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My first GP

I met for with my first gut punching event. This was a new and different experience for me and defiantly out of my box. My host provided gloves and guidance We traded blows back and forth. I found out I am better at punching than receiving. I found myself moving and instinctively blocking his blows. After a few turns I was able to stand and endure the exchange. We wrestled a bit and we ended the session with me giving him a volley to the belly button. It was a good experience and I look forward to learning more

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Expectations for the non host

For most of us wrestling takes a back seat to many other facets of daily life. We work and sleep away most of our time, family and the rest of life comes next then we wrestle. Not having the ability to host, I travel. Sometimes it’s close by, other times it can be a short ride to Philly, a longer ride south to Baltimore or Washington. Lining up matches can take longer than it takes to travel there. A long day trip for another reason, throw in a match or two and have the best of both worlds. The toughest part is coordinating schedules. The easiest part is usually agreeing on parameters and boundaries.
Getting there on time is my responsibility. The GPS makes getting there on time a breeze. I take great pride in getting there at least 15 minutes early. Any less is cutting it too close. I stay in contact with the host on the day of to confirm the meet or address any last minute issues. I usually confirm I am on the way and provide an ETA. Communication is the key, after all the host is opening up their space and waiting for my arrival. This is how I roll, just incase you’re interested.

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General update

I've been able to have a few more matches with previous and new members lately. Reconnecting with opponents is always fun. So if we have wrestled in the past and want to go again I am interested. I can't host unless you want to meet at the asylum otherwise I will travel to you. My work schedule is sometimes difficult but once scheduled I will meet you on time.

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Asylum Pro Wrestling Academy facility

Met up with Mikey3458 at the New Asylum Pro Wrestling Academy facility in Claymont De yesterday. Conveniently located just off I495 at Naamans Road the facility was awesome! He has a full size wrestling ring and a separate wrestling mat along with a changing area with a shower and bathroom. Got to know Mike and traded some holds with him as well. Super nice knowledgeable guy. Wesley showed up and we wrestled for a bit. It was a fun couple of hours. Look for the upcoming open house sometime towards the end of this month. Mike is planning to host a mini wrestlefest and for a reasonable fee you can check the place out and use the mat or the ring to test your ability.

Check out the website.

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