A strong ray of light poked through a group of trees and onto my face, waking me from a deep slumber. I woke up refreshed and ready for the day, something I haven’t felt since arriving on the island. To my side, a beautiful caramel body lie next to me with the innocent expression of a child. Jorge slept like a rock. Even my shifts and turns didn’t bother him as he slept peacefully.

I stood and stretched. Each muscle cried out as they were forced into commission. The two battles yesterday did more damage to my body than expected, not to mention the damage a 200 calorie diet can do to you. Ethan is a lot stronger than I could ever imagine; his speed and accuracy were both to be praised. Our rematch will be legendary.

From behind, a few moans could be heard. I turned my head to find Jorge shield his eyes from the same ray of light which woke me. He sat up, stretched, and gave a rough yawn.

“Good morning, gorgeous.” I said, winking. Jorge grinned as he pushed himself to his feet.

“What a night? I haven’t enjoyed myself that much since... I don’t really know when to be honest.”

Jorge stood next to me. The size difference in height was very noticeable, but when it came to muscle mass, we were about even in that department.

Jorge glanced over my body. “You look refreshed. Maybe you can be my sparring partner today since I probably missed the one Hatrell scheduled for me and Ethan.”

I grinned as my eyes scanned the beautiful caramel man. “Sure. You’ll probably learn more from me anyway.” I winked at Jorge, making him look away.

“Whatever. Let’s go.”

It took us about ten minutes to make it back. Part of that was my fault. I would slap Jorge’s cute ass every chance I got, and each time he would turn around with a powerful hook and a pissed off expression. For some reason his attitude turned me on.

I don’t know why I was in such a good mood? Maybe it was because the first three men I went into combat with were not on my level of skills. That probably gave me a lot of confidence. Or maybe the memories of last night is what put that extra bounce in my step. Whatever it was quickly ended once we met with Hatrell.

As soon as we walked up to the caves entrance, Hatrell was exiting. With one glance at the two of us, he immediately knew what had happened, shaking his head.

“I hope you two had fun.” Hatrell’s words caused Jorge to stand straight with his eyes on beamed at the ground. “You missed training with Ethan. We had to replace you with that kid, Quinn.”

“I’m sorry, sir!” Jorge barked, still looking at the ground.

I rolled my eyes at the submissiveness of Jorge’s response, but only because it sparked a little envy.

I stepped between Jorge and Hatrell. “It’s not the end of the world old man. Besides, who told Quinn he could spar with Ethan?”

“He volunteered.” Hatrell says with a little glee in his voice.

How dare that little bastard go off without letting me know. He should not be out training with Ethan. Not with an incomplete version of the Jolt. If Ethan is as good as I think, he would probably find wholes in the incomplete jolt and apply that to his strategy for defeating me.

I smirked.

The thought of completion rising would only make me stronger. The next time Ethan and I fight will definitely be an all out war. Honestly, I wanted to find him right now and test his strength now that we were on even grounds.

“How did their sparring session go?” I asked.

Hatrell shrugged, turned around, and walked back in the cave. “I have nooo idea. They went back to your old training grounds to spar. Quinn said it had a great layout.”

Dammit Quinn. I’ll have to punish you for giving away our location. Hatrell was right. The area was perfect for training. A small patch of land with sand that was surrounded by trees. It almost looked manmade.

I looked at Jorge. “Wanna tag along? It’s a great sparring ground, after all.” Jorge nodded and we made our way through the jungle once more.

An hour walk was ahead of us according to Jorge. I didn’t mind the distance, especially with the caramel ass hypnotizing me as we trekked through the treacherous jungle. A short guy with a nice body was always enough to distract me.

As we approached our destination, Jorge and I decided to take a small break and eat a few pineapples we found on the way. I sat next to Jorge on a flat white stone rock and burst the piece of fruit open, letting a small trickle of pineapple juice run down my arm before licking it off.

“So, Jorge...” I said gaining his attention as I handed him an uneven piece of fruit. “Is Hatrell teaching you the Jolt as well?”

Jorge took the pineapple and sucked on the fruit making a slurping sound. “No. To be honest I can’t really grasp the concept. I’ve seen Ethan try a few times and it seems like an extremely difficult technique to learn.”

“You are right,” I said with a nod. “To do it takes many skills all combined into one. Over the years I’ve figured out little tricks to make using the jolt easier. That’s why Quinn was able to learn it within a few days.”

“You seem like a good teacher.” Jorge said as he took a bite.

“Naw, he’s just a quick learner.”

There was a brief moment of silence. So quiet, leaves blowing in the wind could be heard. Jorge glanced up at me, then down at the ground as if he had something on his mind. Finally he looked back at me to meet my gaze.

“I have a question now.” Jorge says, receiving a nod from me. “Um... Are you and Quinn like... Uhh...”

Knowing exactly what he was going to say, I cut him off before he could finish. “No. Quinn and I are not together in anyway but master and student.”

“Oh...” Jorge says. He looked at the ground, then back at me. “You two are close. It’s only been a few days, but I can see you two want to protect one another. That’s why I asked.”

“I won’t say we aren’t men and want to fuck each other, that would be a lie,” I began. “ But I am only, truly, interested in his combat skills. Quinn may not be stacked with muscle or a towering giant, but he possess an ability to quickly grasped new techniques and apply them in combat. The stronger he get, the stronger I will become. Plain and simple.”

“So you’re using him by helping him improve only to test your own strength.” Jorge asks.

I gazed off into the jungle and smirked. “Yeah.. With his crazy growth rate, no telling how strong I can get!”

Jorge looked at the ground and gave a soft smile. “Caleb...” He whispers.

“What’s up?”

“Your strength... Your motivation... Its all so inspiring. Being around you makes me want to improve.” Jorge’s eyes finally rose as they met my own. “Your fight with Ethan opened my eyes, too. I can never get better if I live in his shadow... try to follow his blueprint. I have to find one that’s unique to me... The same way the Jolt is unique to you.”

I leaned closer to Jorge; our faces inches apart and I say in a whisper, “You’re strong, Jorge, and you can be even stronger. Ethan isn’t holding you back, because let’s be honest. The only thing that can truly hold you back...”

I place two fingers on Jorge’s left temple, while using my thumb to gently slide over his eyebrow.

“Is in here.”

The distance between us grew thin. We were so close I could feel his breath. Jorge close his eyes as he awaits the kiss, and as soon as my lips met his, a loud yell boomed over the area. Jorge and I shot up and look in the direction of the disturbing screech.

Running out of the Jungle were two figures that could later be recognized as Ethan and Ash. Ethan’s face was covered in blood, while Ash seemed to unable to walk as he clung to Ethan’s neck for support. Jorge and I ran to them, both yelling “What happened” as we approach them.

Ethan placed Ash on the ground and Jorge immediately examined him.

“W-we were attacked.” Ethan says, breathing heavily.”

“By who?” Jorge ask.

“Where is Quinn?” I barked, looking around.

“That monster... the one from our first encounter!” Ethan spat. His eyes were wide, and so was Jorge’s after hearing who attacked them. He must have seen something horrific to have that look on his face. “We were training and they attacked! Seven... maybe eight of them came out of nowhere! They broke both of Ash’s legs and arms.... if Quinn didn’t stay we wouldn’t have escaped...”

“Shit!” I said, dashing in the direction Ethan and Ash came. I ran through the trees, trying not to think of all the bad things that could happen. Why would that idiot stay? Especially against multiple opponents. Was he trying to die?

Ash’s injuries looked serious. If there is no doctor on this island then we are in serious, serious trouble. Ash would never walk again... Never fight again. That can’t happen to Quinn. He has so much potential! That kid thinks he’s stronger than he actually is, but his confidence is why he is so strong.

I was rushing into blind battle. I knew nothing opponents or their skills. Honestly, this was stupid. Running in without a plan. I was so focused on saving Quinn, not once did I stop to think if I could save him. What if I couldn’t. Would I end up like Ash, never to be able to fight? The muscles in my back tightened at the thought.

But I couldn’t think that way! Expecting defeat is the first step toward losing. I would win by any means necessary and save Quinn!

“AWWWWWW!” Someone yelled in the direction I was going. It sound like Quinn. My fist balled and my teeth clenched. I could only imagine what they were doing to him, and my imagination angered me. The image of Quinn’s limp body in a pool of blood say dormant in my mind.

I ran faster.

I had to be getting close.

I had to make it.

Suddenly, I burst through the trees of the jungle into an open field. It was our training ground, and slap down in the center of it were six guys; five guys circling one which looked to be Quinn. I smiled at the sight of him, but my mood quickly changed once I saw he was injured. There he was, standing in the center of five masked men wearing brown loin clothes. The reason my smile faded was because even though he was standing, he only had one arm up for his guard while the other draped in front of him.

Was it broken?

I ran up to the group, gaining their attention, but before they could act, I smashed my fist into one guys ribs; landed an elbow to the back of one guys neck; kneed one guy square in the face; sent a kick to one guys temple, and launched a straight right into the last guys throat before positioning myself at Quinn’s side. They instantly dropped to their knees in pain.

Quinn stares up at me, wide and teary-eyed. His face overflowed with hope and joy.

“C-Caleb.” Quinn manages to choke up.

I looked down at Quinn. He was beat up, having bruises and scares from head to toe, not to mention his injured arm. A low growl escaped my mouth.

“Don’t worry,” I clenched my fist. “I’ll take care of the rest.”

As those words left my lips, the five guys around us slowly rose to their feet. They were tougher than I thought.

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