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I'm currently looking for a Fitness Dom.

As a Fitness Dom, you will have all control of my workouts and also some aspects of my diet. You basically have all the power, and will be able to decide how hard I workout, how often I workout, which body parts I target, etc...

You will be able to choose what body type you want me to achieve, and then motivate me through various punishments to make sure I get there. Is this the type of thing you'd enjoy doing? Then keep reading:

How it works:

  • We will create an excel sheet that tracks my workout numbers (reps and sets) for all my exercises and my body measurements.
  • You can then decide what exercises you want me to do, and when. How often you want me to work out.
  • We both create punishments for myself, that are based on varying infractions to keep me motivated.

And that's it :)

After the first day, it's very little work for you and a lot more work for me.

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Headscissorsfan of wos's blog

I personally think that headscissors is the most beautiful (and intimate) wrestling hold of all. The following bout has some great headscissors:

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Michel DI SANTO vs Michel CHAISNEfan of wos's blog

This following bout, in France, is one of my favourites. I think the silver fox in black is one of the sexiest wrestlers. This bout has some great holds. This is what pro wrestling should be about.

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Suche TrainingspartnerMusk38's Blog

55 J., 180cm, 95kg, suche stämmig-muskulösen Ringer mit starkem Oberkörper und Bizeps,
der Trainingsmöglichkeiten vor Ort hat.
Beantworte jede Bildzuschrift.

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My wish for 2018walsallgoodguy's blog

I've wrestled some amazing guys this love to wrestle some new guys too next's my favs to wrestle in no particular order. Tonyo,squashlad,Rick Royal,Andy cage,crumpy141,bigt730,leglocklover,southern grappler,davey123,squeezerian ,Manhattan maulers,London Latino,nesunfight,the Ironman.I'm sure there are ones I've missed aswell

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Me chamem no chatBlog de Luta agora quem vem

Quem ganha na queda de braço?

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new year eve fight night2toughwrestlers_in_1_team's blog

Hi i am alone in paris but can travel to any place in europe for someone or a group who wants definitely to wrestle and fight a whole night

any challenger ?

let me know

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Insecurities: BodiesWORLD OF RAWR

Today, we are going to talk about bodies. Specifically mine, but by extension, yours (well, some of you) with a thick layer of humor on top.

In particular, I want to talk about my ongoing battle with "I have so many things I can do that are athletics or mostly athletic with ease, but I still don't look like these people I want to meet up with because I like cheeseburgers and also how the hell am I appealing to any of these people I've met so far?"

If that's you, keep reading.

After being here for nearly four years now and having about 7.5 matches per year (which seems damn-near miraculous considering where they came from), I spend a lot of time wondering whether the next four years will continue to find people who think I'm worth the effort to wrestle. Mind, the answers are in DMs and inboxes and text messages and past opponents, most of which mutually agree we will wrestle in the future, but that doesn't stop the thoughts like this one from rearing it's ugly head at 5AM for at least 30 minutes when I walk into the bathroom and turn on a light.

In those few moments, I either feel like I'm worth the space I occupy or I'm not because that the thing right: no one sees this moment but myself and dealing with myself usually brings harsher responses than are probably healthy ranging from heavy critique to "let me sit down and study every single thing that's ever been written about bodybuilding and nutrition" with a dash of why the eff haven't you done this yet before I ignore it all and start peeing.

Cue walking past the mirror on the way out, nodding with approval or sighing with something like "whatever" and then walking out.

I've sat here for some time trying to determine what to do and have only come to three honest conclusions which, of my nature, come with heavy internal dialog. Feel free to follow along.

  • Go super hardcore vegan and commit myself to the monastic life of never doing another thing in life except the study of God and gains. At least, that's what it feels like. There's just so much to do and it never seems like you can do a small thing. Everything after a point is like: wake up at 6AM, workout for like 3 hours, run a marathon, swim for a mile. Every other day. Before breakfast. Like... I cannot. The gym is a bit better; I'm getting more comfortable there with the equipment, but you can't just pick things up, right? Like you need a plan for that. It's a daunting thing and they just opened up a fried chicken spot next door...
  • Just wrestle and see what happens. Alright cool, let's see what we can do with that. I'll just wrestle as-is and pick things up along the way. Sounds great. I'll just check this profile. *Fifteen profiles later*. Everyone looks like Atlas, I'm going to take a walk and punch a tree.
  • Some in-between thing. I've tried randomly experimenting just to do see what I could do if I want to do it. So far, I've tried doing 100 pushups every other day. That went well until I got unfocused. Same thing with pullups. Same thing with a few things. Accountability is easier with friends or other reminders that you have things to do and being tired/unmotivated is not on that list.

Well, Synxiec, you either have to do those things or not instead of writing an entire blog about it. Wouldn't it just be better to actually fix the problem.

Well, my dear opinionated reader, I already have. This blog isn't for me. This blog is for people like me. Now, shhhh and go away or offer your personal training services and fee schedule to someone who needs a boost.

Nah, this blog is to let you know that these problems are common ones. As things are now, I live here and don't have a car. That means I need to either take a cab, bus, or bike to go places. Everywhere I walk involves hills, so unless I have a need to get to a place by a specific time, I walk there. Aside from that, I have a casino rueda class I go to every week for 2 hours. Here's what that looks like. It looks cool, but making this stuff flow takes work. I've been at it for a year. Classes are once a week. I went from 1 hour to 2 because I had to have that.

But none of that or those combinations of things makes me athletic-looking. That said, that look has little to do with what I'm actually capable of doing, which is a fair amount of things. Therein is the point of fitness. Attractiveness to possible wrestling partners, regardless of the reason, the point of all of this fitness we do is so that we can physically do what we want to do when we want to do it without concerns about impacting our health from overexerting. I normally dance for two hours, but I can dance for 4 if I want to and not be concerned. Everything else is aesthetics and we have to be aware of that.

If you are going to exercise, then start there: what do you want to do and what condition do you need to be in for the most enjoyment of that thing you want to do? Pursue that. Exercise isn't a weapon for conquering insecurities (although that can be a side-effect). Exercise is a means to an end. That end is always enjoyment. Whether it is endurance, an extra sub, the admiration of your peers and so on. However, you are fine as you are. You're not just a body regardless of who is or isn't attracted to it.

This was a bit long of a blog for a single point.

Well, if insecurities weren't a labyrinthine maze, we wouldn't be here. But they are, aren't they?

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My first story - the Country Firemanmuscldestrctn's blog

Note: This story is entirely fictional and includes violent and explicit sexual content between men. If this offends you, do not read.

The Country Fireman, by Muscle Destruction

The country fair was held every year in August as a fundraiser for the fire department in the small town of Spring River, a rural community in an idyllic setting known for the beauty its river valley, friendly people and lack of crime. One of the big draws of the fair was the barbecue which attracted families from surrounding counties and even the city because of the delicious food and small-town feel that harkened back to a simpler time.

Matt was one of the organizers of the barbecue, a volunteer fireman who grew up in this small town. After a stint in the army and one year at a big city college Matt decided to come back to his roots. Matt was a striking figure, 6’2” tall and 265 pounds of solid muscle. He was the ultimate jock in high school, lettering in 3 sports, football, wrestling and baseball. He was involved in serious bodybuilding for awhile when he was in college and then for a couple of years after. He gave up the idea of competing but still juiced now and then to maintain his ripped muscle bulk. He was a massive mountain of muscle.

Not only was Matt very well built, but he was handsome as well with black hair, olive skin and strong facial features reflecting his Italian heritage. He kept up his bodybuilder physique through regular workouts and his job at the local lumber yard. After returning from the city Matt started dating Sue, an old high school flame, but didn’t want a serious relationship. He got her pregnant the first time he fucked her even though she had insisted she was on the pill. Feeling responsible, he married Sue and they settled down and had two more children in quick succession. Now 28, Matt loved his kids but felt a bit of resentment toward Sue since he married her without love. He often longed for his days in the military when women (and men of a certain persuasion) would do anything to be with him – no strings attached.

The barbecue was winding down on a hot Saturday night. Matt was helping out under the big tent when Sue and the kids sat down at one of the long tables. As they were getting settled, a heavyset man from another town walked by and nearly tripped over Matt’s young son, spilling beer in him. Billy was his name, a brute of a man, 42 years old, 5’10” tall and at least 270 pounds. A former power lifter, he was built like a bull with thick arms and legs and a beer gut. He was also a bit of a slob with a dirty tee shirt, unshaven face and generally unattractive.

“Hey watch we’re you’re going, you little brat” Billy shouted at the four-year-old. Sue berated him for yelling at the innocent boy. “Why don’t you watch where YOU’RE going” Sue said. Billy glared at her and told her to keep her trap shut and watch out for her kid. Sue looked for her man and signaled for Matt to come over.

“What’s the matter?” Matt asked.

“This man just spilled beer on Matty – I think you should make him apologize!” Sue implored as she wiped the beer off little Matty’s shirt.

“Is that true, Mister?” Matt asked?

“What of it?” Billy responded. “He wasn’t watching where he was going. You should keep better track of your brats and not let this bitch let them run around!”

Matt was incensed. He didn’t care much for Sue’s attitude, but he didn’t like anyone bullying his little boy. “I think you better apologize!” Matt said sternly.

“Go fuck off – I’m eating my dinner that your two-bit fire department is trying to pawn off as food!” was Billy’s response.

“I’m asking you nicely… APOLOGIZE!” Matt said again.

This time, Billy lifted his beefy arm up and gave Matt the finger not even looking at the jock stud. Matt looked around and saw that a few of the other people at the table were starting to notice and Matt didn’t want to make a scene. He bent down to Billy and whispered to him: “you will apologize NOW, or I will beat you silly after you’re done with your meal!”

Billy whispered back… but loudly… “I’m not going to apologize to your brat kid, your bitchy wife OR to you. You want to settle this? I’ll meet you later behind that shed.” He pointed to a large stone and metal shed about a hundred yards beyond the tent where they were sitting.

“Alright, you fat fuck… an hour… the barbecue will be over by then!” Matt said with authority. Then he turned to Sue… “Why don’t you sit over at that table… I’ll take care of this later.”

  • *

It was 9:00 – the sun had set but there was still the light of dusk blanketing the nearly deserted fairgrounds. The last of the people at the barbecue were leaving and Matt waited behind the shed. He surveyed the landscape. The ground was mostly dirt; a fence with white-painted flat horizontal boards enclosed a small area to form a ring of sorts where the fight would take place. Matt wasn’t sure of the bully would show up… he wondered if he should’ve dragged him out of the tent earlier and beat the crap out of him then and there then to teach him a lesson. He was sure he could win a fight against the brute; Matt trained in martial arts in the army and he knew he was stronger than just about anyone he had faced previously. He didn’t have to fight much, most men backed down after seeing his powerful bodybuilder physique and cocky attitude. But when he did need to fight, his opponents usually ended up knocked out or begging for mercy from one of his brutal submission holds. It turned him on to dominate other men, but tonight he wanted revenge. The overweight bully had insulted him, his family AND the fire department! He remembered the image of his young son splattered with beer. The bully needed to be punished!

Billy walked up behind the shed and looked around… scanning the scene to get the lay of the land and see who was left milling around. It was 9:10 and the tent had emptied out and the last of the pots, trays and barbecue equipment was being loaded on trucks.

“I thought you weren’t going to show” Matt said. “You can still avoid this if you just apologize to me.”

“No way, pretty boy!” was Billy’s response. “You want a fight? You got it!”

Matt was unconcerned. He had defeated bigger men before and would enjoy hurting this ugly brute. He decided to show Billy what he was in for. He stripped off his tee shirt revealing his perfectly sculptured muscular body. Often, men were intimidated just be seeing his muscle mass. Matt had a 52” chest which tapered to a 33” ripped waist with thick, defined ab ridges, 21” arms and 27” thighs. His body fat was about 4% and after working the barbecue his muscles were pumped with veins popping all over his lean physique. He was smaller than when he was juicing, but still a true bodybuilder body.

“Are you SURE you don’t want to just apologize and leave unharmed? Otherwise this bod will tear u up!” Matt said as he stretched out his long, thick arms as if to display his perfectly muscled bod for the bully. He truly was a sight to behold… bulging forearms, blasted upper arms with an Eagle tattoo stretched across his left bicep… heavy triceps, bowling ball delts and mini-mountain traps. His thick pecs hung from his body… the square kind, with big half-dollar sized nipples. Six bulging abdominal muscles, 3 on one side offset slightly from the 3 on the other created a formidable wall of muscle that had withstood many a punch over the years. His broad back was covered in mounds of muscle and his thick legs rounded out the package. Matt’s quads bulged when he walked stretching his blue jeans.

Billy surveyed the handsome muscleman and felt his nuts tingle. Maybe the younger man would be a challenge after all.

“FUCK you, your bitchy wife and bratty kids!” the heavy brute almost shouted at Matt. He lifted his arms into a boxing stance and Matt followed in kind. The two started circling exchanging an occasional jab to test each others speed and ability. Matt could tell that the fat fuck had fought before, so he took his time peppering Billy’s big body with his rock fists to see his reaction. For his part, Billy watched Matt closely to see how he moved around the enclosure, firing an occasional punch to the muscleman’s hard body.

Matt faked a left to Billy’s side then followed with a strong right to the bully’s head. Billy pulled back just a bit, but still got smacked by the hard fist, shaking it off. Matt thought Billy to be slow and decided to surprise him using his martial arts skill with high kicks to the thug’s head. His long left leg flew up to Billy’s head back and forth three times, knocking the ugly brute’s head side to side, stunning the bully. Matt stepped back, waiting for the bull to drop. Few men had withstood the devastation of his boots knocking the head with such force. Billy staggered a bit… then shook his head a couple of times and started dancing again with his fists up, moving toward the young bodybuilder. Matt was surprised that his devastating kicks had not flattened the stocky thug.

“You’ll have to do better than THAT muscle boy!” Billy said as he came in and fired two hard punches to Matt’s mid-section. The powerful blows forced Matt back, but his smooth bricks took the punches without much effect. Matt now knew this brute was a tough fucker, so he decided to become more aggressive. Coming right back at Billy, he used a spinning kicks to the massive right thigh of the bull then stomped on his quad dropping Billy to one knee after a third kick. Gaining the advantage, Matt moved in and knocked Billy’s face with his hard fist. He stopped for a moment and once again asked the bully if he was ready to apologize. Matt was dancing around the bully, his big pecs bouncing up and down. He tightened his fists with his veiny forearms flexing. Billy looked a bit dazed, but didn’t say a word. Instead, he growled and spit a big wad onto Matt’s hard abs, the saliva dripping down the ridges. This made Matt angry and he started firing devastating rights and lefts to Billy’s head till the heavy brute swayed and finally fell back to the ground. Matt smiled… this was the way he expected the fight to go. A relatively quick KO. He turned to survey the fairgrounds and noticed that everyone had gone. He thought of what he should do next. Wake up the brute and hurt him some more till he apologized? Then he heard breathing… and it wasn’t coming from the ground! He turned back to where Billy had fallen but was surprised to find the heavyset thug conscious and standing right next to him, seemingly fresh. NEVER STOP FIGHTING WHEN YOU HAVE YOUR MAN DOWN – a cardinal rule of street fighting that Matt had ignored.

Before Matt could react, Billy started delivering intense blows to Matt’s muscled torso… slamming his huge bully fists into the hunky fireman’s abs, pecs and kidney’s knocking the tall muscleman back toward the fence. Matt took the punishment, but was unable to fight back when he got slammed by a punch to his jaw sending him careening against the wooden enclosure.

Billy stopped for a moment giving Matt time to realize what had happened. With sweat building on his big body, Billy stripped off his dirty tee shirt. With his shirt off, Billy looked like a more formidable foe. He had massive arms that now were clearly exposed. Although a layer of fat covered his body, the 22” upper arms showed their power. When pumped and flexed, they actually exceeded 23”! In fact, except for his 40” hairy beer gut, all his muscles were visible even with the extra fat. His 56” chest was a combination of a heavy, hairy, barrel chest and very broad back. Matt was unaware that the former power lifter possessed strength like no other man he had faced.

“Okay muscleman… now it’s MY turn to give YOU a chance to give up!” Billy said confidently. “If you want to continue this, I will hurt you!”

Matt recuperated fairly quickly from the blows and was definitely not about to give up. He felt he almost had the fat brute under his control and he was sure he could win against the slower, older man. He stood up… flexed his pecs again and lifted his arms up to a double bicep pose, his impressive 20” veiny guns peaked and rock hard. “NO WAY you fat fuck, its gonna be ME who hurts YOU!”

Billy responded with a double bi flex of his own, his big guns balled up, bulging to over 23”. He stomped toward the handsome muscleman. “OK then, pretty boy, no limits then” Billy growled.

“No Limits” Matt responded.

With that, Billy extended his arms up and curled his fingers to challenge the young bodybuilder to a test of strength. Matt took the challenge and their fingers locked. Matt being taller, he seemed to have the advantage initially pushing the heavyset thug back. But Billy poured on his power and the two struggled for dominance. The sight of the force of the two men was amazing. Billy’s crotch was feeling tight as he fought the power of the handsome stud and took in the sight of Matt’s lean muscle mass.

Although Matt had the initial edge in the struggle, it was Billy who was the stronger of the two. He clamped his hands hard onto Matt’s, squeezing the muscleman’s fingers and pushing him back and down. Billy smiled realizing the pretty-boy fireman could not take him. His fat prick grew in his jeans. For the first time, Matt was worried. The ugly brute had incredible strength and he knew he would have to make a move to defeat him. Matt’s fingers were in increasing pain and the bully was beginning to get the upper hand, pushing the taller muscle man down. “C’MON MUSCLEMAN – SHOW ME YOUR POWER! SHOW ME WHAT THOSE BIG MUSCLES CAN DO!” Billy shouted as he continued to crank his incredible strength against Matt. Sensing defeat, Matt lifted his knee into the shorter man’s crotch, connected with his nuts and causing the thug groan loudly, bend over, release his vice-grip on Matt’s hand and fall to his knees.

“You said no limits, right?” Matt said confidently. Matt followed up with two punches to Billy’s head knocking it back and forth. But Matt made that mistake before. Billy’s thick skull took the blows with ease… stunning him only briefly. The bloated bully came back with a hard fist right up into Matt’s nutbag, slamming his balls into the pubic bone causing the handsome muscleman to cry out.

“Yeah man, NO LIMITS” Billy grunted. His nuts were still in great pain, but Matt’s were worse off as the young muscleman backed up in a bent over position. Billy had lost his hard-on from the blow to his balls, but he wasn’t concerned – now he wanted to totally destroy the pretty-boy jock.

Still in pain, Billy fired off two devastating kicks to Matt’s thick thighs, causing the jock stud’s body to shake. Then Billy sent a couple of punches to Matt’s head at half power, stunning the built stud but not doing serious damage. Charging Matt with his bulk, the brute grabbed Matt around the waist and pushed him against one of the fence posts slamming the muscled back square against the wood. Matt screamed out as he lost his breath and felt pain shoot up and down his back. A harder punch to Matt’s face stunned him and Billy stopped briefly to fully recover from Matt’s ball shot.

“You are going to regret that cheap shot, muscleman!” Billy growled as he approached Matt’s hurting body sprawled against the fence. Matt tried to fight him off with some punches, but he was weakened and the punches bounced off Billy’s torso without any pain to the mean bully.

“AWW FUCK” Billy shouted… is that all you have muscleman? Your fists just bounced off me! You got NOTHING compared to me.” With that, Billy flexed his 23” ceps in Matt’s face and lifted up the stunned muscleman’s left arm and ordered him to flex it. Matt felt that doing so would buy him some time to recover so he complied. Billy felt the lean hard 20” gun and squeezed it HARD.

“Fuck man, you think you got muscle? FEEL THIS!” With that, he lifted his massive arm up in front of Matt and flexed it. Matt reached up and tried to wrap his hand around the bully’s massive bicep, but it was too big for Matt’s hand. Despite Billy’s extra weight, the upper arm was rock hard. Not as ripped as his own, but superior nonetheless.

“C’mon, musclepussy, SQUEEZE my arm… show me your power!” Billy yelled. Matt started to regain his composure, and squeezed with all his might onto the bully’s balled cep. He was impressed to be sure, barely denting the huge upper arm. “AWWW FUCK MAN… you call that a grip? I’m surprise you are able to open a jar of apple sauce. You weak fuck!” With that, Billy grabbed Matt’s left biceps again and the bodybuilder flexed it instinctively. Billy cranked down hard, nearly breaking Matt’s flex before releasing the huge mound.

Seeing Matt regaining his wits, Billy slammed his other fist into the side of Matt’s head to keep him compliant, while still flexing his big bicep in Matt’s face. “Oh man, I knew you were just a muscle pussy. We gonna finish this man?” Billy dropped his big arm and moved away from Matt letting him stand up straight. Billy’s cock had started to grow again watching Matt was massage his upper arm, but Billy was concentrating more on finishing off the big muscleman.

Matt stood and took his fighting stance again, but was punch-drunk from the blows to his head. Billy circled him firing off punches at will to the handsome stud’s back, abs, pecs and face. Still, Matt was not finished. He fired off a solid blow to the bully’s big gut. Not expecting it, Billy doubled over a bit but came right back with multiple rights and lefts to the muscleman’s hard gut. Billy decided it was time for him to take away the power of the young built stud. Extending his middle finger from his fists, he pummeled into the ab wall of Matt focusing on the top right ab with an occasional punch to Matt’s head to maintain his control of the situation.

“Nice fuckin abs you got there, muscleman!” Billy announced. “BUT NOT FOR LONG!” The first hard brick was softening from Billy’s hard punches, his own heavy pecs bouncing as he continually hit Matt in the gut. Billy stopped for a moment, surveying the damage, rubbing his calloused fingers across the once-hard ab that was now soft and mushy. Satisfied, he moved to the next ab down, still on the right side, firing away at the sculptured muscle.

Matt decided to make a move, so he lunged forward and surrounded Billy’s big torso in a bear hug, holding him tight and trapping his arms. Surprised by the move, Billy decided he needed to take out Matt’s big guns so they would be useless against him. But first, he feigned pain, crying out… “UUNNGGHHH” while apparently weakening. “YESSS” Matt thought to himself “now it’s MY turn do some body-busting! Matt poured his power on to the thug, who weakly cried out… “oh no…. oh man… stop… PLEASE you’re hurting me!” Matt believed the fat asshole would submit, but he had another thing coming.

Suddenly Billy flexed his arms, pecs, lats and shoulders all at once, pushing his arms out while letting out a big grunt and breaking Matt’s hug with ease. He then fired another shot to Matt’s head stunning the built fireman once again following up with a left and then a right to each of the fireman’s pec slabs.

Billy laughed at punch drunk bodybuilder “Did you really think you could hold me? Your bear hug is PATHETIC, man.” Billy said with disdain. “You work out for show, not for POWER! Your muscles are weak compared to mine! I bet my 14-year-old son could take you, you piece of shit!” He then gave Matt a most muscular pose, which looked a bit odd given the bully’s big gut, but nonetheless showed his size and power to the weakened muscleman. Billy shoved Matt back toward the fence and grabbed one of the young bodybuilder’s wrists, stretching his arm out over and past one of the horizontal boards of the fence. He then took his fat fist and started pounding into the top of Matt’s massive biceps sadistically… BAM, BAM, BAM, BAM, BAM, BAM… slamming the knuckles into the muscle meat as Matt screamed in pain and his entire arm went numb. Matt’s huge triceps was being smashed into the top of the board of the fence while his bicep was being pulverized by Billy’s hard fist.

Billy was intoxicated with his destruction of the young built stud. He was determined to ruin him.

At that moment, a voice called out. “What’s going on here?” Billy turned to see a man in the shadow, another fireman who was checking out the fairgrounds. It was hard to get a good look at the guy in the dark, but Billy could see that he had no shirt on. The man was about the same height as Billy, 5’10” with a lean muscular physique, but not as much mass as Matt. In another setting, Billy would have like to take him on, but he wasn’t through with Matt yet.

“This is a private fight, man, get lost!” Billy shouted. But the man would not go away. He approached the two fighters and Billy got a better look at him. He was young, early 20’s (if that), maybe 180 pounds, blond and handsome. “I told you to get LOST!” Billy shouted again.

Matt groaned… “Rick… help me…” The young man was a friend of Matt’s. “What the fuck?” Rick asked. “Matt?” He couldn’t believe his huge muscular friend was being beaten up.

Billy wasted no time. He didn’t want to be interrupted in his destruction of Matt. He walked over to Rick and swung an impossibly powerful punch into Ricks face before the young stud knew what hit him. Matt watched in horror - It was the first time that Matt saw Billy’s true strength. The young kid flew back 8 feet against the side of the shed from the power of Billy’s punch and slid down in a heap, not moving.

“Are all you firefighters such pussies?” Billy asked Matt with disdain. “I knocked him out with just one punch! And it wasn’t even my best shot!” For the first time in the fight, Matt was truly scared. Billy returned to work on Matt’s left arm, but realized the arm was done… useless. He felt it with his hand… the once hard bicep was now soft and lumpy. Billy ordered Matt to flex it, but the pain was too great. Billy was now in total control of the big muscle stud and his cock was hard from the destruction of his left arm. Now he went to the right arm.

“I’ll let you go if you service me!” Billy said as his rock hard prick rubbed against Matt’s side through Billy’s work pants. Matt was confused… although he had been with men before, both in the army and when he was away at college, Billy didn’t seem like a fag to him. “What the …?” Matt asked, confused.

“You heard me! You suck my cock and I’ll let you go!” With that, Billy pulled the hand on Matt’s destroyed left arm down to his crotch. Billy’s dick was big, nearly 9”, and was extra fat, nearly 8” around… the quintessential beer can cock – even thicker than a beer can. Matt’s hand instinctively felt the fat cock… but there was no way he was gonna suck it.

“Fuck you, fag” was Matt’s response.

“Have it your way, then!” Billy started to squeeze Matt’s 21” right biceps… Matt flexed it to avoid the pain and was initially able to withstand Billy’s grip. The muscle mound was so big, Billy couldn’t get his hand all around it. Instead, the strong bully pushed his thumb into the triceps on the underside of the muscleman’s upper arm using it as an anchor. His four other fingers clamped on to the upper part of Matt’s perfectly peaked ball of muscle. Billy’s poured on his power, digging into the hard peak of Matt’s big right bicep. His fingers were like four blunt spikes working to puncture the hard biceps of the jock. Billy grunted as he closed his vice like grip on the muscle. Matt tried to fight back using his free left arm to pound on Billy, but he could barely move the destroyed gun. Matt grimaced. Billy laughed.

“I’ll give you ONE MORE CHANCE!” the overweight thug bellowed. “Satisfy my cock and I will let you go!”

“No o o W a a y” Matt struggled to get the words out.

Billy was at the same time impressed by the handsome bodybuilder’s resistance and yet disgusted at his pathetic performance this evening. He squeezed the bicep even harder, digging is fingers into the flexed muscle. Matt groaned… he couldn’t take the pressure much longer. The heavyset brute continued to crank on the hard bicep to the point where he broke Matt’s flex, collapsing the biceps. Matt screamed out in pain as Billy continued gripping, crushing the muscle fibers into the bone. Matt’s entire muscle body writhed against the fence. Both his arms were useless….demolished.

“Okay stop, stop please I’ll do anything!” Matt cried out.

“Too late muscleman. Oh yeah, you’ll service me, but not till I am done destroying your pathetic muscles!” Billy was feeling more powerful than ever before. He had beaten many a strong man before, but none as hot as the young fireman. And the setting in the deserted fairgrounds would allow him to do whatever he wanted, uninterrupted. He looked back as Rick’s still body to be sure he was out, and decided it was time for some forced worship before further destruction of the big jock.

He lifted his own massive right bicep up against Matt’s face and ordered him to lick it. Matt had no choice but to comply. He started lightly tonguing the big muscle when all of a sudden Billy lifted up the arm and with his left hand forced Matt’s face into his hairy, sweaty armpit.

“CLEAN IT!” Billy ordered. Matt didn’t want to, but began to lick the deep pit anyway. The rank smell emanating from the brute’s hairy pit was too much and he began to get nauseous. Sensing that the muscle man was about to get sick, Billy pulled Matt’s head away from his body just in time for the destroyed muscleman to get some fresh air. After a few seconds, Billy pushed Matt’s handsome face back into the smelly pit and ordered him to clean it once again. The feel of Matt’s face and tongue in his pit further excited the big brute, but he kept having to allow Matt fresh air, lest he puke. He forced Matt to wash his pit for about five minutes enjoying the tongue bath.

Billy took a break and caressed the beautiful muscleman’s chest and abs… then went back to pummeling the ab wall of the built muscle stud. As before, he extended the middle finger of both fists and slammed into the third ab muscle on the left side, pummeling it mercilessly. After about 20 punches, he felt it with his fingers and realized that it, too was destroyed. He went after the three muscles on the right side one by one… pulverizing each with his impossible punching power as Matt moaned in pain, unable to stop the assault.

Billy’s cock was raging, so he stripped off his dirty work pants and boxers letting his fat prick bounce free. He grabbed Matt by the pecs, using them as handles to hold the tall muscleman. He then started fucking the destroyed ab wall with his prick punching into the pulverized muscles with his fat cock head. His dick was so hard, like a fucking lead pipe, he pushed between the muscles able to bury his cockhead into the stud’s gut while squeezing his pecs. He could’ve shot his load on to Matt right there, but wasn’t ready yet. He needed to show Matt what true muscle power was… give him something to remember him by.

Matt continued to moan in pain with occasional begging, pleading. “You are such a weak pussy!” Billy shouted at Matt. “You big muscles are NUTHIN compared to mine… why did you even try and challenge me?”

Matt didn’t even respond, just groaned.

The mean thug ordered Matt to feel his body. He flexed while Matt’s hands explored the heavyset bully as he continued to berate the handsome stud. “You have no idea the power I possess” Billy said calmly. “But you will.”

First alternative ending…. (broken arm)

Billy lifted Matt up and pushed him against the fence once again. Calmly, he said “I’m going to break your arm so that every minute that you are healing, you will think of me and the foolish challenge you made!”

“No… no…” Matt protested. “Please… please… I’ll do whatever you want.” Up to this point, no serious damage had been done to Matt’s beautiful body. If the destruction stopped now, Matt would be back to normal in a couple of days except for some bruises. But Billy wanted to put serious hurt on the muscleman. He started to stroke the right arm of Matt, feeling the veins, lightly squeezing the forearms, biceps and triceps. His bone rubbed against Matt’s thighs, still clothed in blue jeans. He rubbed the muscles in the arm, completely absorbed by the realization of his power over the bodybuilder. Not really talking to anyone in particular, Billy said “all this beautiful muscle… and what good is it? I showed you who the real muscleman is and you will admit it to me!” Matt didn’t know what to expect next, he just knew he was totally defeated by the big brute.

Billy then lifted up the big muscle gun… using one hand to hold Matt’s wrist and the other his elbow. Matt tried to get away, but the struggle was no use. His left arm was useless and he could barely move.

“TELL ME WHO THE SUPERIOR MUSLCEMAN IS!” ordered Billy. Matt was half in a daze and could barely respond. He was convinced that the ugly thug was going to smash his arm on the fencepost, and cringed in fear.

“TELL ME!” the heavyset brute ordered again. The bully wanted Matt to know of his unbridled power, his incredible strength that Matt had never in his life witnessed. Billy started flexing his entire upper body, pouring the pressure of each of his arms onto the two parts of Matt’s forearm. It would have been easy for the strong thug to smash the big arm onto the fencepost but he had a different idea. Billy increased the pressure, squeezing Matt’s forearm at both ends with incredible intensity. Lifting it further Billy gave a yell as the pain on Matt’s arm increased. Billy’s body shuddered and the muscles in his upper body seemed to explode with power. “T E L L M E!” Billy screamed out.

Matt looked up at the bull muscleman in front of him and had to admit the truth, weakly responding… “you are.” Billy yelled out again… “YEAAAH!!” and all of a sudden there was a loud CRRRAAACK as Matt’s forearm gave way! THE MEAN BRUTE HAD SNAPPED THE MUSCLED FOREARM IN TWO! Matt screamed in intense pain… then passed out. Billy dropped the broken arm and it fell useless to Matt’s side.

Billy’s dick was totally engorged from his destruction of Matt’s huge forearm. He was dripping pre-cum and had not finished with the handsome stud yet. He told Matt earlier that the bodybuilder would service him and so he slapped Matt to consciousness and shoved his beer can cock into the muscleman’s mouth and started fucking his face roughly. Matt choked and gagged but he knew that to make it through this final torment he would have to satisfy the bully’s cock. Matt had sucked cock before – but not in a long, long time – and certainly none as fat as Billy’s. Thankfully for Matt, Billy was so turned on by his beating of Matt his cock started to pulsate almost immediately. Billy groaned as he force-fed his huge member into Matt’s mouth. He began to cum, shooting six streams of cum down Matt’s throat. Once spent, he pulled his dick out. Cum dripped from the left side of the handsome stud’s mouth. Matt coughed and spit out some of the thick cream that got stuck in his throat – the rest he had to swallow.

Billy grabbed his chin. “If you tell anyone who did this to you I will ruin you PERMANENTLY!”

He reached to Matt’s side and grabbed his cell phone, dialing 911, and handing the phone to Matt. “See you next year” was his final comment to the destroyed muscleman. He picked up his dirty tee shirt and work pants and walked away.

He walked by Rick who was just coming to… he spat on the young stud and punched him down to the ground, once again knocking him unconscious.

“Great barbecue” he said as he strode toward his truck, dirty tee shirt over his shoulder.

Second Alternative ending – (ball-busted)

Billy forcibly removed Matt’s hands from feeling his body and started to brutally pummel his pecs and destroyed abs. Matt could only take the punishment, he wasn’t going anywhere and had no ability to fight back. His massive muscled body had been defeated by the bull thug and all he could do was hope someone would come by to stop the beating or that Billy would get tired and leave.

After about 10 minutes of on-again off-gain pulverizing of Matt’s torso, Billy stopped. Matt’s chest heaved as the pain of the beating set in. Billy stood in front of the handsome stud and started flexing while berating Matt.

“You are such a fucking weak pussy, I bet your wife would have a better time with a REAL man!” Billy’s fat prick was still sticking straight out and he flexed it, forcing blood into the big mushroom head enlarging it further. Its girth impressed Matt whose own cock was big, but nowhere near as fat. Still, Matt chuckled quietly at the thought of this ugly man – no matter how powerful – trying to make it with his wife. Matt may have been defeated, but he knew he was still hotter than the brute and nearly every other man in the valley.

Billy took note of Matt’s sneer and decided break time was over. He stomped back up to the weakened muscle stud and grabbed the inside of Matt’s thigh, pulling him away from the fence and with his other hand, grabbed under Matt’s right armpit. Squatting down, Billy hoisted Matt up onto his shoulder with a loud grunt and then stood up straight, his tree trunk thighs expanding from the flex under Matt’s 265 pound weight.

“Unnggh” was all Matt could say as he lay on the big brute’s shoulders. “I told you I would show you real power” Billy stated confidently as he pressed Matt straight up in the air. Matt’s eyes bulged out amazed at the display of raw power. It was one thing to press weight with a barbell, but dead weight like a human body stretched out was quite something else! Billy started pressing Matt’s body above him… two… three… four… five times…

He stopped for a moment, repositioning his hands and then resumed pressing… Billy started counting… 6… 7…. 8… 9… 10… 11… 12… 13 … 14…

When he reached 20, seemingly not the slightest bit tired, Billy bent down to a squat position and pushed up with his legs and arms, tossing the muscle stud 15 feet into the wall of the shed. With a loud CRASH… Matt fell to the ground next to his young buddy Rick who was still out cold.

Billy stomped over to Matt and grabbed him by his belt with both hands, ripping the belt apart! Sweat poured from the brute’s pumped bod - he now looked like a slightly overweight Hercules, not the heavyset bully who first spilled beer on little Matty. Grabbing Matt’s 501’s at the waist, he tore open the jeans and pulled them off the muscleman exposing white briefs which he removed with equal speed.

Matt’s cock and balls were exposed. Billy grabbed the flaccid cock and started jacking it. Matt was in intense pain – he wasn’t sure if his back was broken from the hit against the wall of the shed – but he had no choice but to lay there and accept his humiliation. Bully caressed Matt’s big pecs and nips with one hand and jacked Matt’s cock with his other hand. Matt groaned with pleasure even though most of his body was wracked with pain. His cock started to grow as the bully twisted Matt’s big brown nipples harder and harder.

“I figured you for a fuckin fag even with your stuck-up wife and bratty kids!” the bully shouted.

With Matt’s 8.5 inch cock now at full mast, Billy stood up in front of him with his own super-fat 9” prick only inches from Matt’s handsome – if not bruised – face. “This is a REAL man’s dick, pussy boy, and you’re gonna service it!” bellowed the powerful thug.

Matt shook his head no. Billy grabbed Matt by the hair and lifted his head up…. “SUCK IT!” he ordered again. Matt still refused so Billy punched him hard in the jaw. “I SAID SUCK IT!”

Matt was dazed and couldn’t control his head very well, so Billy force-fed him the fat pole. Steadying himself with one hand against the wall of the shed, Billy reached back and continued to stroke the muscleman’s own big cock while fucking the bodybuilder’s handsome face.

“Enjoy it, musclepussy, cause this may be the last time you cum!” Billy continued to stroke Matt’s hard prick while he fucked Matt’s mouth. Matt would never admit it, but the sensation of Billy’s rough hands jacking his cock with the fat pole in his mouth was exciting. He started breathing heavier, his big chest heaving…

Billy, too, was nearing orgasm as Matt took his cock more easily and swirled his tongue around the fat mushroom head of Billy’s beer can cock. Matt started to moan and then his body twitched as he started to shoot thick wads of cum on to his chest. Billy started to squirt also knowing that he was stimulating the beaten muscleman to cum.

He pulled his cock away from the handsome bodybuilder’s mouth and saw his own thick cum dripping from the sides of Matt’s mouth. He looked down at Matt’s bruised chest and saw ropes of cream across his destroyed pecs and abs.

But Billy wasn’t done yet. He pushed Matt’s big hairy legs apart and dropped his bull body down between them. He used his bare hand to wipe Matt’s cum from the demolished muscleman’s chest and swabbed it on his own fat prick that was still nearly fully hard. Stroking himself with his left hand, he cupped Matt’s bull nuts in his right hand and began to squeeze. Matt’s broken body tightened up. The incredible pleasure he just experienced was being replaced with incredible pain.

“Now I want you to tell me who the superior muscleman is!” Billy shouted. He flexed his biceps again and asked again: “WHO IS THE SUPERIOR MUSCLEMAN???” Matt didn’t respond quickly enough. Billy took his free hand and slapped Matt across the face four times… “YOU ARE SUCH A PATHETIC WEAKLING! TELL ME I AM YOUR MUSCLE MASTER!” Matt started to mumble, but Billy was intent on destroying the handsome muscleman’s balls anyway.

“It’s a good thing you have kids, musclefucker… cause you ain’t gonna have any more!” With that, the mean bully closed his fist around Matt’s big nuts and grinded his fingers together crushing the nuts as he stroked his own fat prick. Matt screamed out again as pain shot through his entire body. Billy stroked his own bloated cock as he continued to knead and crush Matt’s nuts, feeling one, then the other, pop. Matt passed out from the pain but Billy continued the nut destruction until he had turned Matt’s nuts to useless sacks of flesh and fluid. His own cock squirted again, shooting ropes of cum onto Matt’s chest and abs.

Satisfied that the destruction was complete, he put on his pants and grabbed Matt’s cell phone. He slapped the neutered muscleman awake and told him – “if you tell ANYONE about who did this, I will hunt you and kill you!” The reality was that no one from Spring River knew the brutish thug and Matt had no idea either. It was unlikely he would ever be identified or caught. Billy dialed 911, and handed the phone to Matt.

He stood up, grabbed his tee shirt and work pants from the ground and strode away. He knew Matt would recover, but he wouldn’t ever cum again and that put a smile on the big bully’s face.

Third Alternative Ending (Brute-fucked)

Billy had never before felt such an urge to fuck a man, but he was going wild feeling Matt’s hands explore his bull body. Oh, yeah he had raped a few guys before. A few even WANTED his powerful bod to take them, but when he roughly stuffed his fat prick into them, some changed their mind but Billy used their ass anyway. But Matt was different. Never before had Billy fucked-up such a big muscleman and his cock raged to finish the job of ultimate domination.

At first fighting the urge to rape the destroyed bodybuilder, Billy went back to work with his fists on Matt’s muscled torso. Slow, methodical, deliberate punches targeted the bodybuilder’s pec slabs. Attacking first straight on, then up from underneath pushing the pecs up and back… then from the sides, pummeling the thickest part of the muscle meat.

Matt grunted with each blow, unable to defend himself from the brute’s punching power. After about 5 minutes of the unrelenting blows, Matt’s left pec started to quiver and spasm uncontrollably. Now soft and bereft of any strength, Billy’s punches caused the huge slab to cramp and bounce.

“You are such a weak fuck – I can’t believe it!” Billy shouted at the stud. But his brutal punching and yelling at the destroyed bodybuilder did nothing to take away his urge to fuck him. In disgust – as much with himself as with the muscle pussy – he kneed Matt in the face knocking him flat. Matt wasn't out, but nearly so. Then Billy had an idea – he would show his ultimate power over Matt as part of a good fucking and totally humiliate the muscleman.

Billy roughly stripped Matt of his jeans and white briefs, then sat next to him on the ground. Facing Matt and spreading his legs, he maneuvered himself between Matt’s huge muscled thighs, pulling one over his gut. He yanked Matt on top of him so that for the first time in the fight, Billy was underneath him, Matt straddling Billy’s big gut. Matt didn’t know what to think of this odd turn of events, but he was too weak to take the upper hand. Billy’s fat prick was behind Matt flopping against his rock hard glutes.

“Now you are going to see a demonstration of true brute strength!” the heavyset power lifter bellowed to Matt. Even Billy wasn’t sure he could pull off his plan, and Matt certainly had no idea what was in store, but Billy oozed ultimate confidence. He stroked Matt’s destroyed abs… squeezed the young bodybuilders once-hard pecs and running his hands up and down the striations of Matt’s well-developed hairy thighs. Then he made his move. First, he spit in his hand and rubbed his dick with the saliva. Then he grabbed Matt’s hips in his hands and SQUEEZED them… grunting… he lifted Matt up off his body in a show of unreal power. Matt’s eyes widened not believing that the thug could lift his 245 pounds from this angle. But here he was… 6 inches above Billy’s big gut. What was the mean bullying going to do next? He wondered in his semi-conscious fog. Billy’s arms were exploding with power now… his upper body flexed with veins popping through the layer of fat. Billy smiled at Matt and was growing more excited that he could accomplish this feat of strength and carry out his plan of Matt’s humiliation and his own sexual satisfaction. He pushed Matt back a few inches… his fat pole brushing between Matt’s ass crack… then lowered the bodybuilder on to his thick fuck-stick.

Matt finally realized what was happening and cried out “NO PLEASE NOOOOO!” Matt had had sex with men before, he had never been fucked and couldn’t fathom this beer can cock up in his tight muscle hole! Of course, Billy could care less. At least he didn’t drop Matt right on to his cock. He showed some compassion. It was a further display of his power that he lowered the muscle stud on to his cock… feeling the engorged mushroom head pop through Matt’s sphincter. Matt cried out in pain, but mercifully his ass didn’t rip. Up into the warm hole went Billy’s huge cock until it disappeared and Matt was sitting back on Billy.

Matt started crying… Billy moaned in pleasure. Billy moved his hands back behind his head, bouncing his 22” biceps for the emasculated muscleman. “NOW you know what REAL power is! LOOK at your superior muscleman!” he shouted at Matt. Tears streamed down Matt’s face. The brutish thug had beaten his body to a pulp and now the ugly bully had his fat prick up Matt’s tight hole! But as Matt looked down at Billy he did realize that the heavyset man underneath him truly WAS the superior muscleman! He had lifted up Matt’s 245 pound frame from an angle that required Billy to use only the power of his arms, shoulders and chest without the benefit of leverage from his back and legs. The pumped muscles of Billy’s upper body were clearly visible now and Billy displayed them for Matt, flexing his arms and pecs.

Billy flexed his ass cheeks to bounce Matt on his dick. Up – down – up – down – up - down – up – down. Billy was fucking the muscled fireman who had no control of the situation even though he was on top! Billy reached up to Matt’s muscled chest that was now soft and weak and started lightly playing with the bodybuilder’s big nipples. Continuing the fuck, Billy’s big cock head was reaching Matt’s prostate and it was having an effect on Matt. Matt’s big prick started to grow and straighten. Billy was wild with glee knowing that his ruff-fucking of the muscle stud was actually turning him on! And Billy’s manipulation of Matt’s nubs helped as well as a wave of pleasure emanated through Matt’s broken body.

“OH, OH, OH” Matt groaned and his cock expanded to its full 8.5 inches. Billy wanted to stroke it, but instead continued working the big chest of the muscleman. “OOHHHH FUCK!” Matt moaned as he had never felt such stimulation. “JEEEEESUUUUUUS” he cried out. His pleasure just made Billy’s fat 9” prick even harder, fatter and he fucked the defeated bodybuilder faster continuing to play with the round, brown nips. Matt reached down and started feeling Billy’s big chest as well – Billy didn’t even need to order him to do so - and that’s when Billy knew his domination was complete.

Billy spoke softly: “that’s right muscle pussy, feel my big pecs. Feel what a true muscleman’s chest is like! Feel my power”

Matt was intoxicated with pleasure… he realized that he had totally submitted to the big bully and now didn’t really care. He squeezed Billy’s powerful pecs and played with his nipples that had nubs twice the size of his own. He stroked Billy’s big solid gut knowing the hard muscle that lay just below. Matt’s big cock was bouncing now as Billy fucked him and Matt even start helping with the fuck pushing his body up and down in opposite rhythm to Billy’s fucking.

“OHHH FUCK MAN…” Matt groaned. “I’ve never felt anything like this before.” His ass had adjusted to the Billy’s fat fuck pole and now he rode it like an experienced bottom. His breathing increased, his cock stiffened further then he squealed as the first shot of cum streamed out hitting Billy in the face. A second rope of gizz actually hit Billy’s forehead and a third shot a foot past his head. “AHHHHHHHHHHHGGGGGHHHHHHHH” was all Matt could express as he shot a fourth, fifth and sixth time, each stream of cum now becoming shorter but still covering Billy’s gut and chest. A seventh wad and Matt was spent. As Matt shot his wad, his sphincter tightened around Billy’s rock hard shaft and the big power lifter could hold back no longer. He unloaded 6 big wads of creamy cum into the muscleman’s ass, moaning loudly just as Matt finished squirting his cock.

“OH FUCK!” Matt said as he weakly tried to pry himself from Billy’s mushroom head that was still engorged from the intense scene. He rolled off Billy and lay on the dirt ground next to the heavyset thug.

Billy milked the last of the gizz out of his cock, and then stood up. “You are not done yet, musclepussy!” He pulled Matt up by his hair and Matt wondered what the thug was up to next. “CLEAN ME UP!” Billy ordered.

Matt got on his knees and scanned the power lifter’s torso that was covered in cum. At least it was his OWN cum! He leaned over and started licking the creamy gizz off the hairy brute. First the big gut… then up to broad chest… licking every drop just as Billy’s strongman gizz was dripping out of Matt’s ass on to the dirt ground.

“Oh yeah… that’s a good muscle pussy… clean up your muscle master!” Billy continued the verbal humiliation but Matt was beyond caring now. In fact, as he continued to lick the bull thug, his own cock began to harden again. He couldn’t help himself… he leaned down and took Billy’s fat prick in his mouth sucking him like he never had sucked a man before. Billy smiled and said “Good boy.” Matt moaned as he continued to work on the more powerful man’s fat cock, the one that had impaled his ass just minutes before. He sucked off his own ass juice from the rock hard prick and within a few minutes, Billy started to shoot down the muscle stud’s throat. Matt wanted to pull away, but Billy would have none of it - pushing the back of Matt’s head deep onto the bulging pole as he shot. Billy groaned as he came in the muscleman’s mouth and, but keeping his hand on the back of his head, forcing the bodybuilder to swallow power lifter cream.

Billy then pushed Matt to one side roughly, got back into his work pants, grabbed his shirt and strode away. “See you next year, muscle pussy!”

Matt watched the swagger of the broad back of the brute from behind and couldn’t help but jack his own cock for a second orgasm. He staggered to his buddy Rick who was just coming to. “Let’s go home little buddy.” Despite the pain and abuse, Matt knew that this night had changed him forever.

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Your Wrestling Drawing IdeasDetective Mask's blog

The year 2018 is about to come in a matter of days. That would mean another year for me to make a new set of wrestling drawings.

As such, I'd like to ask a question to the Meetfighters community.

What kind of wrestling art would you like to see from me in 2018?

Now I know some of you want to be drawn in cartoon form, so you can go ahead and note that in the comments or in private messages.

But I'm also interested in other ideas you may have in mind, like which cartoon/comic characters I should use, or what wrestling moves I should try drawing.

And since this is a wrestling community (as opposed to the art and anime communities that I normally spend time on), I expect the responses to be quite different from what I had received before.

But a little disclaimer, though. I'll only take them up as suggestions, not requests or commissions. So not every idea would actually get materialized.

Anyway, I hope to hear from you soon.

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