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Alan blinked a couple of times before he fully came to. The room he was in was dark and he could feel something cold around his ankles and wrists. Judging by the fact that he couldn't move, he figured he was restrained. While it was incredibly hard to see, he did make out one figure in the corner of the room.

"Hello?" Alan asked to the shadow in front of him.

"Hey Al!" responded Alex.

"Alex! How the hell did you get here?"

"Same way you did."

"You got to be shitting me! What are they doing to us?"

"Torturing us."


"I know." The door to the room blasted open and Alan closed his eyes as the light clicked on. After about two seconds, he opened them.

"Hello boys!" said Mick as he strolled in cracking his knuckles. "My name is Mick, welcome to my hideout!"

"Suck my balls dickwad!" shouted Alex.

"Oh, funny, very funny!" Mick yelled, thrusting his foot into Alex's balls.


"Hey! Stop it you fucker!" shouted Alan from his corner.

"Oh, don't worry Alan, this kid's had enough. He took a lot of beatings before we found you, but now…now it's your turn." Mick said, licking his lips. "Look at those amazing abs!" He ran his fingers down Allan's stomach. They flexed as they passed each muscled bump.

"What are you going to do to me?" Alan asked.

"Nothing you could ever imagine in your wildest dreams! Now you have two choices. One, I gutpunch you until you pass out, or two, I gutpunch you until you can't take it anymore, but then I must gutpunch him." Mick pointed to Alex, who was still coughing from the ball blow. "Those are your only two options."

"Fuck you, bitch!" Alan barked in a cocky tone.

"So be it, let the beatings begin!" Mick stated as he took fighter's stance. Allan tightened his abs as hard as he could and got ready.


Mick shot three fast punches into Alan's middle abs, but his hard, muscled wall of defense took every single blow.


Alan continued to focus, keeping his abs flexed. As long as he didn't lose focus, he should do fine.


Mick finally stopped punching and stared at Alan. "You're one strong little fellow, aren't ya?" he asked.

"Strong enough to take you, you weak piece of shit!" said Alan.

"Ha! Ha! Looks like we have a jokester in the room… I hate comedians!" Mick yelled. He bent down and shot two hard fists into Alan's balls, a knee into his balls as well, and an elbow into his face. Allan moaned in pain, trying to lean over to cup his balls, but he couldn't.

"Stop it, man! He wants kids later on in life!" yelled Alex.

"You know what, buddy? You're really getting on my nerves!" said Mick, pulling a device out from his pocket. He held it up in the air. "Looks like a little tape recorder, doesn't it? Well, it is, but it is also much, much more. I recorded your voice earlier. And if you say one more word…" Mick taped the device onto Alex's middle gut and taped it there. "This little device will send surges of electric shock into your belly. And let me tell you, that shit stings!" Alex glared at Mick but didn't say anything. "Good boy!" Mick turned back to Allan who was now almost in tears of ball pain. "Now, as for you…!"

"WUUUFFF!" all the air flushed out of Alan's lungs as Mick delivered a hard uppercut into Allan's solar plexus.

"Let's get the game going!" Mick said as he continued to deliver uppercuts like the previous one. Allan's solar plexus beating lasted for a good 11 minutes before Mick stopped. There was drool dripping down Alan's chin, his eyes had tears sprouting from them and he could barely breathe at all.

"Do you wanna stop, Alan? Cause I can always go back to him?" Mick said, pointing in Alex's direction. Alan and Alex had been best friends since middle school and Alan didn't want to see him in as much pain as he was in now. Alan was much stronger than Alex and he figured he could take a lot more. "No? Okay, moving on!" Mick said as he began to throw fast, swift punches into Alan's lower and middle abs. Once one fist left Alan's gut, the next connected with it. It was like a nonstop barricade. This lasted for a good half hour.

"Stop!!!!!" yelled Alex to his friend's demise.

"Oooh, bad idea buddy!" said Mick as Alex arched his head back and screamed in pain. Thousands of electrical impulses were shooting into his stomach at the speed of light. It was unlike anything Alex had ever felt before. After three minutes it finally stopped, and Alex stood there, chained to the wall looking practically dead. Mick pulled the device from Alex's burnt stomach and stared at him. Drool was everywhere. Alex was moaning in a low, grumbling tone. "I warned you!" Mick said turning back to Alan.

"That was round one buddy, the worst is yet to come!" With that, Mick winked at Alan, shoved his fist into his solar plexus and left the two badly tortured boys there to cope with their pain.

To Be Continued…

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Insecurities: Why (Not) Me?WORLD OF RAWR

Today, we are going to talk about meetups. Specifically my experience here, but by extension, yours (well, some of you).

In particular, following this entry about bodies, we should talk about the next logical thing which is choice or why do people pick who they pick or don't. That's usually pretty simple stuff, but our ego tends to get in the way. Without that, we have:

  • People who wrestle competitively.
  • People who wrestle for fun.
  • People who "wrestle for sex"

The third is in quotes here because some people can be very erotic in their wrestling and have no interest in intercourse. Most of these three things exist on a spectrum; people are rarely purely one or another of these things because we're not simple like that which brings up a major point:

Some people wrestle people just because they are attracted to them physically. Again, no interest in intercourse, but they must be attracted to the people they wrestle on a physical level. This is where we get people who have an unusually long list of qualifiers for people they wrestle.

So now we get to the point of this entry which is: Why won't this person wrestle me? I'm mad about it. There's no reason they shouldn't.

Here's the thing, right: We should wrestle or work to wrestle with people that want to wrestle with us. The rest can go provided they aren't being awful. The exchanges and frustrations we feel could easily be lessened by simply wrestling people who are interested in wrestling with us.

Additionally, being aware of your audience is key. If you're going to be dealing with highly competitive people, there's going to be a level of fitness you'll need to have. If you're dealing with more erotic things, your appearance and the attraction between you and another person will be a factor.

That is going to be a thing with any person on the site and that is fine. People can just not wrestle people and that not be an offensive thing. Disappointing? Certainly, but it's not something that we should punish someone for nor something that warrants punishment. We only have so much time and that should be used to embrace that which embraces us back. I have emails in my inbox right now where I said, "Wanna wrestle" and got a "no thank you" back. I have just as many where nothing has been said at all in response for months. Each of those get treated the same: a clear note to move on to whatever else is happening out here because as important and cool as we all know we are, we just aren't going to appeal to everyone.

That's OK. We don't have to. We only have to appeal to the ones we're "meant for" where the comraderie is there and the bonds built will be strong. It's almost like romance except it isn't... most of the time.

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Boxerdaddy rantcblog about gay gamesAndi2's blog

It looks like this individual must have left the site.
His recent blog about the gay boxing games,
and participants who were no show,
Was very offensive as far as language used in the post.
I wanted to say that I totally understand his rant,
But it's more about people being responsible adults and living up to their comitments. It has nothing to do with people being "sissies& pussies"
Or any other politically incorrect derogatives..
My skill level is no where near mr Boxdaddys,
But I'm man enough to take him on in the ring.

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Communicating and meeting up with one another should involve a mutual effort on both sides. If I'm expected to do all the traveling and the others involved barely message or text me, then, it's likely we won't be meeting up again. I'm beneath no one on this earth and I refuse to allow those who think so to treat me as such. If someone wants to meet up with me, they should be willing to travel as well. Also, I have a life just like everyone else, to expect me to stop everything and drive hours to meet up is disrespectful. It's extremely unrealistic for someone to expect a relationship with me after only one meet. It never ceases to amaze me how those who put forth absolutely no effort and have zero respect for others expect such grand treatment from those same individuals and have no remorse in verbally abusing them for not doing what they want. Is this what the world has come to? Is this what we're calling humanity now? How could someone I enjoyed meeting turn out to be such an ugly and hateful person all of a sudden? These are the very reasons that I hit the block button so often, not just here, but emotionally as well. I just don't understand it, I don't really want to. There are too many people in this world who have no reason to be respectful, humane and good people, yet they are. So, it stands to reason that those more fortunate should definitely be doing the same.

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I've been called many things. Experienced pain and discomfort. Endured hatred and brutal anger. Survived abuse. I am now, many other things, but I only answer to my name. Noone defines me. Noone decides for me. Noone holds my hand. There's only me. This is my home. But when I'm away from this place I call home, I enter another world. My life changes from solitude to brotherhood. I'm held, encouraged and loved. I feel the happiness that I so desperately long for. This should be my home, except, it's not. It's a place I venture off to occasionally. I have to travel away from my home to feel acceptance, gratefulness and appreciation. I find myself, more and more each day, reaching out for a life that includes someone besides just myself.

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2018-03-02Jman77's blog

Almost have my car paid off. But the check engine light has been on for 8 months and it sounds like a Harley. Only about 5 payments left, Lol, Damn. Figures, lol.

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Wrestling trunksbusted open's blog

Hello everyone - just a note to those who have commented favorably on the style of trunks I enjoy wearing. Please note that I have nothing to do with the company who makes them for me but wanted everyone to know about the great work they do. They've always provided me with a great product. They also can send them any old worn out suit that fits you and create a pattern for it at nominal cost. They'll then offer you an ever changing plethora of colours and patterns to choose from. With or without liners and drawstrings. You can customize it any way you want. The website is as follows:

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last time i wrestles i was 150 lbs and he was 205 lbs, wrestling on air mattress . was a nice sweaty wrestling he got me in a body scissor , next thing got a chub ,he like it, so we got up continue wrestling he gave me in a bearhug , he had a large solid belly and awarm body , next thing i went. turned out he went before me when i gave him laying down bearhug , who knew

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Winter 2017/18 Wrestlingbeaugeste's blog

Dear Wrestling Diary,

I was anticipating at least a few matches while wintering in South Florida, but no luck.  I needed the exercise and improve my skills.  I thought that surely there would be more older, experienced wrestlers in South Florida.   Surprisingly, many of the wrestlers in Miami where I was, were young or perhaps I am just getting older, so of course everyone else is younger.  In any event, the older Florida wrestlers were further away in Palm Beach county and I just was not able to line up any South Florida matches.  Tried several guys about the same weight and age, but they were busy or not interested.  Just as well, I suppose.  I left my lucky singlet back home.

Fortunately, I visited New York in February to attend a trade show which coincided with Wrestlefest.  Although I was not staying at the Hotel Pennsylvania, the Wrestlefest host hotel, I was at a Midtown Manhattan hotel close by.  I met up with guys I had seen last summer at the Indiana PA Wrestlefest.  The New York Wrestlefest had about 125 guys participating, both locals and out of towners.  I was able to set up a couple of really good matches with guys from the UK.  One of the guys was an especially good coach.  Probably will do Wrestlefest in New York next year.

Also had a roadtrip match in South Carolina on my drive home from Florida. Nice guy, and a real strong wrestler. A lot stronger than would expect.

The lesson is perhaps that you can plan, but often it is just about luck. "Man proposes but God disposes." Perhaps there is a divine factor in wrestling?

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favorite wrestlers & videodenny62 us's blog

Just wanted to let everyone know that I was fortunate enough to watch ben skull stephens and davidbuk1 wrestling video, it was fantastic. I really enjoyed it and hope more are planned for the future. I contacted them both and they were gracious enough to reply to me. They are very friendly in their responses and even though we are thousands of miles apart I was so appreciative of the cordialness. I hope to meet up with them some day. Thanks again for all the work.

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