved me back, it didn’t hurt me at all. It actually felt pretty good because I knew that I was tough enough to take one of my dad’s hard punches. He taught me all about breathing and contracting my already very hard stomach. I did everything he told me to do. I really bonded with my dad, because he was suffering too. The loss of a mother and wife are devastating.

By age 16, I was boxing Golden Gloves. My friends all wanted to see if they could hurt me from blows to the abs. I considered this as training and made me harder to hurt. I was so turned on by this; I never passed up a chance to be worked over in the gut. As a taller boxer in my weight class, my dad knew that shorter boxers would straight jab me at belt line, so he wanted my stomach muscles to be harder than anyone else’s. He was right and I was. I got good enough to box Golden Gloves for an 8 year period. I won 18 matches and drew 6.

At age 21, I stated working for the CSX railroad on a re-railing crew, while taking night classes and continuing to work out. Working for the railroad was tough, doing it in all kinds of weather and conditions, so I stayed in shape. I boxed AAU amateur for two more years. Then I was sort of at the right place at the right time and was accepted to train as a Railroad Police Officer. At 6 ft 5 and 220 pounds, I was able to pass all of the Law Enforcement training and for three years I worked as a CSX RR police officer. CSX sent me to all kinds of schools, including derail and accident school.

I continued to work out hard and helped coach and referee Golden Gloves. I also met a lot of professional wrestlers and other athletes along the way and got into heavy conditioning. I was working out at a local gym and a young lady wanted to do some sparring. I volunteered and the rest is history. I married her 1 year later. She is a Krav Maga and Pilates instructor and teaches an early morning ROTC boot camp at a local university, preparing the students for summer boot camp.

Currently, I am an Accident and Derail Investigator for a worldwide transportation insurance company. I am well known amongst State Agency responders in the 15 state areas I cover. As with many other guys on Meetfighters, I am discreet in my activities with the people I work with. I am an American College of Sports Medicine Trainer and I work with now and have worked with professional wrestlers, water polo players, martial artists, boxers and kickboxers to help them use proper nutrition and to get in better shape. I work out 5 days a week when I’m not traveling for work. When I am traveling, I workout every day in my motel room without fail. I’m into forced ab workouts and train other body parts to failure. I’m an endorphin junkie and still very turned on by being punished in the lower gut, below my navel. I am into aggressive impact conditioning for whatever sport you are into.

If you want to have me train you, drop me a message and we’ll go from there.

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Ironbull (106 platinum) 4/30/2018 9:53 AM

You are very fortunate to have this in your early life.


SilverFoxFight (31 gold) 4/30/2018 4:13 PM

Thanks for your story...sounds like you had (have) a great dad! Loved the train stuff also (we have CSX and NS trains right in back of our house). If you get to Cincinnati, give me a shout! Deano


RadnerBearman (0 gold) 5/04/2018 3:49 AM

(In reply to this)

Thanks. I appreciate that. he taught me so many life lesson and especially how to treat other people.


Spruceman (64 platinum) 5/04/2018 3:26 AM

This guy is for real. He's a great trainer. Working with me and a few of my friends; and wouldn't be surprised if he's currently training at least a dozen guys on this site over the phone to be tough at taking gut punches and getting stronger otherwise. If you doubt it, some of us are more than glad to be checked out in that Department. He's does it free of charge ---A real asset to this site.


RadnerBearman (0 gold) 5/04/2018 5:23 PM

from time to time when members of meetfighters have a fitness or conditioning question for me, they will ask, who I have helped or who am I helping now. Here is a partial list of some of the guys who had all made positive changes in their conditioning. grobermuskel, ctrwash, Kruhn, jimmyterrific, Long and Lean, spruceman, Triathlete68 ( Norway ) shortandstockyOH, PJBoxxxer1, JHK49, NorthwestGPR, superltweight, and 165er, utahguy1, buscapanza, exerabs, and ABguy. just to name a few.