Back when i was a early teenager, i used to love comic books. Loved Batman esp. but i also loved other tight shorts people of both sexes like Wonderwoman, powergirl, and so on. Then One day i got into a fight with my much younger brother. He was mad and he jumped on me in our white underwear. He had no chance against me but i let him have his moments. I found it was fun to have him try to force me down and be on the defensive. We wrestle around for a little bit until we had to stop when we got into minor trouble for making to much noise.

One night i was trying to tune in the old tv and a caught a back and white movie called Invasion of the zombies. It was an old Santo Mexican superhero movie. I saw him wrestling in a ring and also fighting the bad guys. For many weeks i imagined me wrestling around with him and the bad guys. I also started to catch some old wrestling tv shows and loved watching the masked guys, usually losing. being tossed around and worked over, but i loved seeing them do this. I also started wrestling around with my younger brother on a more regular basis. I loved the feeling of him working me over, but also loved seeing him and feeling him being worked over too. He was great at playing dead, then suddenly spinging to life and flooring me. He seemed to love it for a while too but after a while i had to bribe him to do it then he stopped. So i had to just watch my tv shows or look at pictures of guys and gals in tight swimwear and leatards. I daydreamed about wrestling around with them, but i loved the masked superheros and wrestlers and dreamed about them the most.

Then one day i say in the back of a wrestling magazine about a publication called amfem wrestling directory. It had other people that liked all types of wrestling, also books magazines etc. It also had small profiles of peope that wanted to meet and wrestle. I put a profile in and started to correspond with others. Finally i had a truck driver from Cleveland, named Russ Sloan write me. By now i was driving, so one day i bought some speedos, masks and drove all the way to Toledo and met up with him. I really didn't know what to expect, and i was so nervous but he agreed to have a mask and cape match. So we met at his house, stipped down to our briefs/speedos mask and capes. met on a big old stained mattress, and slowly rolled around with each other. We had a good clean match, but i did find that at times i would get hard when he brushed up against my groin. I also taped the match on and old vhs camera and later saw he got hard at times too and like viewing this as well.

So after this time i met him a few more times, In one match his speedos slid down off his tights he was wearing, and this was a turn off for me. I'm not sure why but i found the tight speedo look on him even being a big belly man was a turn on for me. After meeting him a few times in Toledo, i somehow lost contact with him, and several years later i got married. But i found even then i couldn't shake the urge i had and the love i found rolling around playfully wrestling around in the masks, speedo, sometimes even a cape. For many years after getting married i didn't do much wrestling, but then after moving to Knoxville i ran into a guy that i wrestled once before. Late one night we had a match in my home on a water bed. We wrestled back and forth but this time we started doing some groin abuse, light punching, grabbing etc and i reached a new level i never felt before. This was the start of where i am today.

I have wrestle several people over the years, all sizes, white, black, even a crossdresser. Never got to wrestle a girl though. And now as i get older i am still wanting a match, but have to be very discrete. I still have a speedo but tend to use tight briefs more, and masks and even a cape once in a great while. I am older and slower and can't move around but i still love the body contact and the attire etc. So no matter if you are a man, woman, and size weight, sexual preference etc. if you like a match, email me on here. Maybe someday we can have a fun match.

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Chrisblodgett (16) 3/02/2018 6:28 PM

Passing through Knoxville March 21 and 22, looking for a matchm


Ohmask62 (4 bronze) 3/05/2018 2:35 PM

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Been gone from Knoxville for many years. Living in Middletown OH. Travel to Dayton or Cincinnati OH. But can't do much more traveling than that. Sorry but Knoxville's was over 20 years ago with much more part of story since then.


Chrisblodgett (16) 3/05/2018 4:02 PM

Appreciate your reply.