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MeetFighters....... changed my life.

I have grown up all my life thinking and believing different to everyone around me. I was turned on by wrestling. 70s 80s. 90s you name it. I was so turned on by wrestling. But I didn’t know why.

I have hidden this dark secret all my life. Ashamed of who I am. Turned on by wrestling??!! What a weirdo I am.....

Then at the ripe old age of 45, o found this website. What a thrill for me. This made me feel so normal. I am home here with expectations of understanding, a shared interest amongst thousands of you and a love for man on man contact in our beloved lycra.

It took me so long to find you .... meetfighters. So long. I passionately craved for this everyday. For 30 years I have been seeking to find you and to know that I am normal ina world that if they knew, would consider me a freak.

I love your website from the day I found it. I felt at home instantly and very excited. I read profiles of men who share my love. I saw pictures of men in the most exciting Lycra that wanted to meet and wrestle other fabulous men. My life has made sense since finding this site.

So I joined. Proudly I joined. This site would be my Marie to my Donny. Just perfect. Excitingly perfect. I watched videos, looked at photos, studied profiles. All of which said, I want to wrestle you! And now!!!

It is with a sad heart that I say, all are not welcome here..... the fit, the muscly, the good looking are welcome. All of these men I have been shunned in the “outside world” are in here too.

So many profiles saying, hook me up, no matter what size or shape, I want to meet you. All of this not true for the big daddy bear. The big daddy bear is sadly not popular here like he is on the outside. Where he is judged. Harshly judged. Like he is in here also.

Finding this site gave hope, excitement and acceptance. But I find daily more sadness in those that should accept me, bury me in the augmented body image.

I have met such fabulous men. Out of my reach. They know of whom I speak. They are monarchs to this sort. Muscly,
Chubby or in between, they are the amazing that keeps me tuned in to what might happen next. But most importantly of al, make me feel needed, warm and welcome.

Melbourne men, I want to wrestle you. No matter what size or shape.... no matter what you love, I am here to wrestle you.

Lastly, I leave you with this. I have had muscle bodies approach me demanding money to wrestle them as my body and sole is not good enough to warrant their wreaking time.

I have had over 30 no replies to my friendly “hi’s“ to men. Just because I’m fat.... or not worthy of a reply in their eyes. Just like in the outside world where I have constant reflection, the same is in here also.

I leave you with this...... you maybe hot, and popular, but please remember that you were and still are a freak like me in the outside world.

Please be kind, be humanitarians to us that are chunky and like you, desperate to belong and be accepted to OUR group.

i sincerely love everyone on this site and praise praise praise the creators of meerfighters every day for making me and thousands feel normal, and welcome.

Thank you

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Earth (20 support) 1/08/2019 12:09 PM

Very nice and true words.
Meetfighters changed my life too.

And after all, not everyone replies to messages, that's the internet...
But I never got any message attacking me personally for what I like or who I am.
No one laughing, trolling or texting me 'what a freak'
This is pretty unique on the internet. And I hope this is true for most members here.


Mikemelbourne (2 ) 1/08/2019 12:18 PM

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What a stunning reply. I love this and feel so happy for you.

You are brave and a fabulous man.

I wish, and I wish, I could be you.




BamaJDon41 (1 gold) 1/08/2019 8:50 PM

Everyone wants to be accepted or seen as "normal" by those they admire. But there is no monolithic rendering of denial or acceptance to be found here - only thousands of individuals, most of whom will never see or even speak to each other. The trends in one's experience here can be heartening or depressing. But if you can find a few to welcome you, that's really the best anyone can hope for and all anyone should need.
Donny and Marie! LOL! How big is that Donny!


Lookintowrestle (81 platinum) 1/13/2019 6:45 AM

leave you with this...... you maybe hot, and popular, but please remember that you were and still are a freak like me in the outside world

I love it.... we all need to remember this!


Mikemelbourne (2 ) 1/13/2019 7:28 AM

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Utterly gorgeous! You brave man!!!!

Your love of wrestling joins us like no one else has in the world....

Be great and be you always as you are perfect!!!!